If you are a mobile phone enthusiast, you must heard about Oneplus, which is a chinese mobile phone brand and it’s base in Shenzhen, China.

If you are considering replace your repesent phone, Oneplus might be a good choice for you. At present, there are 20 models of Oneplus mobile phones on the market, so which Oneplus phones with high performance and low cost are worth buying?

In the 20 Oneplus mobile phones, I strongly recommend the following four phones. These are Oneplus7T, Oneplus7Tpro, Oneplus8 and Oneplus8pro. I will mainly introduce the four phone from their avdantages and disadvantages, then let’ s take a look at.

1. Oneplus 7T

This phone was published on October 15, 2019 in Beijing. And its flagship 8GB+128GB version is ¥2999 in offer price. And Oneplus 7T’s main selling points are that it adopts 90Hz fluid screen and carries the 885 plus platform of Quaicomm, as well as its rear camera with 48MP main lens, the triple lens camera.


Firstly, Oneplus 7T uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus (Octa-core, 7nm, up to 2.96 GHz) as is processor, which is a cost-effective combination because it will not cause stuck problems in your daily life

Secondly, its camera is excellent in the other same price phone. The mobile phone camera hs stable film quality, accurate color restoration, excellent anti-shaking effect, effective control of night shot nosie, and the large aperture also brings higher picture brightness. Overall, the photo ability of this  phone is very high. Basically, it can meet the needs of the majority of consumers to take photos with their mobile phone. Besides, if there is a phone number or website address in the picture, the phone camera will automatically recognize it, and generate the phone number and website adress that can be clicked I the viewfinder box, after clicking, you can jump to the website or make a call.

Thirdly, the battery capacity of this mobile phone is 3800 Ma, and it supports 30W fast charging. Overall, the battery life is very good. In most cases, if you charge to 100, after you use for one day, and there is still 25 to 30 percent electricity left.

Fourthly, the AG technology of the phone glass back cover is gurther optimized, and the surface layer has more texture, and it feels very smooth.

Fifthly, the customized AMOLED screen is upgraded to 90Hz refresh rate, which makes the piture smoother when sliding, and reduces the apperance of drag shadow. The peak brightness of ths phone is 1000nit, which can be seen clearly with bright sunshine, and it supports the HDR10+ standard.

The design details in the mobile phone is very intimate, for example, you ca adjust the button color, the overall tone, the status bar icon form. Mobile phone vibration can not only adjust its intensity, but also provide a variety of vibration rhythm. It also provides fingerprint payment with quick start application and payment interface and other small functions.

Its screen fingerprint recognition rate is high, unlocking speed is very fast, and in the case of wet hands, here is still a high recognition rate.


First of all, Oneplus 7T doesn’t support independent headphone, so if you want to listen to music while charging, you have yo buy a special converter to achieve the two functions at the same time

Its second disadvantage is that this phone does not support infrared remote control fuction, so if you want open your electric door or your air conditioner, this phone can not help you.

Thirdly, the water drop screen is a bit abrupt. It is not as high-end and extreme as Oneplus7pro visually

Fourthly, there will be double-click screen failure intermittently. And if the night mode and the automatic brightness are turned on at the same time, the screen display brightness is relatively low in the dark environment.

Fifthly, in the icon style, except for the rounded rectangle, which can ensure the uniformity of the applications, neither rectangle nor circle can gurantee that the shapes of individual applications icon are not uniform.

The next disadvantage is that if a lot of apps are installed on ths phone, the effiency of sorting to the folder is too low, and there is no feasible shortcut to add, and it can not achieve fast cross screen operation.

The finally one is that it doesn’t have wireless charging. That’s a great pity for this phone.

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