When you go abroad for the first time, and when you choose to travel freely and travel in budget, your journey may be more than just enjoying and relaxing. There will be learning and experience.

The following are some travel needs when  you travel abroad for the first time.


First of all, you should have a passport. The ID card you have is our ID card within our country, while the passport is your world ID card. You must apply for a passport before going abroad. It is usually handled in the National Passport Center. The materials that need to be prepared for the passport are: ID card, a color photo, which is taken in last 6 months.

The official said “You must submit your completed application, including citizenship evidence, photocopy of ID, photo, and fees, in person at a passport acceptance facility”

Sometimes you will scratch your passport or run into water when you travel. It is very important to protect it. You can put a soft protective cover on your passport before you go away.


This item can be omitted for visa free countries and landing visa countries. For example, if you want to travel to Russia, you have to apply for a Russia travel ticket to be passed in your passport, which means that you can go to this country according to the provisions of this visa

Credit card

Although mobile pay has developed rapidly, it is still impossible to use it for consumption in many other countries. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the bank for consultation and try to apply for VISA or MASTERCARD before going abroad.


No matter which country you go to, I strongly recommend you that go to the bank to change your money into US dollar or euro, but if your money is the one of these, you can just take your money. After arriving the destination country, you can change US dollar or euro into local currency at the local bank or exchange center. But there are some clauses about money. For example, the chinese customs stipulates that each person can carry cash of less than 20000 yuan or less than 5000 US dollars each time when leaving the country. Some countries have not upper limit requirements on the amount of cash, but also lower limit requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to check the regulations of the country to which you are going in advance.


It is important for you to buy an insurance before going abroad, even when you travel in your country. Because there is no anticipation that what would happen when you are out. Especially when you go abroad, maybe you can not adapt to the environment, and that’s easy to get sick. So you’d better buy an insurance.

Air tickets

After getting the visa, you can buy the ticket (some people may have bought the ticket before because the ticket is one of the material needs when applying for the visa). When you want to buy a ticket, you must be pay attention to the airline company. Because different airline have different advantages. No matter which airline you would choose, you should know that what the baggage allowance is. Some airlines’ catering is particularly bad, and some airline do not even provide catering. Read the return and change terms and baggage allowance of this flight carefully. Some flights do not provide free checked baggage.


You can use Booking or Airbnb to book accommodation. I suggest you can book a hotel or B&B in advance.

It is suggested that the first time you go abroad, you’d better book a regular hotel instead of a B&B youth brigade, safety first!

I know a lot of people who have bought their tickets and plan to set up tomorrow. But they didn’t book hotel, and then he check the list with their mobile phones and find that there are only a few expensive and dilapidated hotel rooms far away from the city, but they have to book because there is no other choice for them.

Luggage items

For luggage, it depends on your preference, and you can choose the right size according to the brought item.

Emergency drugs. It is one of the most important to bring some emergency drugs, such as anti-allergy drug, anti-cold drug, diarrhea drugs and so on. You can consult the pharmacy to buy according your own physical conditions in advance.

Conversion plug. Before going abroad, check the socket standard of the country you want to go, and then buy a plug-in board on the internet. Be sure to buy it!

Mobile Internet. You can buy a portable WI-FI online, or a phone card for your destination country. Or open international roaming directly on your mobile phone. I usually buy a phone card when I arrive in the destination country. If you want to stay there for a long time, it will be much cheaper to buy a phone card.

Wash supplies. Many foreign countries do not have disposable toothbrush and slippers in hotels, which may be because they advocate environmental protection. So I suggest you bring it with you. In addition, the hotel towel may not be very clean, I often take disposable towel, and it’s very small and convenient.

All liquids. Makeup remover, lotion and something you want to carry it with, put them into 100ml small bottles.

You have to be prepared

Don’t be afraid of trouble. The ability to collect basic information is necessary. Travel materials and preparation are complicated. Especially when you are going to developed countries. If you have already chosen a distant place, don’y be lazy. You should know the destination, understand the local living habits and learn some local daily language. Of course, you can look through some local travel notes online.

Be aware of safety

When you arrive at the destination country, don’t trust anyone easily. Before setting out, you can inquire and remember the local police call or embassy call number. Besides, deal with matters calmly. When you are out, you will encounter a lot of surprises, for example, you might miss your flight, meet a thief when you arrive at your destination, and sometimes, you may suffer from racial discrimination. You have to be prepared about these unpredictable things.

The above are all the tips that I want to tell about the first traveling abroad, hope it will be helpful to you.

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