In order to achieve a good publicity effect, and impressed in one’s mind, it’s best if the fonts are very novel and refreshing to make people feel refreshed. So, how can we design a dazzling font?

The above font is what I want to introduce to you today. It can be found that we just used an ordinary font, but added some different effects to it. Not only does it look sparkly, but it is also colorful and attractive. In the learning process, we mainly study the production of this effect. You can use your favorite font as the base, and then add this special effect to get your own font! So, how is it made? Let’s take a look!

  • Make a Ling Brush

1. Create a new document. Set the size to 800ⅹ800 pixels, the resolution to 72 pixels/Inch, and the background to white.

2. Create a new blank layer. Select the gradient tool. Click the gradient bar in the upper status bar to set the gradient from black to transparent, and select the gradient method as the diamond gradient. Drag the mouse on the canvas to draw a black gradient.

Select the eraser tool. Adjust the hardness to 0, and wipe on the four sides of the graph to make the entire graph look like a light.

3. Use the shortcut key—”CTRL+T” to use the free transform tool to transform the drawn graph. Rotate it clockwise by 10 degrees to straighten it. Click the elliptical marquee tool in the left toolbar to select the drawn graph. Click the small eye in front of the background layer in the layer panel to close it.

Execute the menu bar—Edit—Define Brush Presets. Name this brush Light.

  • Set the Fonts

4. We can click the drop-down arrow of the brush preset, and we can see that the brush we just made has appeared in the column. Use the shortcut key—”CTRL+D” to cancel the selection, and use the eraser tool to erase the traces drawn on layer one. Create a new blank layer below layer 1 and fill it with black.

5. Select the layer 1 with the mouse. Select the Horizontal Type Tool in the toolbar on the left. Choose your favorite font, and modify the size to 155pt, the color to white. Write your favorite text on the canvas. You can write it in one layer, or you can write it in two separate layers.

6. Select the two text layers at the same time. Click the third from last symbol from the bottom right corner to form a group of text. Double-click the group name to name the group Fonts.

Select the fonts group. Use the shortcut key—”CTRL+J” to copy a font group. Right-click the fonts copy layer, and select the Convert to Smart Object.

7. Select the original font group with the mouse. Double-click the blank part of the layer and click the outer glow to set the relevant parameters. The color is # fff43e.

Click the inner glow to set the relevant parameters. The color is # fff43e.

Then change the fill value of the layer to 0%.

8. Double-click the blank part of the fonts copy layer to open the layer style window and set the following parameters.

Among them, the contour range is 50%, and the couture is linear.

Then change the layer fill value to 0%.

  • Add the Light Effect

9. Select layer 1. Select the brush tool in the toolbar on the left. Use the light brush you just made and adjust the size of the brush. Change the foreground color to white, and then use the mouse to click on the corresponding position on the edge of the fonts to draw the glow effect.

10. Use the shortcut key—”CTRL+J” to copy layer 1 into two layers. Select layer 1 copy. Execute the menu bar—Filter—Blur—Motion Blur. Change the angle to 90°, and the distance to 135 pixels.

Select layer 1 copy 2. Execute the menu bar—Filter—Blur—Motion Blur, and change the angle to 0°, the distance to 135 pixels.

  • Add Some Color

11. Create a blank layer on the top. Select the brush tool. Select the round brush in the brush preset, and adjust its size. Set the foreground color to your favorite color. Click on the canvas to paint the color you like.

12. Modify the blending mode to Color. Our fonts effect is completed!

  • In the learning process, there are the following points to note:

1. When making a light brush, you must make the brush color to be black. Because only black graphics are completely opaque when the brush is made. When the color is white, the brush is completely transparent that will not be used. If the color is colored, the transparency of the brush will change with the brightness of the color.

2. If you need to use a same layer style for several layers. Then you can use the group. Select several layers at the same time. Group them into a group, and then set the layer style of this group. The final result will be that all layers in the group are used with this effect.

3. When drawing lighting effects on the font, don’t draw too many lights, because that will make the whole picture messy. Just draw appropriate lighting effects to make the whole picture look simple and beautiful. When adding colors, don’t just paint on the fonts, but also draw colors on their lights and extensions, so that the entire fonts looks shining colorful.

4. After you learn it, you need to practice it yourself. Don’t just take a look at it, or you will forget it soon.

In our lives, the use of fonts is everywhere. For example, in many brochures, on billboards, and on the screen, words are inevitably needed to express meaning. A good publicity design only requires pictures to be far from enough. It also needs some bright fonts to introduce products or ideas to people. Therefore, fonts are so important in our lives, why not try to learn it?

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