How To Solve Your Printer Failure In The Windows10 System?

Generally, many people may have encountered such a situation when printing a prompt immediately come across Windows cannot open. Local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the print spooler or restart the computer. In fact, I have encountered this kind of situation. Perhaps many people are still feeling headaches because of the prompts. In fact, in most cases, the printing service is useless to start. Today I will introduce to you how to solve this situation.

How to Install Printer Drivers?

Before we start solving the problem above, we must know something about installing a printer driver. As we all know, the printer is a printing device often used by office workers. After we install the printer, we need to install the printer driver if we want to use it normally. However, after some users upgrade to the win10 system, they don’t know how to install the printer driver. So, how to do it?

The method is now bringing to Win10 system to install the printer driver as follows:

  • Left-click the mouse to select the item Settings
  • On the interface of Settings that opens, click the item Device
  • In the Device dialog box to click Printer and Scanner
  • Then you can see several default devices of the system in the list under
  • If you have installed a printer, you can see it here
  • Click Add printer or scanner above, and then we can see that we are searching for a printer that is physically connected. If there is, you can search, if not, you can add it manually. Then click The printer I need is not in the list
  • Select the Add local printer or network printer by manual settings below
  • Select the port of the printer. If your printer is connected to the computer via a parallel port (DVI cable), then the LPT port should be selected here. If it is connected to the computer via USB, select USB001 here.
  • Then click Next Step.
  • Choose the manufacturer and model of your printer. For example, I choose a model of brother. After selecting, if you have downloaded and installed the driver from the Internet, then you can choose to install from the disk, or you can choose to update from Windows. Take the latter as an example.
  • Then click Next Step.
  • Here you can set the display name of the printer, generally you don’t need to set it, thus you can judge whose printer it is based on the model of the printer. Of course, you can also change the printer to a name with identification meaning.

If you need to share the printer to users in the local area network for connection, then select Share this printer here. The printer driver has been installed, you can click, you can click Print test page to test if it is installed well. Once installed, the driver can already be found in the device list.

Common Problems

  • Win10 system printer failure prompts Can’t turn on adding printers

Reason Analysis

Most of these failures occur when the printer is added, mostly because the print service in the Win10 system is not starting, which is the Print Spooler service in the local service.


Just start the Print Spooler service before adding it. Start steps:

  • Press both the button Windows and the button R to quickly open the run window, enter services.msc, and press the button Enter to enter the Service interface
  • Find Print Spooler in the list of services
  • Right-click to select Start, the system will try to start the service
  • After upgrading the win10 system, restoring the printer installation is failed.

Reason Analysis:

This is because the related software of the printer driver did not migrate successfully after the Win10 system was upgraded, resulting in the problem of Printer installation failed.


  • We only need to uninstall the driver software related printer in the system, and then download and install the driver again
  • Turn off the printer power first, and disconnect the printer from the computer
  • Turn into the Control Panel – Programs and Features – Uninstall or change an application to find the related printer software that can be uninstalled in the list of programs
  • After restarting the computer, turn on the printer and reconnect the printer and the computer.
  • Download the printer driver and reinstall it
  • Turn the printer off, and restart your computer
  • Win10 system printer prompts administrator cannot print

Reason Analysis:

The printer cable interface is loose

  • This is the simplest case. Just check the printer data communication connection and check whether the printer connection cable interface is loose
  • If there is a new cable, try plugging it in a new one, or connecting the printer to another computer for testing
  • After completing these steps, if the printer still cannot connect to the host, you should consider other issues

Computer Viruses

  • Find a virus-free system disk and start the computer from drive A to check whether the printer and the host can be connected at this time
  • If it can be connected normally, it is most likely caused by a virus that can attack computer hardware. You can run anti-virus software such as Kingsoft Internet Security and other anti-virus software to eliminate the problem
  • The printer is not set as the default printer

If the printer is not the default printer, it will cause printing failure

  • The printer port setting is wrong

The wrong printer port setting is also one of the reasons why the printer cannot print

  • The IP address of the printer network printing is incorrect

Check whether the printing IP address is written correctly, if it is not correct, change it to the correct one. There is also a situation where the IP address conflicts with the computer address. After the computer address is changed to another IP address, the printer can print normally

  • The printer driver is not installed correctly

In this case, the driver is usually selected incorrectly, just change to the correct printer driver.

As a result, the above is the introduction of several solutions to the problem of printer failure in the Win10 system. If you have some problems similar to these, you can read this article for your reference.

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