For most work, Photoshop is a very common tool. Many times, we have to use these tools to do some simple typesetting, image processing, size adjustment or some simple effects. These all need to use Photoshop.

But many times, we will cause a lot of embarrassment because we don’t have Photoshop. Moreover, if you change to a computer that does not have Photoshop installed, and you have to deal with PSD files in a hurry, it is also an embarrassing situation. Thus, Photopea appeared.

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Photopea is a web-based online Photoshop image editing tool with the same functions as Photoshop. As long as you have fast enough bandwidth, you can use it online without installing Photoshop software. And it supports 12 different languages, which can perfectly solve your image processing problems.

First, let’s take a look at the interface of Photopea. As you can see, the overall layout of its interface is exactly the same as Photoshop, and the functions are similar.

Then, let’s analyze the advantages of Photopea.

1. Support Multiple Formats

There is an official basic introduction on the homepage of the website. The official slogan is: Create an advanced photo editor.

At the same time, the introduction text clearly marked that the website supports PSD, XCF, Sketch, XD and CDR file formats.

2. Support Multiple Languages

Open the More options on the menu bar. You can enter the language options, which contains modern mainstream languages.

The performance of the adaptation of various languages ​​is not bad, but some functional terms, such as the various types of layer styles, are still in English. But fortunately, the history panel is intimately adapted to the relevant languages, so this is not perfect or can be forgiven of.

3. Support Upload Font Package

There are also many online Photoshop tools on the Internet, but they do not support uploading font packages basically. Now this problem has been solved on Photopea. Select the Type tool and select “loadout” in the drop-down menu of the font to upload and apply the local font package.

4. Support Mobile Terminal

Compared with the other two online graphics editors-Pixlr and, Photopea is different from Pixlr in that its mobile phone only has photo beautification, and it is also different from which requires downloading and installing apps.

Photopea can run smoothly directly on the mobile browser web page. It is measured that the link opening speed on the mobile browser is slower, and the link opening speed on WeChat is faster.

In addition, due to the limitations of the mobile terminal, some operations that need to open the right-click menu on the computer web page are not well adapted to the mobile web page. This is a problem that needs attention.

As for other aspects, it has the same performance as Pixlr. It also restores the Ps tools and related functions of the tools. There is no path layer and channel, and there is also a complete shortcut key system.

By the way, other tools are restored quite well, but the effect of quickly selecting tools is not ideal.

5. Support Offline Operation

Photopea’s format compatibility is also very comprehensive. It is actually good to be an excellent Photoshop supplement. In the face of Chromebook products, Photopea is also capable of dealing with most of the problems.

In addition, Photopea supports offline operation, so users do not have to worry about the platform stealing their own picture data. In this mode, if the image is not uploaded, the loading and processing speed will be faster. As long as you are not taking photos from a high-pixel camera, the efficiency of Photopea is still acceptable.

6. Free to Use

Finally, it is the price. Photopea is almost a free application, and its paid subscription service is also used to remove ads. Judging from the current layout, ads will not affect the operation for the time being.

So as long as you don’t worry about this problem, and you are not a Chromebook user and need to use Photopea for a long time, it doesn’t hurt to not subscribe.

It has few disadvantages.

Although Photopea achieves better functions, it still simplifies a lot. The simplest, Photopea is not equipped with the “timeline” option. Even if you import a GIF, it can be opened, but the entire GIF animation will be placed on the layer. Photopea does not have this function.

It may be based on the consideration of its own attributes of “online application”. Photopea does not have the functions of “importing frames from video” in Photoshop, so if you want to do animation, you should use Photoshop. Photopea is only used to process static images.

About the Author

The author of the website is Ivan (Ivan Kutskir), a 28-year-old handsome guy from Ukraine (again, a successful post-90s).

In 2013, he put the idea of ​​writing an online image processing tool into practice, and the version of PhotoPea 0.1 was launched. Including version 0.1, all subsequent updates of PhotoPea will be recorded on his personal blog.

From the construction of the website to the operation and maintenance, Ivan invested time and energy alone. Later, he started adding advertisements on the page and made a good income.

It is worth noting that even if there is a $9 recharge prompt on the website, this is only the service fee used to clear page advertisements and does not affect the use of all functions.

From the very beginning of the project, Ivan stated that he was not trying to let Photopea replace Photoshop, but to make it easy for more people to use such image editing tools. After all, Photoshop is expensive, but many people actually only use it once a year, or only occasionally use some simple functions.

Ivan’s popularity in the industry is not only because he has compiled such a powerful image editing website, but also because he can quickly realize the needs of netizens on the website, so that he is ” Listed as a legend ” by netizens.

There are also tips on the software: the colorful buttons in the upper right corner correspond from left to right with the basic information of the website, bug submission, simple instructions written by the author, personal blog and social media. If possible, friends can interact with the author and give him valuable opinions.

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