Do you want to concentrate on studying and working but are disturbed by many things you do not want to do? Do you want to put down your phone, but there is always no way to refuse the online world? Or you spend a lot of time but the result is not proportional to the effort, if this is your state, Read this article and try to learn how to improve concentration.

Firstly, we can understand the concept of concentration. People need an ability in life to focus on the present and make the right choices to get rid of these worries and anxiety. This ability is concentration. Concentration is one of our ways of thinking. The most powerful thing is that it can help us get rid of worries and anxiety, and do the right thing without being disturbed when we are nervous or anxious.

Then, we can know why you cannot stay focused:

1. Always Focus on the Target Result

The goal result is important, but it often deepens our anxiety, which deviates our course of action, and forces our thinking that be focused on the moment to be disrupted.

2. Worry that You Are not Good Enough

You are always worried about where you have made a mistake, and where you have not considered carefully. In fact, this rigorous attitude is good, but if you are rigorous when focusing, you will doubt yourself and fall into the first situation.

3. Always Feel that Time is not Enough

Because you are not focused enough, or when you are focused, you are always disturbed by something. Time slips away in the process of being not focused and being disturbed. You will fall into a state of frustration and self-blame because of the lack of time.

After confirming the problem, we will learn how to improve concentration without any delay!

Distinguish between Distracting Thoughts and Non-distracting Thoughts

Distracted thoughts and non-distracted thoughts are two struggling thinking at the critical point of your concentration and inattention. You are focusing on a project. One stage of completing the project is to break through yourself. This breakthrough yourself is making you focus, it is not distracting thoughts. Differentiating them will help you understand how to improve focus.

The Environment Must Have a Sense of Ritual

Everyone should be able to feel that the efficiency of online class at home is completely different from that of class at school. Some people think that going to the library can improve efficiency, but this does not solve the fundamental problem. The author here introduces you to the ritual sense of creating an environment.

No matter where you study and work, first clean up the irrelevant things on the desktop, keep only the tools you need to study and work, and place them well.

This seems very demanding, and even some people think it is unnecessary, but you have to be clear that when you are struggling between focus and non-focus, a piece of waste paper in the environment may defeat your focus. For example, when the author goes to the library to study, I will first fully charge the computer to ensure that my study will not be interrupted by the lack of electricity. Before leaving for the library, I will carefully check my backpack for extra or missing things. All of these tips can help you understand how to improve focus. Mark it!

Auditory Cues

Use some software to play the sounds of nature, such as the sound of rain, bonfires, rivers, etc. These natural sounds can calm your restless emotions, then it may make your be more attentive.

Software recommendations:

1. Mac Computer [Noizio]

There is only one of each type of sound, but it can be mixed together to listen. It is the author’s common software.

2. Mobile App【natr】

Easy to use, there are seven or eight kinds of sounds for each type, and there are more than 30 sounds to choose.

There is also an alpha brain wave function, which is also benefits to you who be more attentive.

Method of Meditation

In fact, whether it is called meditation, vipassana, or contemplation, in short it is to quiet your soul in the restless mood and let your mind stay for a while in the vast universe. The author often meditate, this is suitable for everyone and is a simple and effective method. You will find that almost all successful people have similar behavior habits such as meditation and contemplation. Through meditation, you can make your brain clearer, think more orderly, and be more attentive. Introduce two meditation methods commonly used by author, counting breath meditation and candlelight meditation:

【Counting Breathing Thoughts】

1. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

2. Take a deep breath and focus on the tip of your nose, you can listen to your breathing carefully

3. Inhale and exhale silently 1, 2, 3, and 4. . .

4. Generally, you will start to enter the state under 15-20, and you can end it after 15-30 minutes.

5. Meditation to a certain extent, you can feel the blood flow at the tip of your nose. Your perception of the world around you is more subtle.

6. When you turn your attention to other parts of your body, you can feel subtle changes.

[Candle Light Thoughts]

Formal candlelight meditation requires candles. You stare at the candles until you burst into tears. This method has the effect of protecting your eyes. The author often practices mental candlelight meditation on his own, and does not need a real candle. The steps are as follows, for reference only:

1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, repeat several times, and focus on your breath.

2. Imagine the familiar sight of your house.

3. It’s getting dark gradually, and the room is pitch black

4. Lit the candle

5. The candle is on your desk or by the window, and your perspective is closer to the candle

6. Imagine the fluttering flames, look at the candle carefully, and imagine the light and beating of the fire.

7. Keep watching the candle like this, you can change the angle to watch the flame

8. Feel the flame burning, feel that the flame makes you more focused, and you feel calm.

In this era, it has become more and more difficult to calm down and concentrate on doing one thing well. Many people seem to be busy all day, but they are pretending to work hard, so learn some skills about how to improve concentration is significant. I wish readers stay focused and run wild in this new era!

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