Rencent years, there is a very popular way to lose weight, which is called Ketogenic Diet.

So, what is the Ketogenic Diet?

1. Introduction about Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet refers to the diet structure of high fat, sufficient protein and low carbonhydrate, which can change the metabolism mode of human body from sugar metabolism to fat metabolism, and accelerate fat consumption to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

It principle is the following procedure: first of all, this way can cut off the source of carbonhydrate so as to reduce your blood sugar, and then the glycogen would be exhausted, but your body needs energy, the liver is forced to decompose fat into ketone bodies, then the ketone bodies enter the blood to provide energy to the brain and cells. But how can you judge you are in ketogenic state? After entering ketosis situation, the level of body ketone increase, which can be detected in breath, urine and blood. Among them, urine detection is the fastest, the most simple and effective to detect it. But urine ketone test paper on the Internet and compare the color of the test paper to see whether urine ketone and whether it enters into ketosis metabolism mode.

2. Why is Ketogenic Diet Good for Weight Loss?

The first reason that it can enhance fat decomposition. The metabolic mode from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism can accelerate the decomposition of fat.

The second reason is that it can stable blood glucose and insulin levels. The fluctuation of insulin level is mainly affected by carbonhydrate. The more carbonhydrate intake, the greater of the insulin level fluctuation, the stronger the appetite. Cutting off carbonhydrate will remain its stability, thus reducing hunger and controlling appetite.

The third reason is that it can keep your satiety. Because it doesn’t require you keep in diet, and the main food intake is protein and fat, therefore, slow digestion and absorption of fat and protein can prolong satiety.

The fourth reason is the Metabolic cost of gluconeogenesis and thermal effect of blood. Fat metabolism needs more energy than sugar metabolism. Inaddition, digesting fat and protein foods need more energy that carbonhydrate food.

3. The Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

The first Keto advantage is weight loss. Through Ketogenic Diet, you will lose your weight apparently, especially if you are a fat person. You don’t have to go hungry, and you don’t have to eat very little, but you can lose weight quickly.

The second one is the effect on weight loss. If you control yourself strictly, you can see obvious changes in body shape and weight loss in a week. If you do it in a long run, you will find that your face, your arms, your legs, and your belly are get smaller than before. The most happiest thing might be that your clothes are not suitable for you anymore, because they are too big for you to wear.

The third benefit id that it makes your mind clear, energetic and your skin will be better than before. Because Ketogenesis redeces the intake of gluten, sugar and processed foods (a large number of them exist in carbonhydrate food), which are the ememy of making people stupid and harming the skin. But the Ketogenic diet blocks these hazards to a certain extent.

It also can against cancer. Caner cells are very dependent on glucose, and can not use ketone body as enemy, to some extent, can reduce the risk of cancer.

The final benefit is that it can improve edema. A large amount of water and weight will be removed after large carbon cutting, which has a very obvious effect on improving edema.

4. How to Eat during Ketogenic Period?

There are many ketogenic meal plan for weight loss online, such as 21 day ketogenic diet weight loss challenge, keto 7 day meal plan for weight loss, simple keto meal plan for weight loss and so on.

1. About Food Intake

Generally speaking, you don’t have to care about the toatl amount of food intake until you are full. But the diet structure is more stringent, especially the intake of carbonhydrate should be strictly controlled. Specifically, the intake of ketogenic diet, intake of calories equals to the daily calories, so that you don’t need to creat a caloric difference.

If you want to increase the weight loss effect, you should also control the calories difference within 30% of the basal metabolism. For example, if you need 1800 kcal, you’d better eat no less than 1800-1300*30%=1410 kcal.

2. About Specific Proportion of Diet Structure

The proportion of diet is as follow: fat 70 to 75%, protein 20 to 25%, carbonhydrate 5% (generally less than 50g). the 50g here refers to the cardonhydrate content in the food. For example, the carbonhydrate content of two large apples is 50g, which is equivalent to the upper limit of the required carbonhydrate intake.

In fact, if the intake of carbonhydrate is less than 100g, and that can be called Ketogenic Diet. The lower carbonhydrate intake, the earlier you enter ketogenic diet state and the earlier you start consume fat. As for the quantity of the fat and protein intake, you can choose it based on your own situation.

5. What to Eat to Lose Weight Fast on Keto

 During the Keto period, you have to eat fat, protein and carbonhydrate evenly.

For fat, you can take in it from all animal and non animal fat, such as, butter, coconut oil, peasut butter, cheese, cream, shortening. Ketogenic period requires a large amount of fat intake, mainly to meet the appetite. Our diet to lose weight leads our desire for caobonhydrate, and the lack of fat intake during diet diet is also one of the reasons. When you overeat, you don’t choose things like white bread to eat, but carbonhydrate mixed with oils like cheese, butter and so on. Therefore, high dietary fat content will inhibit your appetite to a certain extent.

Another way to intake the fat is nuts. Nuts are also a good source of fat. Macadamia, bigroot, walnut, almond, pine nut, hazelnut can be eaten more. Cashew nuts and peanuts with high carbonhydrate should eat less.

For carbonhydrate, you can mainly take in from vegetables. You can eat more leafy vegetables to supplement dietary fiber to relieve constipation during the period. The contents of starch and sugar in rhizome and fruit are very high, that should be avoided as far as possible. Organic and fresh vegetables are better to eat naturally, which can reduce the loss of nutrients.

If you want take in carbonhydrate from fruits. For fruit, avocado is encouraged to eat more. Low syrup fruit like blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, low sugar fruit like lemon, lime, plum, grapefruit can be eaten, and other fruits with high sugar should be avoided.

Other carbonhydrate, such as refined rice flour, beans, potatoes, sweets, candy, wine and alcoholic drinks, should be avoided.

For protein, all meat can be eaten. The following items are selected in sequential selection.

From deep sea fish, shellish, poultry, cattle, sheep and pork, eggs, to animal viscera. Protein intake should also be controlled. 1 to 2g protein per kilogram of stanard weight coresponding to height is enough. If you take in excessive protein will be converted in glucose, which will affect the ketogenic effect, so it also needs to be controlled.

Besides, drink more water when you are in ketogenic diet, because a ketogenic diet leads to a decrease in insulin, which causes the kidneys to excrete more sodium ions, which naturally take away some water. Therefore, in order to avoid dehydration during ketogenesis, rehydration is particularly important. It is recommended to drink more that 3 liters of water every day, including sugar free tea, sugar free coffee, bullet proff coffee, sugar free cola, soda water and salt water.

6. Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

The first is craving for carbonhydrate. For people who rely on carbonhydrate, they will be crazy for starches, sweeets and other carbonhydrate, which may lead to overeating.

The second is that it is costly. Because the diet mainly comes from high quality protein and fat, which are much more expensive than carbonhydrate foods.

The third one is Ketosis. There are a small number of people in ketogenic period of prurigo pigmentosa disease. But you can early prevent it. Supplement vitamin, OMEGA-3 fatty acid and minerals.

The fourth one is constipation. The high-fat and low-carbon diet structure lacks dietaryfiber, which leads to slow gastrointestinal peristalsis, resulting in constipation. Drink water and eat dietary fiber can relieve this situation.

Another side effect is hair loss, which maybe is the most troublesome thing for girls.. almost all dietary changes can lead to hair loss, which usually occurs in the third to sixth months of the ketogenic diet, but this side effect is short-lived. Don’t worry aboy too much about it. Just take enough calories and mutrition.

The final effect is that there would be some symptoms in the adaptation period. In the arely stage of ketogenesis , the ketogenic diet will make you fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, tachycardia, musle spasm, halitosis and other symptoms. Generally, the nutritional supplements mentioned above will disappear within 1 week to 3 weeks.

Through the above knowledges and suggestions, you can make your own keto menu plan for weight loss based on your own needs. Hope it could be helpful for you.

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