In our daily life, do you encounter the following occasions: you want to make a poster to publicize your upcoming party, or there are pets always pee in the lift, and you are going to stick a poster in the lift to call attention to the owners in the lift. Avrually, in our daily life, posters are anywhere. But in the mobile era, the online poster is more and more popular, also, in recent years, many countries start to encourage paperless life.

Poster design is one of the manifestations of visual communication. Through the composition of the layout, people would be attracted in the first time and the instant stimulation is obtained. This requires the designer to complete the picture, text, color, space and other elements. Combine, show the publicity information to people in an appropriate form.

Main categories

Generally speaking, posters can be divided into the following categories in terms of content.

The first one is movie poster. This is a kind of poster used by theaters to announce the name, time, location and content of the movie to be performed. Some of these posters will be accompanied by simple posters to visually draw the main characters in the movie to expand the intensity of publicity.

The second one is that posters for literary and artistic evenings, acrobatics, sports games, etc. These posters are similar to movie posters. Its content is a kind of performance activity that audiences can enjoy immersively. Such posters generally have strong participation. The design of posters is often novel, unique and fascinating.

The third one is the academic report posters. This is a poster for some academic activities. Generally posted in schools or related units. Academic posters are highly targeted. An unprecedented combination of personalized posters Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi, Yi Jianlian Designed and produced by myself, posters with obvious DIY characteristics.

For difference kinds of poster, I would like to recommend some poster maker site for your needs from time to time.

1. Canva

When we open the official website of Canva, we will see a slogan “custom posters made easy with Canva’s poster maker”

When a designer makes a poster, he needs to browse a large number of background image material libraries, such as image material websites, to collect image materials or find inspiration. However, such a design process will be relatively inefficient: on the one hand, the background picture materials are mixed, and it takes a lot of time to screen and screen; on the other hand, the copyright management of these picture material networks is extremely irregular, which adds to the poster design work Copyright risk. Canva cooperates with the top image copyright owners in United States to provide users with a full range of background image material libraries with exquisite pictures. These image materials can be used free of charge for design novices, poster design beginners or design experts.

But how to make a poster in Canva? You can follow the following steps:

Click “Start Designing a Poster”, if you haven’t the account, you have to create it firstly. Then log in. Select your favorite poster template from the template library on the left, or design a brand new poster template from scratch. You can choose your favorite pictures or materials from the image library and material library on the left to decorate. You can also upload design materials from the desktop, and customize your personalized poster.

In the editing area on the right, Canva supports independent editing of almost all elements: you can add or delete modules, edit copywriting and titles, and size the text , Font, color, alignment, etc., you can also add or remove pages, replace background images or colors, etc. Simple drag and drop operations can make your design unique.

After you finish the design, you can convert the carefully made poster to JPG , PNG (support transparent background), standard or high-definition PDF format, save it on your desktop, or share it with others for viewing and editing via email or link; you can also directly output and share online design works to other social media platforms, and let more people see the poster you designed in a faster way.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is also an online poster maker site, and you can directly make posters in the site.

There are thousands of templates in Piktochart, and there are 1000s of royalty-free images. You can just choose from a large library of high-resolution photos that will look as crisp on print as they do on screen – right from within the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can even upload your own images.

If you want to make posters in piktochart, it only takes three simple ways. The first step is getting started fast with poster templates, then make it you own, finally print, share and impress.

Actually, the details about how you make the posters are mostly the same as the process in Canva. Of course, before you using it, you have to create an account, and then sign it. it is completely free to make a poster.

3. Venngage

The perfect poster should be eye-catching and interesting, as well as effectively communicating your important information.

Create a poster easily with Venngage, the steps are as follow.

Join Venngage – it’s completely free to use! You can just create an account and sign out.

Pick a poster template – it have 100s to choose from, and you can choose the template according to your needs

Change the text, icons, photos, and color scheme (if you want to!)

Add extra text boxes or new icons to create the perfect poster

Share your poster with the world!

The above three online free poster maker website can help you make perfect posters.

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