Nowadays, with the development of the technology, people’s privacy has become very accessible. Small hidden cameras are always used as privacy obtained tools.

When your privacy is obtained by the bad guys, they may spy on you and cheat you through your privacy, including your friends or relatives. They will not pity you, so you have to learn a few ways to protect yourself and protect the important people around you.

Firstly, we can know about the hidden cameras which always be used, it can help us find out it in high efficiency.

The pinhole camera is not as small as a pin. The pinhole is just an exaggeration. The smallest model of the pinhole camera is as big as the middle finger. The inside of the pinhole camera is composed of an integrated circuit board, and some electronic components such as a chip. There are many shapes of pinhole cameras, but the size is similar, and the smallest is not small than little finger.

In terms of aperture, the common pinhole cameras now have apertures between 1mm and 1.5mm. Pinhole cameras in this range can be discovered theoretically by heat dissipation detection equipment. Of course, it depends on the handheld angle and distance of the device.

Actually, many hotels use this small hidden camera, so writer introduces a kind of heat dissipation detection equipment which can be carried in many countries, you can bring it to the most places to prevent your privacy from a small hidden camera in the hotel which you live in:

By using this FLIR handheld heat dissipation anti-pinhole small device, you can carry out personal hotel inspections. This testing instrument can be carried to any country when you travel or do business trip, and the price is not too expensive, I believe the most readers can receive this price.

This FLIR handheld heat dissipation anti-pinhole small device uses 6 high-brightness LED lamp beads to cooperate with the red film to detect a small hidden pinhole camera.

In order to allow readers to use it safely and effectively, the author here provides a test method for you to check whether the test instrument you bought can be used normally.

Key points: In order to ensure the effect when testing the environment in hotels, etc., the environment is kept generally in low light or darkness by drawing the curtains and turning off the headlights in the room.

Author’s note: In ordinary low light, we use the strobe mode. In the dark, the stable light source mode is always generally used.

Process: Centering on the single bed (you can sit on the bed or stand in front of the bed, because others are usually taking pictures of the bed or bathroom), from top to bottom, start to detect the walls, air conditioners, electrical appliances and other objects. Of course, sometimes you need to detect closer, such as the following example:

This picture is an example of detecting the presence of a miniature pinhole camera in plug. As shown in the picture above, if you simply observe the plug through the red film, you cannot identify it.

When the heat dissipation LED light is used to illuminate (strobe or stable), a bright spot appears on the charging plug in question, which is a hidden pinhole camera. When you use your detect equipment to find this screen show, you can disconnect the plug to sure there is a miniature pinhole camera or not.

It worth mentioning that the above-mentioned small equipment can not be used in all places. For example, this equipment can not be used in the following place:

When the emitted heat is blocked and cannot be detected directly, dark or black areas will be formed on the thermal image.

For example, sunglasses or glasses for myopia can block the heat of human eyes, as shown in the figure below:

Similarly, in areas such as mirrors in hotel rooms, there is no way to identify the small hidden camera installed by “heat dissipation bright spots”.

A hidden camera installed in a cooling/low temperature environment cannot be detected by this kind of heat sink.

The most common situation is the equipment installed in the on-hook of the air conditioner. Because it is near the air outlet, the temperature will drop very quickly, and the so-called “hot spots” can not be observed through the facilities in the introducing picture.

What is interesting is that in actual situations, when the vertical air conditioner is working, when you use this setting to observe, you will find the image display of the heating source in the middle, which is actually the normal heating of the control circuit board.

Modified secret cameras with timers, sleep states, or remote activation functions are also difficult to accurately detect results.

Secret cameras with anti-detection layers or materials are difficult to detect, so this type equipment can only be used to most secret cameras.

Therefore, we can pay more attention to some places where the camera is installed more frequently to ensure that there are no omissions in our previous inspections. There are a lot of places which always be put hidden camera in the following words:

Objects Plugged into the Wall

Objects plugged into the wall: it may be some kind of power supply, mobile phone charger, electronic mosquito repellent, night light…Whatever, you must pay special attention to all, it is recommended to unplug it and check it carefully. Even if you cannot confirm it, you should take it down, turn off the power and set it aside.

Bath Care Products

Bathing care products: including body soap on the wall, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, etc., as well as soap boxes, pumping paper boxes, etc. You should pick them up and observe them carefully, or shake them to see whether there is a center of gravity abnormal or gaps in the middle.

Of course, strange-looking toilet brushes, fragrance boxes, disinfectants, wall-mounted toilet paper boxes, etc. also need to check, too. Be careful not to miss them.

In conclusion, everyone needs to pay attention to whether people be photographed by a small hidden camera, then we can prevent our privacy from leaking at all.

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