Imagine that there is such a game, it has a very obvious poor game screen, not good UI, poor optimization and so on. Will you play this game?

Maybe you will not try it. However, there is such a game on steam that seems to be a popular game. This game has all the disadvantages mentioned above, but the difference is that it has received more than 10000 reviews, with a positive rating of nearly 90%.

This game is what the author wants to introduce to you today — Kenshi. This game has one special and interesting character which attract people a lot: You are not the protagonist.

The first thing to say is that although Kenshi can be included in the category of survival games, but strictly speaking, there is no similar game on the market. Maybe because of the uniqueness of this game that it is very popular.

You may be killed by monsters or robbers at the beginning of the game; you may be caught by stealing and become a slave after being put into prison, and you can only work hard every day; or you may be involved in gang fighting and become a beggar with few arms and legs.

As a sandbox game, “Kenshi” will not change the original rules of the world because of your appearance. The changes in the trade market, the rise, and fall of towns, the caravans and thieves are all-natural. The misfortunes you encounter are “the daily part of this chaotic world, which only accidentally destroys your life”.

If you want to be better, you can improve yourself through some excise ways. Walking more can improve the running attribute and make the moving speed faster; walking with heavy objects can enhance strength; being beaten will increase patience, and it is not easy to faint; picking locks and stealing more will naturally make your stealing skills to be better.

From the numerical and health system of the game, it is not difficult to see the shadow of the traditional DND rules, which enables each character to develop distinct strengths and complete different game tasks. In a word, unlike other survival games, which make the player as the first protagonist, “Kenshi” is more like bringing the player into a dark world, and always using the cold reality to show that you are not the protagonist of the game, you can survive only by doing your best.

The author thinks that Kenshi‘s playing ways are almost unlimited. The game is similar to RTS game in combat; it is a standard RPG method to recruit teammates and exercise attributes; and when accumulating resources, it is similar to the orthodox simulation game. In addition to the principle of “survival first”, players can develop their own world at will.

As long as it is the logical activity, “businessmen, thieves, rebels, warlords, adventurers, farmers, slaves”, you can all be realized in Kenshi, which means you can achieve all the life you want to experience in the game.

Of course, this game is very difficult in start time, it is very easy to be game over, so the author sorted out a few very efficient, but also very special play method for players, to help you through the most difficult time in the beginning.

In the game, stealing items is very easy, especially after the characters are familiar with the stealing skills, they can easily get expensive items. Be careful not to sell the stolen goods in the city in one place. It is easy to be caught by the city guards. Go to another city, or find a shopper in the city’s bar (the price will be lower), and you can easily accumulate money to get through the initial opening time.

You can also choose to be caught in prison by a town guard through some illegal activities. Although being in prison can make a character lose his freedom, it will not reduce his hunger. If he is injured, he will also be treated by prison guards. This means that you don’t need to consider the satisfaction of your character’s life needs. Instead, you can focus on practical attributes such as unlocking, sneaking, assassinating, fighting, and so on, without worrying about making money to buy food.

When your character’s attributes have better values, you will find an opportunity to escape. At this time, as long as you change countries and regions, you will have a character that won’t be caught, and the attributes are also very good, so you can start your real game.

This method is the most profitable method. Of course, your role needs certain attributes to complete: find a wanted prisoner with a high reward, take him to the corresponding reward city to receive the reward, remember the prison where the wanted criminal was taken away, and then sneak to steal him out. (if there are more prison guards, send someone to block the sight)

As long as you leave the prison, you will not be attacked even if you are seen by the guards. They will only think that you are carrying a prisoner. At this time, you will find that the reward for the wanted person has increased, because he escaped once and is still a fugitive.

Then you can go to another city to get the reward and continue to repeat the previous action. After doing this several times, the wanted person’s reward will increase and you will make more and more money. Until you no longer need money, you don’t need to rescue the wanted person again.

All of these 3 play ways can help you play this game easily.

In conclusion, Kenshi game’s high degree of freedom brings exaggerated immersion. How to use the game mechanism to make the game easier depends on whether you have enough ideas. In fact, it is because of this feature that Kenshi has become one of the most popular games in the world.

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