When I was 5 years old, I drew my impression of the car on the children’s drawing board; when I was 15 years old, I came into contact with touch-screen mobile phones and realized that the mobile phone can still be used like this; when I was 25 years old, and I drew my first illustration on a 28-inch touch screen. This “drawing board” is the Microsoft surface studio 2, which is hailed by Microsoft as the “strongest Surface”. Today, it is Microsoft’s second all-in-one computer.

The debut of the first-generation Surface Studio changed my stereotype of an all-in-one computer. With the support of the stylus and hinge bracket, this computer is not only a productivity tool, but also a 28-inch drawing board.

In October last year, Microsoft officially released Microsoft surface studio 2. This product maintains almost the same appearance as the first generation. There are not many upgrades. It is mainly in terms of screen and performance. It looks more like Microsoft’s improvement of the Studio product, rather than an upgrade.

So, is this computer, which Microsoft calls “the strongest Surface”, a capable fighter or is it a fame? After a week of experience, I find the answer.

Exterior Design

From the packaging to the fuselage, the matte shell, the “Tian” brand logo on the back, and the chrome-plated hinge bracket are all consistent with the previous generation.

Although the appearance has not changed much, it has to be said that among all the all-in-one machines, the “old design” of Microsoft surface studio 2 is still online. Its design is avant-garde, concise, and highly recognizable.

It has even become an imitation object for some products.

Although it looks a bit “top-heavy”, this hinged support structure like a hinge can still “lift” the 28-inch large screen steadily. The “zero gravity” design makes it easy to adjust, even a girl can easily lift it up with one finger, full of ritual sense.

At the same time, when the screen is “hovering” in the air, touching, drawing and other operations on it will not press it down.

This screen supports angle adjustment in the range of 20°-105°, which satisfies some users with special needs who are picky about posture, especially for operations such as drawing.

The quality of the screen itself is also very good, and it is also one of the few upgrades that Microsoft has made on Surface Studio 2. What do you think of this surface studio 2 specs? The surface studio 2 review varies from person to person. As far as I am concerned, compared with the previous generation, the brightness is increased by 38%, and the contrast ratio is increased by 22%. In actual use, you can clearly feel the advantages of high brightness.

Surface Studio 2 supports DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB, 87% NTSC and 88% Adobe RGB color gamut, and supports multiple display modes. This screen is also sufficient for design, post-production and other professional purposes.

This screen has a resolution of 4500*3000 and a PPI of 192. Although it is almost meaningless compared to the 5K screen of the iMac Pro, if you are not Leeuwenhoek, the actual look and feel is not too obvious. The 3:2 screen is also a major feature of Surface products, and the display area is very impressive.

Let’s take a look at its base part. There are four USB3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet port, Type-C port, SD card slot and headphone port on the back. This time Microsoft replaced the previous Thunderbolt 2 interface with Type-C, which can be used for display output, but does not support Thunderbolt 3 output.

Performance Aspects

The screen of surface studio 2 specs is only 1.53cm thick, and it also supports 10-point touch.

I have to say that the surface studio 2 review of this screen is still very stable. It supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, combined with the two core equipment of Surface Pen and Surface Dial, so that Surface Studio 2 has a use experience that other products do not have, and it is also the best way to reflect the core and value of this product.

Let’s take a look at the Surface Pen first. Its experience on this large screen is not much different from that of the Surface Pro. The pen tip walking on the screen feels “softer” than writing with a ballpoint pen on A4 paper. The drawing process is fairly smooth.

The next thing to look at is the Surface Dial, which has three modes of operation: short press, long press, and rotation, and vibration feedback. The bottom is non-slip design, so that it can be used not only on the desktop, but also on the screen.

Press the Surface Dial, a menu will appear around it, similar to the shortcut keys on the tablet, and then rotate it to the corresponding option, you can fine-tune it by rotating it.

Experience for Surface Studio 2 in A Week

  • The screen is large and clear, with many details, bright and accurate colors. And with touch function, it is much more convenient to use.
  • The feel of the empty stylus is unexpectedly good, which is different from the touch of the apple pencil drawing on the ipad pro and the touch of the Wacom Intuos series writing board. The touch is rusty, not slippery, and different from the feeling of painting on paper. Not bad.
  • I didn’t use it to play games, and I had all the game consoles I should have at home, so I don’t want to toss the computer to play games. But watching a 60G 4K HD movie experience is still great.
  • The overall design is simple, with a thread behind it, and the desktop is much cleaner. The stylus is usually attached to the side of the screen. This design is great.

If you want to buy s2, please combine your own conditions and the following two kinds of nationalities:

  • work on ss2 for more than ten hours a day, zero-distance contact with ss2, and the tip of the nose and the screen are estimated to be 5 centimeters apart.
  • The board end sits in front of the screen and draws. In this case, it should be far away from the screen. The high-intensity work situation should feel better.

Think about whether your situation is suitable for using Microsoft surface studio 2 and then place an order.

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