Perhaps you are still distressed that the background image of the photo is not perfect. Some unrelated people and objects broke into the entire screen and destroyed the final picture. It doesn’t matter. The “Pen Tool” in Photoshop can help you!

Using the “Pen Tool”, you can easily pick out the person from the original picture. Put the person in the background image you want. Then, a new photo is ok. And you can also use other functions of Photoshop to add some color to the new photo to achieve the conversion of different styles.

How is it simple? Do you want to learn about “Pen Tool” in Photoshop? Let’s take a look!

Backup Layer

1. Open the picture material and click the short-cut key—”CTRL+J” to copy a layer to avoid the original layer from being damaged.

2. Hold down the Alt key and scroll the mouse wheel at the same time, you can see the picture is zoomed in or out freely.

Create Anchor Point

3. Click the “Pen Tool” in the toolbar on the left. Move the mouse over the picture. Then you can see that the mouse becomes something like a pen.

4. Hold down the “ALT” key and scroll the mouse wheel to enlarge the picture until the wheel of the motorcycle occupies the entire screen.

5. Click and hold on the edge of the wheel, and drag the mouse at the same time. You can see that an anchor point is generated on the wheel. And two lines extend from the anchor point to both sides, with two transition points at the end of the line.

6. The position of the convert point changes as the mouse moves. Meanwhile, the direction of the line changes as well. At this time, we move the position of the convert point so that the line is tangent to the wheel.

Complete the Closed Path

7. Next, use the mouse to click once at another location on the edge of the wheel without letting go, while dragging the mouse. It can be seen that the two anchor points are connected, and the path of the connection shows different degrees of curvature according to the position of the convert point.

8. Move the convert point so that the path coincides with the wheel edge line. Click the “Convert Point Tool” in the toolbar. Hold down the convert point and drag the mouse at the same time. Then you can move the convert point freely.

9. In addition, you can also hold down the ALT key without letting go, while dragging the convert point with the mouse. You can achieve the same effect.

10. During this process, if you find that your anchor position is not correct, there is a way to help you. Hold down the CTRL key without letting go. And at the same time, hold down the anchor point that needs to be changed, and drag the mouse to change the anchor point.

Create the Selection Area

11. Continue to draw along the edges of the motorcycle and the person until the entire desired area is selected, and return to the initial point after the path has completed a circle. Click the initial anchor point to make the entire path forms a closed path.

12. Right-click to select “Make Selection” and set the feather value to 1. Click OK. You can see that the edge of the selection area forms an enclosing circle in the shape of an ant line.

Pick Out the person

13. Click “CTRL+J” to creates the selection as a new layer. Continue to use the pen tool to select the part of the background image that remains in the middle of the person, and click the delete key on the keyboard to remove the excess part. Get a separate figure of person.

Image Synthesis

14. Open another picture material. Click the “Move Tool” in the toolbar, and drag the person out to the lawn.

Fix It

15. Click the short-cut key—”CTRL+T” to use the “Free Transform” to adjust the position and size of the person to an appropriate level. Among them, hold down the Shift key and move the corner points of the marquee to scale the graph in proportion. Click Enter to confirm.

16. Click the “Eraser Tool” in the toolbar, and set the hardness to 0 in the brush preset. Use the eraser to wipe off a little where the wheel connects to the ground, and let the wheel merge into the whole lawn.

Add Border

17. Click the layer panel on the right and select the lawn layer. Click the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” on the left toolbar, and use the rectangular frame to select the entire lawn.

18. Put the mouse over the lawn interface, and right-click to select stroke. Set the width to 90 pixels. Choose your favorite color, and choose location is inside.


19. Click OK. Finally, click the short-cut key—”CTRL+D” to cancel the check box. A new photo with photo frame is finished!

1. When using the pen tool, you need to select the pen status as the path in the upper status bar. If you choose the shape, the area you draw will form a colored block instead of a selection area.

2. When using the eraser or brush, you can hold down the shift key to draw. Then the line you draw or wipe will be a horizontal straight line.

3. When using the pen tool, if you just continuously create new anchor points without dragging out its convert point, then you will get a straight line or a polyline.


In addition to the pen tool, there are other tools that can be used for image matting. The quick selection tool is a good choice. It is more convenient and faster than the pen tool, but the edge of the area it selects is not smooth.

So, it is suitable for pictures that do not require detailed edges. In addition, there are magnetic lasso tools and magic wand tools. They are easier to use than pen tools, but they can only be used in certain situations.

After you have mastered the above tools, there may not be any image matting that can trouble you. You can complete the assignment according to the specific situation.

So, do you want to give them a try? But before that, try to change the background of your photos with pen tool!

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