How To Remove PDF Passwords With The “Microsoft Print to PDF” Feature That Comes With the Win10 System?

As we all know, nowadays, some PDF documents are encrypted and we need to enter a password when we open them. If the content of the PDF document has no confidentiality meaning, then the password is required every time it is opened, which adds to the trouble for us. To remove the password, the traditional method also requires the use of specialized PDF editing software, which is huge and usually charges. Therefore, many users suffer from the inability to clear the password.

Today I will share with you a little trick to remove the PDF password by using the “Microsoft Print to PDF” virtual printing feature that comes with Windows 10.

Commonly Used Decryption Methods

PDF is one of the commonly used file formats in the work of many companies. Sometimes some important documents are protected, so it is often necessary to add passwords to important documents, and PDF files downloaded Online or transferred between colleagues sometimes also encounter such situation, which has affected our editing and printing of documents.

At this point, we need to eliminate the PDF password to achieve our goal. So how to remove the password when encountering these encrypted PDF files? Is it really troublesome to remove the password? Let’s first look at the commonly used decryption methods and steps.

Note: The applicable situation here is that you already know the password of the PDF file, instead of forcibly cracking the PDF password! Without knowing the PDF password, it cannot remove the password or document restrictions!

Method: online tool – convenient PDF converter

This is a tool that can online release PDF document password and restrictions for free Click the “choose to upload files” on the page to add a PDF file with a password Enter the open password of the file. This kind of tool uploads very quickly, and the decryption and upload processes are displayed in a progress bar, which is convenient for you to handle and view.

Step 1

  • Run and open the PDF converter so that users can click the function to view the specific options supported.

Step 2

  • Click “PDF other actions”, and then select “PDF unlock password.”

Step 3

  • Start adding files after confirming the function 

Step 4

  • Click the above “add files” to add encrypted PDF files

Step 5

  • After adding the file, you need to set a storage path for the file, so that we can view the preview file at any time, and then click Start Conversion.

Step 6

  • Enter the corresponding PDF file password one by one, and then enter into the conversion process.

Step 7

  • At this time, you should wait patiently. After the conversion is successful, you can view the file in the previously set path, or you can directly open the file in the software for preview. You can choose it according to your situation.

Why PDF Files Are Encrypted?

In today’s information age, most of us store information in computers because it is economical and does not take up space compared with written records. However, because it is an electronic file, it is easy to be stolen by others. You should also pay attention to the protection of important files in your daily work. Encrypting files is a good way.

When we send PDF files containing important information to other users, we can encrypt these PDF files so that only people who know the password can view them, in this way, others who do not know the password can be kept from opening and viewing these files, which can make sure the security of content data.

How to Remove PDF Passwords with the “Microsoft Print to PDF” Feature That Come with the Win10 System?

Although using PDF converters is simple and convenient, most converters charge a fee. In fact, our Windows system comes with a function that can remove the PDF password. Let’s take a look at the specific steps. The method that Win10 system uses its own “Microsoft Print to PDF” function to remove PDF passwords is as follows.

  • Use any PDF reader (Edge browser, Chrome browser or Word can be used) to open the encrypted PDF document, and drag the PDF document that needs to remove the password close to the browser window.
  • Enter the password of the PDF file into the pop-up dialog box right-click the mouse button to choose the option Print after seeing the content of the file. Or you can push both button Ctrl and button P.
  • Click the item Change next to the target printer on the left side of the pop-up print window and select Save as PDF below the print destination in the prompt box.
  • Click the Save button in the print window on the left to select the save address in the pop-up prompt box, click the Save button to store another copy of the PDF file for the current period, which is equivalent to removing the password of the original PDF file.
  • Choose to print, in the list of printers to select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” virtual printer
  • The password of the PDF document generated by printing has been cleared. When you open it again, you will find that it can be opened without entering a password.

The above is the specific steps about how to remove PDF passwords with the “Microsoft Print to PDF” feature that comes with the win10 system


I have introduced to you the methods to decrypt PDF encrypted files. Some are convenient, some are complicated, some are free, and some are rechargeable. In my opinion, I personally think that free is more cost-effective and convenient. If you do not want to spend money decrypting PDF files, you should try the above method about how to use “Microsoft Print to PDF” function that comes with the Windows10 system to remove PDF password, I hope it is helpful for you.

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