As one of the most popular Stand-alone games in the 20th century, Mount & Blade Warband is excellent. Therefore, when the sequel of the game, Mount & Blade 2, was released this year, it attracted a large number of players. However, there are many different opinions on this new work. Today, the author will take you to know about this game.

Now Mount & blade 2 has two branches:

Main branch: It contains game content that has been proved to be stable after long-term testing by players and testers, and the game experience is the most stable. Current version: e1.52

Beta branch: on the basis of the regular version, it also contains stable game content proved by an official internal test. The game experience is more stable and the game content is more sufficient. Current version: e1.53

If you are a new player to this game, it is recommended to choose the first version first, because this one has fewer bugs and helps to improve your game experience.

The operations of this game are very simple, WASD keys control the character movement, your mouse can control character attack and defense, all of these are all operations in Mount & Blade 2. You can start your tour of the Middle Age when you master these control skills.

In fact, although the simple operation and interesting game content of Mount & Blade 2 have attracted many new players and old players who like Mount & Blade 2 Warband, there are still many bugs in the game that affect the player’s game experience. Then the author will claim these bugs which influence the playing experience.

You Can Never Buy Advanced Armor

The top armor you can buy in the game is “Southern armor”, and Battania’s extremely ugly slat armor. Moreover, the armor of the Northern Empire elite, such as square flag knight and Khan’s bodyguard, can’t be bought at all. And noble bows can only be bought in cities with high prosperity.

Moreover, killing the Lord and destroying the enemy can not be captured. In Warband version, players can buy luxury plate armor at a high price, or capture good equipment. But generation 2 can’t get it through normal channels. Even if your character is married to a lord, the Lord of the other party does not have top-level armor (no one Lord has “elite suit” armor and helmet). It is recommended to restore Warband settings or enrich casting content to allow players to make their own armor in the following generation.

Unable to Destroy the Country

Mount & blade 2 is hard to wipe out other countries. When you kill all the Lords of a country, the country will not perish. At the same time, a country with no lord can declare war on you. In addition, if all the Lords of a country are killed, all the towns in the country will not belong to you who destroyed these lords, but will be randomly allocated to other lords of other countries, which is very unreasonable.

Even if you destroy all the countries in the game, when you kill the last hostile Lord, the towns of the country will belong to a country that you have already destroyed. And even if the country you have already eliminated has no lord, the country will still declare war on you.

Bad Persuasion, the Diplomatic System

Even if your character is full of social charm, the success rate of persuasion is extremely low without repeatedly archiving and reading files. And if you fail once, you never get another chance. This means that in order to persuade other lords to surrender, players must read the file repeatedly. (it means no fun to play)

The diplomatic system is even worse. The author tried to rebel against Aserai and become king. It’s incredible that khuzait, far away, declares war, and then all countries without warning will declare war. However, the mechanism of paying money for peace negotiation needs to be improved. When AI judges that it is in an advantageous position, it will immediately declare war to the players without credibility, which makes the diplomatic system virtually useless.

You can’t be a Lord with a sense of honor

In Warband, as long as you fight down and get a town and you have a good relationship with the king, the town will probably be granted to you. But in the second generation, except when you’ve just joined a country, the ruling family will get almost 100% of all new fiefdoms. However, aristocratic voting can not determine the ownership of the territory. Even if the influence of the ruling family can be negative, the negative influence ruler can continue to seal the new territory to himself. Even if you get more votes, the last vote of the king has the final decision. This means that players work hard and gain castles that do not belong to players.

Imperfect Siege Mode

There are problems in the construction of remote siege equipment. The garrison troops have four forts, and the siege forces can only build one at a time. The huge number of them makes the fortress of the siege troops destroyed by the other party as soon as they are built. The resulting catapults are useless and will turn the siege into a boring resource consumption war. This design reduces the authenticity of the game. As  one of the most popular Stand-alone games, Mount & blade 2‘s rough production of war content has greatly reduced the game quality. If you are a new player, you need to consider whether such a crude game is worth a relatively high price on steam.

In conclusion, Tale world is like a writer who is in a hurry to hand in his papers. He is immersed in a little embellishment on the details. He thinks that he can win the favor of the readers by virtue of his several seemingly high-end modifiers. But he completely forgets the terrible internal logic of his article.

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