We often use the compression package WinRAR to compress the file package, which can save storage space and be easily sent. However, there will inevitably be some examples of compressed file damage.

As we all know, the term Compressed File Damage should be familiar to us. Anyone who has used a computer to download files will basically encounter the problem of Compressed File Damage. In many cases, it is an extreme joy begets sorrow when a damage prompt suddenly appears after you just downloading a few G learning materials. What a sad time it is! Therefore, how to deal with the damaged compressed file is an important problem for us.

But, before we solving this problem, we must know why is the compressed file damaged? What should we do after it is damaged? Today, you don’t need to worry about it anymore, because I will give you a brief introduction to how to deal with the compressed file damage and how to repair it for your reference.

Why the Compressed File Is Damaged?

Before knowing the solution, let’s take a look at why the compressed file is damaged?

As we all know, if we have no idea the reasons why a problem appears, we are hard to find the rightest way to solve this problem. So, before knowing the solution, let’s take a look at why the compressed file is damaged.

  1. Instability of our computer network, such as too many disconnections, too many threads, too many people on the server, or too many connections can not be made, etc. All these situations are of great possibility to result in damage to the downloaded files!
  2. There is a problem when compressing the file, which causes the file itself to be damaged, so it is damaged after downloading (we must note that there is no way to solve it unless the compressed package contains a reply record).
  3. The download tool used is not perfect enough. For example, after some download tools have opened a few more threads, the finishing work of the download is very slow. Sometimes the data will no longer be transmitted when the download reaches 99%. Therefore, at this time, the manual operation is required.
  4. The file we downloaded contains a virus. Such a compressed file must be corrupted when downloaded. Or our computer itself has a virus, which has damaged the downloaded compressed file.

How to Solve Your Damaged Compressed File?

So, how should we solve this problem? Let’s take a look at the following methods. But do  remember these methods are only suitable for some slightly damaged files.

1.Use Compressed Package to Repair

  • First of all, we need to install a compressed software to repair the file, usually WinRAR is the first option. We all know that WinRAR itself is a decompression tool, and it also has the function of repairing damaged files.
  • After installing WinRAR, we should find the pressing icon on the computer desktop, and click the left button to open the program.
  • After entering the main interface, we will see a lot of options, such as Adding Decompression Files and Searching Buttons.
  • Then find out the compressed package we have to repair.
  • Double-click to select this compressed package, and we will see a toolbox icon on the main interface.
  • There will be an option to repair the compressed package in the toolbox, we just need to drag the damaged compressed package into this option. Generally, the speed of repairing a damaged compressed package is related to the size of the compressed package. The larger the compressed package, the longer the time.
  • After the repair is complete, we can unzip the compressed package and open it.
  • Normally damaged compressed packages can be repaired by this method..

2. Registry Repair

  • Open the main window of WinRAR, and select the compressed file damage.
  • Use the mouse to click Repair on the toolbar, and select Browse on the drop-down menu. Then a dialog box will pop up. at this time, you just need to select the storage path for the damaged file.
  • Click the button OK, WinRAR will begin to repair the damaged compressed files, as well as show the whole process of repair in the form of dialog.
  • Enter the storage directory the damaged file you set, and you will find that a compressed file named _reconst.rar or has been added to the directory, which is the good file that has been repaired for you.

3. Re-download the Compressed Package File

Some compressed files are caused by the instability of our computer network, especially the IE browser, which only supports single-threaded downloading, and does not support multi-threaded downloading. If we close all the web pages in the middle, it will fail to download the compressed file. Therefore, if the decompression file fails due to network problems, we recommend you to download the file again.

4. Build a New Folder to Repair

  • Create a new blank folder on the desk
  • Drag the damaged compressed file into the new folder
  • Use WinRAR to Compress the new folder
  • Click the compressed new folder on the desk after compression
  • Right-click the damaged file in the compressed new folder to rename and change the file format


Therefore, the methods mentioned above are simple ways to deal with compressed file damage. I hope you can have a simple understanding of compressed file damage and be able to repair some damaged compressed files by yourself. In fact, repairing damaged files is a relatively rare thing, we can only repair some slightly damaged files. If it is damaged by a virus, there is no way to repair, unless reinstalling the computer system. If the methods introduced to you today do not solve your problem, please search for related solutions on the Internet by yourself, and you can continue to pay attention to other related content released by us.

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