With the birth of the concept of the middle class, there has been a series of related products from Dyson vacuum cleaners to electric toothbrushes. The robot sweeping robot we are going to talk about today seems to be a bad product if it cannot be classified as a must-buy product for the middle class. So, are those household items that have been classified as must-buy for the middle class really useful? Today, I will objectively evaluate the iRobot Roomba s9+, the most expensive sweeping robot in iRobot.

Is this iRobot sweeping robot, also known as a must-buy for middle class, easy to use? To determine whether a sweeping robot is really easy to use, there are mainly the following points to be investigated: performance, cleaning ability, and flexibility. I will make a review of iRobot Roomba s9+ on the above three aspects

  1. Performance

The performance of iRobot Roomba s9+ is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • The suction power has increased again, which is a fundamental power improvement
  • Improved styling and side brushes, which are designed to drive efficiency improvements
  • Anti-allergenic function, this is lace function, or you can also consider it as humanized function

The increased suction power eliminates the need for Roomba s9+ to bypass the carpet. When stepping onto the carpet, it will automatically turn on the carpet pressurization mode to clean the dirt and debris in the carpet fibers with maximum suction. Of course, you may need to make sure that the bottom of the sweeping robot is clean enough.

However, greater suction power may also mean greater noise and more power consumption.

In my opinion, the noise of all sweeping robots is in an unacceptable state. Unless you have noise-canceling headphones like Bose, Sony or Air Pods Pro, it is better to close the door and walk away silently.

Another side effect is that the weight of Roomba s9+ is much heavier than Roomba i7+. An important reason is that the battery capacity has soared to 3300mAh, while Roomba i7+ only has 1800mAh. This also increases the charging time of Roomba s9+ to a certain extent, which is an invisible change in appearance and function.

But there are some changes that can be seen. For example, the entire design of Roomba s9+ is different from Roomba i7+.

In addition, the design of the side brush is particularly important. It determines the final cleaning range of the sweeping robot at the foot of the wall. The 30 mm long five-claw side brush that has two more than the Roomba i7+’s three-claw side brush would be better.

In addition to the design, the algorithm is the part of the “personal practice” of each family. I remember that when I was on duty at school, I only knew that I was dragging the mop forward, and I didn’t really care whether the ground was clean. Now when I was drifting outside, I cleaned up the room by myself, and realized that only by dragging the floor back and forth to clean the floor more cleanly, especially the corners.

A similar behavior is called “PerfertEdge” on Roomba s9+. First, it will stay for one second when cornering, so that the side brush has enough time to sweep in the dust. Secondly, the robot will retreat and then move forward one after another when the rotation is completed, reducing the possibility of dust and dirt being left behind.

As for how to make this travel route more stable and detailed, it depends on the front-end 3D sensor, which scans the adjacent environment at a frequency of 25 times per second to help the robot stick to the wall and go deep into the wall. Perform cleaning.

Cleaning Ability

After understanding the performance, let’s talk about its functions. For ordinary consumers, the function of sweeping robots is nothing more than freeing their hands, saving time and effort. Most sweeping robots have three keys on the control panel, but the price ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands. The reason why the price difference is so significant is reflected in the software and hardware cooperation of the sweeping robot. Cleaning ability is the most important part, so how about the cleaning ability of Roomba s9+?

Regular Cleaning

It can be seen that in the conventional level cleaning, the 5-claw side brush with a length of 30 mm sweeps dirt and debris into the cleaning route of the robot, and large-particle peanut shells and melon seed shells can also be swept away.

Edge Cleaning

The square front body is redesigned this time, and it is equipped with a new 3D sensor. The glue brush and side brush have also been upgraded. In addition, the Perfect Edge technology has been added to realize the joint cooperation of software and hardware. Enhanced edge cleaning function.

When detecting the edges of walls and furniture, the sweeping robot will walk next to each other, and rotate at a high speed through the 26-degree 5-claw side brush, sweeping dust and hair hidden in the corners into the cleaning main brush part, thereby cleaning the wall edges and corners Dust and dirt.

  • Relief and Avoid Obstacle

A buffer layer is designed on the front of the robot, which is equipped with 3D sensors to assist in prediction.


The flexibility of Roomba s9 is reflected in the ability to clean up to the greatest extent even in a small space. Take the space limited by the four-legged chair as an example. As shown in the figure above, Roomba s9 can complete a series of operations such as “cleaning, turning, multi-angle exploration, finding a way out” in such a small space with obstacles in all directions. In the first trial, the ability of Roomba s9 was quite amazing. After all, some sweeping robots are often inexplicably “stuck” in a certain corner.

My review of iRobot Roomba s9+ is very smart. You can set the daily working time according to the week, and it will automatically start at that time. When working, the path is messy, and you cannot predict its path. The noise at work is about 60 decibels. It cannot be made to work when watching TV (very noisy), but when it is cleaning the room, as long as the door is closed, the hall separated by a wall can hardly hear its sound.

My favorite is that as long as you set the iRobot Roomba s9+ up, you don’t need to worry about it unless the dust storage box is full. It will automatically return to the base to charge when it is out of power, and it will also return to the base to charge after the work is completed, which is quite smart.

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