Among the many search engines in the world, Google certainly ranks first. It occupies more than 78% of the world’s search engine market, which is also the most frequently used artificial intelligence project in our daily lives. Unfortunately, most people just use it, but don’t know how to use it well. Therefore, you only need to spend a few minutes to read this article, and you can surpass most people in the matter of better use of search engines.

1. Use the Auxiliary Symbol “  ”

In our daily search, Google will automatically ignore some common words, such as: and, or, of, a, and so on. Sometimes, some letters or numbers are also ignored. This may cause the search results to be inaccurate. However, if you add the auxiliary symbol “” to the search term, the search results will be more accurate.

For example, when I search for “kind or evil”, there are about 520,000,000 results from this search. The rank first and second content are both Amazon shopping links. And they are selling a book called A Different Kind of Evil.

However, if you put quotes around the search content, the search results would be different. As we can see in the picture, there are only 801,000 results from this search. The top content is no longer Amazon ads. And you can also intuitively see the exact search content “kind and evil”.

2. Use Plus and Minus Signs. “+ , -”

Using the plus sign means that the search must include the word after the plus sign, and the word after the minus sign means that the search would not include the word after the minus sign.

For example, when you search “happy sad” and “happy+sad”in the Google.

There are about 1,060,000,000 results of “happy sad”, 993,000,000 results of “happy+sad”.

Note: Remember not to add spaces before and after the plus and minus signs.

3. Search for Content on a Specific Website.—“Site”

If you want to know something about predators which only from BBC. Then you can enter “Predator” in the search box. The search results in this way will all come from the BBC.

Note: Please remember not to add spaces after the site.

4. Very Useful Symbols—*

This symbol can refer to any character. For example, we can enter “largest * in the world” in the search box. In this way, * will automatically match countries, buildings, earthquakes, etc.

5. You Only Need Search Results in English.

Sometimes we only want to get search results in English, but the search results will contain some other languages.Just like the “kind or evil” we mentioned earlier, you can see some Chinese in the searched page. The solution to this problem is very simple. We just need to set the language to English in Google’s language settings.

6. Very Useful Keywords.

The above 5 tips are very extensive and most of us can use them. This last point may be useless for most people, but it is very practical for programmers. These keywords are:

1. tutorial






How should these words be used? In fact, these words can come in handy when learning the content of any field. Taking python as an example, we can search:

1. python tutorial

2. python example

3. python tricks

4. python cheatsheet


Summary: Although everyone uses search engines to find the information they need, we need to pay attention to how to quickly obtain more accurate and effective information.

I hope this six tips of using Google better can be helpful to you.

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