Previously, we used scanners to scan files, which was not that convenient to carry for its large size. For example, when you are out of work, the leader suddenly asks you to scan a document for him. At this time, you have to look for a scanner everywhere, wasting a lot of time. However, with the advancement of technology, we can scan the files we need at any time through just a mobile phone with a software, which is convenient and time-saving.

But there are various different mobile phone scanning software on the market, each with similar and different functions. Therefore, how should we choose the most suitable one? The following 6 applications will help you solve this problem.

Google Photoscan

Launched by Google, Google Photoscan is a photo scanning and processing tool, which can help you scan old photos through digital scanning technology. It allows its users to get more picture details by use of mobile scanning devices or the location of the picture, reproducing the old photos so perfectly to their software that they can get a complete image of old photos. Besides, it is equipped with functions of glare elimination and color correction, with which users can remove yellow from their old pictures. In this way, its users have access to making all the old photos at home into an electronic photo album for a better save.


To use the phone camera alone to scan and save the most beloved printed photos.

To scan through a simple step-by-step process to easily obtain glare-free scanning content.

To cut automatically according to edge detection.

To correct skewed and distorted viewing angles in scanned photos through function of perspective correction.

To put straight photos through smart rotation function, regardless of the scanning angle.

To capture your favorite photos quickly and easily so that you can save the time of editing photos and take a good look at the non-mainstream styles of youth.

To back up your scanned photos with free Google Photos App, which is safe, reliable, organized, and easy to search.

To make scanned photos even more interesting, with the help of movies, filters, and advanced editing controls.

To share photos with anyone as long as you send a link.


Photo San is easy to operate that you can scan photos just through camera and flash in terms of smart phone. At first, you should take a photo aiming at focus and then match the origin of the screen with four corners of the photo. Finally, Google will, through machine learning algorithms, compound photos, thus avoiding the problems of glare and color cast. At the same time, the photos scanned in this way will automatically do these two things: complete the edge correction to avoid image distortion caused by the scanning angle; and crop out an old digital photo with neat edges. After testing, these anti-glare and multiple-algorithm retouching functions in terms of Google can even scan the pictures on the screens of computer and mobile phone to avoid glare. For those photos in a plastic album, you can scan directly without taking the photos out of the plastic album.


However, this software requires a slightly higher ambient light, otherwise there will be reflection, blurring or other problems.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a picture recognition software launched by Microsoft, which not only can cut and strengthen the pictures of the whiteboard as well as documents, but also can recognize the text in them and convert the images into editable Word and PowerPoint files.


To capture and crop the pictures of the whiteboard or blackboard, sharing your meeting notes with colleagues.

To create and tailor digital copies of printed documents, business cards or posters.

To recognize OCR automatically so that you can search for the text in the image to copy and edit them.

To crop the picture and remove its glare and shadows by use of whiteboard mode.

To crop the image and adjust its color by use of document mode.

To save the scanned picture to OneNote, OneDrive or local device.

To convert images into Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) files which can be automatically saved to OneDrive.


As an extremely handy pocket-sized scanner, Office Lens can convert notes on a whiteboard or blackboard into digital content, just like magic. This software allows its users to easily find important documents or business cards anytime, anywhere, with which users can hand scribbling ideas and take photos for future reference.Thus, it is impossible for users to lose a receipt or search it through a large number of post-it notes. Since April 2016, apart from handwritten text recognition and business card mode, no exciting features have been added. After the update, however, Microsoft added the feature of scanning multiple pages into a single PDF file, which is undoubtedly very useful for users.


Nevertheless, there are also users whose reaction function is not stable yet. Therefore, Microsoft is dedicating to optimizing this weakness.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a mobile App that can accurately recognize text. When users taking pictures or uploading text images that can be recognized, this software has access to converting text with its excellent efficiency and accurate text recognition. Meanwhile, it can edit and typeset text online.


To scan any content anytime, anywhere.

To capture forms, receipts, notes and business cards.

To scan multiple-pages of documents and save them as PDFs with one click.

To reuse content.

To create high-quality PDFs that can be used in Adobe Acrobat Reader to reuse scanned content, through free built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function.

To do more work while out.

To save your scanned content to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access and sharing.

To search for text, highlight key parts, and add notes, including lengthy legal documents.

To maintaining service connections.

To connect to the best global document service so that you can do more with your PDF.

To edit and convert to Microsoft Office, fill in and sign, and send for signature tracking.


The use of Adobe Scan is very simple, it provides several such scanning modes as forms, documents, business cards and so on. What users needs to do is to pave the document they want to scan on the desktop, and then use the camera to face the document. At this time, Adobe Scan will automatically recognize the edge of the document, and then automatically correct the shooting angle and enhance the contrast.

In the end, they can get a very high-quality scan. Adobe Scan Technology is recognized as black technology for its scanning quality at high. It can give you a very good scanning result which are displayed in black and white clearly, no matter how you paper rotates or arranges, and what color the paper is.This is a rare effect. Meanwhile, Adobe Scan also supports multiple scans to synthesize PDF files, practically. For instance, if you have a stack of documents require to be scanned into electronic files, you can use Adobe Scan to take multiple shots, and then merge the scanned results of these multiple pages into the same PDF file, which is more convenient to organize. Most importantly, it charges nothing.


But this software may operate relying on the Google Play framework, which may be an obstacle for some devices.

ABBYY TextGrabber

As a graphic recognition (OCR) software, ABBYY TextGrabber can convert scanned paper documents, PDF formats and digital or mobile phone images into editable formats, quickly, accurately and conveniently. With the increasing use of Apple mobile phones, its iTunes also has a lot of Apps that can convert images of documents, pages, business cards, into digital and editable text.


To recognize text in more than 60 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

To recognize text without Internet connection.

To translate more than 40 languages (Internet connection required).

To execute application without an Internet connection.

To publish the recognized text to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Evernote within application.

To edit the captured text or copy it to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.

To search for additional information of the recognized text or part of the text on the Internet.

To send recognized text via email or SMS.

To store text screenshots on your Smartphone.

To back up all captured text in the history folder so that you can open and edit at your convenience.


ABBYY TextGrabber is an easy-to-use application. You just need to take a photo of the text you are interested in on any printed source, and then select the desired option.

Thanks to ABBYY’s Mobile OCR technology, it can provide you with high-quality results and recognize any plain text in more than 60 languages in a few seconds.This APP supports full text translation in more than 40 languages, and allows you to access the latest comprehensive dictionary to help you translate unfamiliar words after integrated with the Lingvo Dictionaries. Moerover, you can search the Internet directly within this APP to find additional information about any words or items you are not familiar with. If you use save history function, useful information will never be lost. Besides, if you want to restore your data, you just need to open the history folder or open and recognize the screenshot of the previous text.


The weakness is that the translation is not very accurate.


Evernote is a world-renowned efficiency software and is also a knowledge management tool. As your second brain, Evernote can assist you in simplify much work, studying more knowledge and living a better life. You are allowed to seamlessly synchronize your daily experiences, thoughts and inspirations on multiple devices and platforms such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and web pages.


To quickly save the content of articles, twitter, web pages, etc., and complete the collection, backup, efficient recording, sharing and permanent storage of information.

To create an exclusive knowledge base by using notebook groups and tags.

To centrally save almost all common files such as Office, PDF, pictures, audio, etc.

To improve recording efficiency through one-click application of note templates.

To create desktop notes and quickly record daily inspirations on the desktop

To support Markdown notes and immerse writing in the way you love.

To be used simultaneously on multiple platforms such as mobile phones, computers, web pages, and tablets

To store knowledge information permanently and view it at anytime.


Similar to OneNote, EverNote is also very well-known and free for its note-taking. It not only has a powerful note capture function, but also has a function of unique tag classification, supporting instant search and so on. Besides, its biggest feature is that it supports multiple platforms, and all the data can be synchronized with each other through the network. There is a built-in paper-scanning camera mode inside Evernote itself. When searching, the English and Chinese characters in the notes can be identified, through which the content of the photos can be found. The automatic cutting edge effect is very good in terms of Evernote. This software can automatically process the document with high contrast and high brightness, so that the text is more clearly presented in white and black. In addition, Evernote can adjust the flattened page to make it look flatter.


Sometimes, it is just under that under automatic processing, the text in some small places will appear. Compared to flat-panel scanners, however, it is inconvenient to scan uneven paper, such as stickers.


Scanbot is an advanced mobile scanner APP that can create high-quality PDF scanned files and send or upload them via email to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and other cloud service platforms.


To scan PDF at high-quality about 200 dpi (same as modern desktop scanners).

To integrate cloud, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Telekom Cloud, WebDAV and Yandex.Disk.

To detect and scan edge automatically.

To support multi-page documents.

To support color mode.

To optimize automatically.

To support smart background uploads.

To be as fast as lighting.

To be beautifully designed.

To scan at high-quality.


Scanbot is the most advanced scan software equipped with the latest mobile scanning technology, which can help its users get the best scan files through its multiple color modes, auto-optimization, and fuzzy correction. When scanning, all you have to do is to hold your phone above the document, receipt or white writing board, and scan it to be saved as PDF in one second.


Scanbot’s finished product is also very good. If it is used to scan color works, it should be able to present a clear effect with appropriate shades, but if you want to look at the clarity of the text file, it seems not so good.

These six applications above are capable of scanning files at any time, but they have different features at the same time. Therefore, you can choose them according to the situation you are in.

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