How to Relieve Summer Heat When Working in the Office

Summer can be one of the most annoying seasons for office workers – and the sweltering heat can make daily commuting and working an unbearable thing. Although most offices now have air conditioning, but you also have to face the dry and stuffy air, exhausted body and mind, and the risk of catching cold due to the big difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature.

It’s even worse if the office doesn’t have air conditioning or if the air conditioning isn’t working well. So in addition to air conditioning system, is there any other ways or items can help you relieve the summer heat?

1. USB Fan

If there’s no air condition in your office or it doesn’t work well, some other cooling methods are necessary. Compared with the traditional fan, an electric fan is definitely more effective and convenient. And considering most of office workers now have their own PC, a USB fan which can be pluged in the USB interface of a computer can be very practical. It’s light and handy without too much noise, so as not to disturb your thought process at work.

2. Wet Tissue

In summer, when the temperature is high, people are more likely to sweat. And when the sweat dries on the skin, it leaves a sticky, uncomfortable feeling. You can Wipe your skin with a wet tissue to relieve this condition. Or you can wet it with water and then wash your face, which also cools your face and helps you get refreshed.

3. Green plants

In hot summer, People are always in a more tired and lazy state. Having some green plants on your desk will not only relieve eye strain, but it will also help you relieve stress with the pleasant fragrance.

But it’s also best not to choose plants with heavy odors, or you’ll be more likely to feel groggy and dizzy.

4. Cooling Seat Cushion

It’s easy to feel sweltering around your hips and thighs in a sedentary office, and even if you turn on the air conditioner, it’s hard to improve.It feels better to just get up and walk once in a while.In response to this problem, many people are now buying cool cushions.Its cooling principle is also very simple to understand – the phase change thermostatic material will absorb the heat and then get liquefied, through continuous absorption of heat gradually liquefied, so as to cool down the surface layer.

However, after using the cooling seat cushion for a period of time, its coolness also decreases and it needs to be placed in a low temperature environment for recrystalization.

5. Cooling Paste

For those who don’t want to carry an electric fan, one more thing to consider is cooling paste. You just need to uncover the transparent film, and stick it to places that need to cool down such us forehead, neck, etc.

Cooling paste is mainly composed of mint and polymer hydrogel. It can remove excess heat through the evaporation of water contained in the gel, reducing the body surface temperature.

6. Drinking Water

Water plays an important role in regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients, metabolizing wastes, lubricating joints and other physiological functions. With the arrival of the hot summer, the human body will significantly increase the amount of sweat, if not timely hydration, it is very easy to cause a state of dehydration.

When the body is short of water, it is particularly prone to fatigue, inattention, and poor quality of work. So stay hydrated, or your body will warn you with more discomfort.

7. Ventilation

Although air conditioning can reduce the room temperature, but also has the side effect of removing water from the air. Plus, the air conditioning room is generally sealed so the moisture in the outdoor air can not enter. In order to alleviate the dryness indoor, it’s necessary to ventilate the room morning and night.

Opening windows and let the air out for 10 to 30 minutes can basically make the humidity return to normal. It’s also the most healthy way to increase the humidity indoor.

8. Humidifier

Ventilation is good, but there’s also possibility that the objective conditions do not allow you to open doors and windows every day. If you have an electrical outlet near your seat, you might consider getting a humidifier to improve the humidity and relieve the symptoms of dryness.

There are a few caveats to using a humidifier, though. First, make sure you use clean water and wash the humidifierin time to avoid bacterial growth. In addition, it’s not that the indoor air the wetter the better. You should adjust your humidifier according to the actual conditons and keep the humidity within a healthy and comfortable range.

9. Cooling Spray

This spray differs from regular sprays in that it cools the body quickly. You’ll suddenly feel refreshed and much cooler on the area you sprayed.  And there are so many brands out there that you can choose, like the Shirt Cool of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. But while the cooling spray works quickly, the cool feeling won’t last too long.

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