For small screen lovers, iphone se2 must be in their top three choice, and if you are both small screen and iphone lovers, iphone se2 must be your first choice.

In order to meet the needs of different people as much as possible, iphone launched different typies iphone, for big screen lover, they presented plus series, therefore, for small screen enthusiast, they pubilished SE series. The last version is iphone se, which is released on March 21, 2016. And the first generation of iphone se stopped selling in 2018. After 4 years later, iphone represented their SE version 2, called iphone se2, which was announced at 4pm UK time on April 15, 2020. Pre-orders began at 1pm UK time (or 5am PDT) on April 17, 2020, and appeared in shops on April 24, 2020., and its publishing price is $399 for 64GB version.

After four monthes later, many people have bought this iphone already, and there are still some people who are waiting for some purchase occasions. Because they are hesitating for some potential drawbacks on iphone se2. Today, I am going to annlyze some advantages and disadvantages about it, after seeing this article, you can choose to buy it or not according to your own needs.

1. Advantages

1. A13 Processor with ISO13 System

The biggest highlight of the iPhone SE2 is the configuration, equipped with an A13 processor, and equipped with an IOS13 system, which is the same as the iPhone 11 series. Both daily use and gaming experience are very smooth.

In terms of performance, it is undoubtedly powerful. Although there is a certain gap between the performance of the A13 processor and the iPhone11, it can be used smoothly in the next two or three years after the iOS13 system. This is why it can be called  the strongest flagship mobile phone with a small screen. In addition, the iPhone SE2 has some features that the current same price flagship Android phone lacks, such as IP67 waterproof, WiFi6 and NFC, and wireless charging. Apple has not abandoned these features because of a small size body. So iphone se2 is quite compact, it is no wonder that Cook would call this phone the most value-for-money Apple phone.

2. Remain the touch ID

During the epidemic, there are many people who are wearing mask to go out, therefore, if you want to use the face ID to unlock you phone, that might need you to remove the mask or you need to enter the keys. It’s kind of inconvenient. But iphone se2 keeps the appearance of iphone 8, as well as the touch id, although there are some people say that the touch id is out of style, there are still some people who like this function. So if you like the function, it could be an consideration for your purchase occasions.

3. Non-notch design

Iphone se2 is not a full screen phone, as we mentioned before, it keeps the same appearance with iphone 8, so this phone doesn’t have a notch like these phones  prevailing on the market with a notch on the screen. Actually, I know that many people have made complains on the notch when this design was firstly used on iphone x, although with the time goes by, and with the universal application on all the mobile phone brand, many people continuously accept the notch, but there are also some people who don’t like the notch and wish there would be a new phone without the notch design. Because they think this notch break the whole esthetic feeling on phone. So if doesn’t like the notch design, it also could be one of your purchasing reasons.

4. Light weight but compact

Acyually, iphone se2 weighs 148g, and 67.3mm in width, so if you hold this phone for a long time, you won’t feel tired, especially for girls. Although iphone se2 is small with light weigh, but it also eqippped with many new functions. It  support 18W fast charge, Gigabit LTE network, and WiFi 6 wireless network, IP67 level water and dust resistance. Many Android phone abandoned such functions because of cost reduction.

5. Attractive price

Its offer price for 64GB is $399, compared with other iphone, it is relatively cheaper than them, and it can be called the most cheapest one in iphone history. If you are in budget, this price could be attractive for you.

But there are some shortcomings that are more obvious, but also easy to be overlooked.

2. Disadvantages

1. Single card and does not support 5G

iPhone SE2 only supports a single physical card and cannot achieve dual card dual standby. But the Hong Kong version can support a physical card and eSIM card, but this also needs to consider whether the operator supports. Besides, it doesn’t support 5G, in 2020, there are many 5G mobile phones were released. So far, the coverage of 5G is not wide, and most people have not experienced it, so many people do not value it that much. However, single-card mobile phones are indeed somewhat inappropriate for 2020. But if you don’t want to use 5g network for the time being, you can consider buying this phone. On the whole, it is good that it can be used for more than five years.

2. Battery

I believe that there are a lot of people who have complained iphone se2’ battery. Because its battery only have 1821mAh. And that means that if you are a person who doesn’t play your phone too much, but you still have to charge it once a day. Although no one would think that iphone’s battery is durable, but 1821mAh is really not enough for daily use.

3. Camera

Taking pictures has become one of the main highlights of smart phones. For example, the thousand yuan machine Redmi Note8pro uses a 64 million main camera and Samsung GW1 sensor, while the iPhone SE2, like the XR, is still a single camera after polishing. Although the 12 million single camera can hang other manufacturers’ cameras with the same parameters, it can be found through actual measurement that the imaging effect is yellow and the background blur is not delicate, which is far worse than the iPhone 11, and personally feels that it is not as good as the iPhone XR. So there is basically no advantage in taking pictures at the same price, even the Honor 20Pro and Redmi K20pro are enough to crush it.

In general, the iPhone SE2 has a narrow positioning. Although the price is not much high as the other iphones, it does not have the functions and configurations that should be available at this price, such as camera, screen fingerprint and dual speakers, but SE2 is also equipped A13 chip and ios13 system, the performance is not inferior to the big brother iPhone11, so I personally think this phone is more suitable for business people to use as a backup machine or mobile phone users for light users.

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