No matter how old you are, whether you are a man or a woman, do not ignore the issue of your own image, especially women. A good image is a stepping stone for women in society. No one will reject a person with a good appearance. We usually say that we need beauty inside and outside, but people are visual animals. In unfamiliar situations, people are more willing to trust a well-dressed person. Women who are too sloppy, dirty, and not image-oriented tend to attract strange sight. This article will share some tips on how to match clothes. Dress yourself up beautifully!

1. Know Your Body Shape

You need to observe your body shape and facial features carefully, so that you can easily determine the dressing style that suits you.

(1) Apple Shape

The shape of an apple means that you have a lot of flesh on your waist, a large upper circumference, but very slim limbs. A large neckline, solid color, and style foundation are your most correct choice.

(2) “Y” Shape

The shape of “Y” means that your upper bust is large, but your legs are very thin. If you are of this type, shoulder pads are not suitable for you. Your shoulders don’t need too much decoration, you can wear an A-line skirt to balance shoulder width and hip width.

(3) Pear Shape

The shape of pear means that the flesh on your body is concentrated in the hips and thighs. You should avoid short tops, skirts or pants that are above the knee. And prefer high-waist skirts and skirts that cover your thighs.

(4) “H” Shape

The shape of H means that your waist line is not obvious, and the width of the shoulders, waist and hips are the same. In fact, there are no taboos for wearing clothes for this type of figure.

(5) “X” Shape

The shape of X means that your waist circumference is much smaller than your shoulder width and hip circumference. So you should try to show your advantages when you wear clothes and choose clothes with a slim waist.

Knowing your body shape well will help you buy clothes online.

2. Facial Features.

After talking about body shape, let’s talk about facial features.

(1) Sweet Looks

If you can always hear someone praise your cute looks. Then you can highlight your cuteness through some products,  such as bow, lace, and dot elements. But use it with caution.

(2) Mature Facial Features

If you don’t want to look too mature, you can tie your hair high or tie your hair up in a bun, which will make you look younger. You can also wear pure color clothing to show your temperament. Elements such as fur and florals require careful consideration.

(3)Youthful Facial Features

If you have a youthful facial features, someone will praise you for looking sunny and energetic. So, when choosing the style of clothing, you need to carefully consider clothes with cartoon and plaid elements.

3. Some Matching Skills

For a person who does not systematically learn clothing knowledge, the most common mistake is “buy what looks good”. After purchasing, you find that the items in the closet do not match each other. Now, I want to introduce to you some very useful matching skills.

Pure black can be matched with any clothes. No matter how many colorful clothes you have in your closet, black will definitely be the most suitable choice when it looks uncoordinated. Pure black clothes have no gender, age, or modernity. It will not be obsolete and will not be eliminated in the next 50 years.

People with dull skin are not suitable for large areas of brown or camel. But you can choose to use camel or brown color for a small area. And it must be far away from the face. For example, camel or nude color high heels will make your legs look very long.

People with dull skin should never wear fluorescent colors with high brightness. This style of dressing will only make you look darker, you can try gray or black.

Improving the color matching efficiency of the wardrobe is also an important part of matching clothes well. The colors in the closet should not be colorful, you should know what color suits your skin. This can also help you save your hesitation time. Don’t pick the best looking one, but choose the one that suits you best.

Speaking of these, do you have the urge to buy clothes again? Women should carefully match clothes to bring out your beauty and become a confident person. I hope these matching skills can help you.

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