Photoshop is currently the most powerful image editing software. We can often see masterpieces of Photoshop gods from all over the world. Any picture imaginable can be created using Photoshop.

But on the other hand, the heavy installation package of Photoshop squeezes low-configuration computers to run smoothly, and sometimes encounters emergency situations. If Photoshop is not installed in the computer, it will be difficult to move.

Is there no simpler and easier way to solve the problem? The answer is yes! The best solution is to use online image editing tools to replace Photoshop.


This is a well-known online image editing website. The slogan of the main visual part of the website is “Make every moment beautiful.”

In the navigation bar of the homepage of the website, there are 4 shortcuts to the web pages, namely “Pixlr X”, “Pixlr E”, “Pricing”, “Stock of Pixlr”, which are photo editor, simple Photoshop editor, subscription method and material library.

But in addition to these functional pages, Pixlr also has a hidden tool. Scroll down the webpage to the bottom, and you can see a quick entry to Pixlr BG. This is a tool that can directly use AI to recognize and remove the background of the image. Compared with our usual complex matting work, this tool can save us a lot of time.

1. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is an online photo editor on which you can perform simple image beautification.

Click “Open Image” and select a few pictures of this machine to enter the simple editing interface.

The left column is the function switch button. There are 13 in total, corresponding to attributes, arrangement, cropping, adjustment, filters, effects, fluidity, reshaping, drawing, text, adding elements, and adding pictures.

The operation is simple and easy to use, and the response page of the webpage is very fast. After editing, you can click confirm in the lower right corner to save the effect, and click the Save to download the modified picture.

By the way, the cropping function provides a variety of common size modes, including adapting the image size of mainstream websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

There are 12 kinds of filters in the filter function, and the effect intensity of each filter can be adjusted freely.

There are 75 built-in fonts in the add text function, 74 of which are artistic words, which means that we can add text effects to pictures more casual and freer.

2. Pixlr E

If “Pixlr X” can’t satisfy your desire to show off your skills, maybe you can still find the possibility in “Pixlr E”.

“Pixlr E” is a streamlined online Photoshop.

It retains the basic Photoshop image editing tools, and the basic layer functions are also retained on the layer panel.

Click “Create a new” on the left to create a new document. Then you can open the layer panel of Pixlr E. After opening the picture and entering, you can see that it is also a simple editing interface, but the functions are quite rich.

It can be found that “Pixlr E” has more detailed and complete functions than “Pixlr X”, and includes a menu bar, which basically restores the Photoshop interface and functions. The setting and modification of the foreground and background colors are also included in the lower left corner, which is more convenient.

In addition, because it is a simplified version, it has many shortcomings. For example, there are no more sophisticated tools and functions such as pen tools, adjustment layers, and clipping masks. The layer styles are only three effects including glow, shadow and bevel and so on.

3. Stock by Pixlr

In addition to its own Photoshop function, Pixlr also comes with a large amount of materials, in addition to various formats of image materials, as well as font materials, template materials, video materials and 3D materials.

Click Stock by Pixlr at the top to enter the website’s material library. Or you can directly click Browse on the left to select the desired category to browse and download.

For example, we search for the template material about “water”. Write water as a keyword in the search box, and then press Enter to open the material page. The response speed is very fast. And there are many kinds of materials. Select the material you like and click in to view the detailed information of the material.

The website provides two template download formats, AI and PSD. Compared with downloading pictures directly, PSD source files are more convenient for our follow-up operations, and it is also very effective to redesign the materials.

However, the materials in PixLr cannot be downloaded directly, and you need to log in before downloading. Or click “Enjoy wireless download” on the right of the material details page to go to the login page, register with your email, and enter the verification code. You can download directly after logging in.

4. PixLr BG

After introducing the main functions of Pixlr, there is another hidden function. Slide the webpage to the bottom, and you can see a PixLr BG web portal. This is a tool that can remove the background through AI.

Compared with our usual pen cutouts to change the background or quickly choose to change the background, it is much simpler. Click Open Image on the page to load the picture with the background changed, and then wait a few seconds to get the picture with the background removed. Click download on the left to save it automatically.

5. Pricing

There are three ways to subscribe to Pixlr, namely free, premium, and professional. Click the pricing at the top to enter the subscription page. The three subscription methods correspond to three different scopes of use, and you can choose according to your needs.

6. Pixlr on Mobile

Pixlr also has a mobile app with a photo beautification function and multi-image stitching function. In addition to rich retouching functions, there are hundreds of filter modes built-in, all of which are free. Interested friends can download and try by yourselves.

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