All the wonderful things that God has given to humans can be found in books, such as human imagination, wisdom, thoughts, and discoveries. Therefore, the world of books is almost equivalent to our real world. Understanding the effects of reading on people and mastering how to read efficiently can help you enjoy the thoughts of others. This is a very happy thing, especially enjoying some interesting thoughts. It can bring you to an abstract and new realm suddenly. At this time, you will find that human wisdom shines this place, this space allows you to know more about the world. This shining light is the power of reading.

There are a lot of the benefits of reading in our daily life:

Short-term Reading

1. Short-term reading can allow us to quickly master a certain skill. For example, if you are going to attend an interview with Armani, if you finish reading a book on luxury management two days in advance and have a general understanding of the industry, then you can accomplish a specific purpose.

2.Short-term reading can help regulate people’s emotions. Some books have their artistic value, such as novels, art exhibition books, etc. Sometimes you can immerse yourself in a whole new world by reading these books in a bad mood, temporarily forget your worries, and make you completely relax. It makes you more comfortable than playing games or drinking all night.

Long-term Reading

Long-term reading is not as immediately as short-term reading in the effects of reading on people, but an indirect process. Long-term reading can develop good reading habits, and good reading habits are the cornerstones of excellent study habits.

1.Long-term reading will cultivate your mind. The root of conceit is ignorance, and the common manifestation of ignorance is conceit. The way to eliminate conceit includes continuing to meet more people through social interactions, read books to understand more knowledge, and travel to touch the larger world. Generally, as your age increases, this conceit will be reduced. However, this conceit can be quickly eliminated through reading.

2.A lot of reading will form your own methodology, even in some wrong mainstream voices, you can still maintain your sober cognition. In this era, what needed is adverse current thoughts. This means that you can dig out the loopholes and faults in the mainstream consciousness, and you can also discover innovation and reforms from the tradition.

Of course, only you read book clearly, you can get the benefits of reading, so the author will introduce some skills about how to read efficiently in your reading process.

Repeat Reading

1. Rough reading: The first time is normal reading, just relax and appreciate the your subtle thoughts and interesting stories. Do not particularly care about the speed of reading.

2. Rereading: Write down reading notes while reading the second time. An important function of reading notes is to provide convenience for yourself to review this book as quickly as possible in the future, just look at the notes directly.

Note Method

1. You can find the relevant reading notes of the book you want to read on the Internet or in the library (not a book review, look for the kind of chapter logic). Compare the reading notes and take the one note with the most complete records.

2. General overview. Reading the full text for the first time, you have a general impression of the book.

3. Read with reference to notes. For the passages you are interested in, read carefully, use notes instead of the places you are not interested in, and add or delete the referenced notes based on your own reading experience to form personal reading notes.

It is worth mentioning that whether you are looking for reading notes as a reference or when you are writing reading notes yourself, you need to understand what kind of reading notes are good reading notes.

So, what are good reading notes?

Reading notes that record the core arguments and their application forms are good reading notes. If you are writing reading notes, and if you find good vocabulary passages, you must extract them if necessary. The process of typing is a process of memory, and the content you write down after typing will have a more profound impact on yourself.

When you are writing reading notes, the core argumentation logic can be expressed in a simple process. You can properly record the key arguments as a citation argument, but you do not need to record the details, you can know what examples are probably used, and you can find them when you recall.

Write down what you think “makes sense.” This often resonates with your experience and previous analysis. Write down the corresponding experiences and thoughts in your mind, just use the popular form of storytelling.

Write down what you think is “problematic”. There is no need to solve the problem at first, only need to record the problem, and then study it later, it will be very rewarding to figure out these problems at last.

The most important thing about the reading notes is to fit your own reading and thinking habits very well. The reading notes are for yourself to read, and not for publication, so you can simplify them for your own situation.

In conclusion, master how to reading efficiently is significant. Of course, it is true that a lot of reading cannot make us familiar with all the knowledge, but we must know that reading itself is not a utilitarian thing. It is not clearly marked as a financial product. Its impact on us is long-term and subtle. The books we have read may not have any vested interests in the short term, but with the time pass, these will gradually merge into our thinking, into our behavior, form our flesh and blood, and become our different traits from others.

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