When we take a first look at PowerPoint, what comes into our sight in the first place ? It must be its cover, which determines if your PowerPoint work has made a good impression on others.

However, there are still complaints about making a good cover, such as it costs too much time to make a cover, there is no thought to make a cover, or can we use a cover template? Considering these problems, what I want to say is that there is no need for you to worry about because I will show you some simple ways to make a good cover for your PowerPoint in a short time.

Before doing a cover, we must learn some design rules of it. Most importantly, we have to remember that a PowerPoint cover mainly contains these two types: a title and a full figure; a title and a special figure. In the next moment, I will show you how to do these two kind of covers in turn.

A Title And A Full Figure

1. Prepare a suitable picture on your computer and open your PowerPoint. Click New Slide to create a blank PowerPoint slide.

2. Go to Insert tab. Click Pictures and choose to This Device or Online Pictures as you need.

3. Insert your picture on the blank slide and enlarge it to match with the size of the blank slide.

4. Drag your mouse to click Insert tab on the top, and then click Shapes in the drop down list. At this time, various shapes will be displayed, scroll up and down to choose a rectangle, then just simple click Insert tab at bottom.

5. Adjust the size of the rectangle to match the size of the slide correctly.

Enter text as you want and adjust the font styles, font sizes, and background colors depending on your preference.

7. Go to click Shape Option tab on the right side, and switch your mouse to click Text File. Then use your mouse to adjust Transparency until your ideal picture appears.

A Title And A Special Figure

1. Click New Slide to create a blank PowerPoint slide. Go to Insert tab to click Shapes and then choose a rectangle from a list below displaying various shapes.

2. Use the same method to insert a circular from Shapes. Overlay the circular on the rectangle.

3. Hold the Shift button on the keyboard, move your mouse to click circular first, rectangle second. Then switch your mouse to Format on the top. Several options will pop out on a box below after clicking this tab 1595404583(1) in the Format column. You can choose one you want at ordinary time. But we choose Subtract for use today.

4. After this, a special shape we want will appear.

5. Click Picture or texture fill-inserton the right column. Then click Insert under this tab to insert a picture.

6. Place your cursor on the Insert on the top. A text box will appear, click it and insert it on the slide. Then enter some text as you want and adjust its font styles, font sizes, and background colors as you want.

In this way, a cover of PowerPoint with special figure has finished. Besides, you can cut any shapes you want depending on your preference after learning this method. It is possible for you to design a cover in a short time as long as you master these methods, no matter it is a full figure or special figure.

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