Life is full of unpopular knowledge. Knowing some life trivia facts not only makes our life more convenient but also makes our life more interesting. So today the author has compiled some unpopular knowledge in life for readers, I hope you like it.

1. Stronger Gear Than Weaker Gear Saves Energy in the Washing Machine

Many people have not noticed in their daily lives that during the same long washing time, the motor starts more frequently when the weak gear is working. In other words, using the strong gear actually saves electricity than the weak gear and can extend the life of the washing machine.

Suggestion: Use strong washing when washing clothes daily, the washing water level should be moderate, and the dehydration time should also be shortened. Generally, 2 minutes of dehydration is sufficient for clothes, and 1 minute for nylon products.

2. It Is Unhygienic to Not Cover the Toilet When Flushing

In life, some people flush the toilet immediately after using it. Some experts pointed out: If the toilet lid is opened when flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can carry germs or microorganisms up to 6 meters high in the air, and suspended in the air for several hours, and then fall on the wall, toothbrush, mouthwash cups and towels, thus affecting the environmental hygiene of our lives.

Suggestion: Get in the habit of closing the toilet lid when flushing.

3. Do Not Use Shower Gel Directly on Your Body

When bathing, if you apply shower gel or soap directly on your body, it will easily remain on your skin, which will damage your skin for a long time, and even cause skin irritation and other allergies.

Suggestion: When bathing with shower gel or soap, use a bubbler to foam before applying it to your body.

4. The Cutting Board Must Be Made of Wood.

In daily cooking, when cut raw meat in the plastic cutting board, even if it is thoroughly cleaned, residual bacteria will slowly multiply on the cutting board, which may threaten your health. The wooden cutting board will not, because the wood has a natural bactericidal effect, the material is relatively strong and not easy to crack or fall off, and dirt is not easy to be stuffed in the gaps.

Suggestion: Replace the cutting board at home with a wood cutting board.

5. What Exactly Is the Round Hole in the Stool?

I believe that many readers do not understand the purpose of the small hole in the chair. In fact, this is for the convenience of transportation: if there is no hole in the middle of the chair, it will be difficult to pack it tightly when there are more chairs. At the same time, if the chairs overlap each other, a closed space will be formed between them. Without this hole for ventilation, it is difficult to place the chairs separately in sequence.

6. There Are Bumps on the Keyboard F and J.

Now computers are standard equipment in our daily work. After using the computer for so long, do you find that there are small bumps on the F and J of the computer keyboard. In fact, the small bump on the keyboard is for the convenience of users. With this bump, you do not need to look down at the keyboard all the time. At the same time, you can judge which key of the keyboard your finger push based on the bump, and then place your finger accurately in the right place.

7. Small Ring on the Can

Every time you drink soda, the straw will always float. If you are holding something else in your hand, there is no way to keep pressing the straw. The floating straw will make you unable to use the drink, and this small hole can stabilize the straw. After fixing the straw with this small ring, you no longer have to worry that the straw will float and affect your drinking.

8. Do not eat fruit immediately after a meal.

After eating the main meal, it will take at least two hours for the main meal to be digested from being eaten to your mouth. If you eat fruit immediately after a meal, the fruit you eat will stagnate in your stomach, so that it will ferment in your stomach before it be digested, which may cause bloating.

9. There Is No Connection Between Foam and Cleaning Power.

In daily life, surfactants are used in laundry, bathing, and dishwashing. However, many people do not understand cleaning products. They always think that the larger the foam, the stronger the washing ability. In fact, there is no relationship between these two elements. The main element for removing dirt is surfactant. The foam appears because the surfactant acts will produce it, and it has nothing to do with cleaning power.

10. The Most Exciting Position of the Roller Coaster Is the Last Row, Not the First Row.

When readers are riding the roller coaster, they may want to choose a less exciting position. At this time, you must not sit behind the roller coaster! Because when the roller coaster climbs up a tall slope, the last row is still climbing. At this time, the speed of the roller coaster is not fast. When the last row reaches the top, the roller coaster will go down and accelerate as a whole. Therefore, only the second half is more thrilling in the first row, and it is the last row that really impacts the whole journey from the top and it is the most thrilling.

11. Don’t Give Up Fat in Food.

The fat in food will not all turn into fat on your body. More importantly, the fat in food is essential for the body to maintain normal physiological activities. 25%~35% of the energy you need every day comes from fat. Giving up fat will result in insufficient energy for your normal life.

In conclusion, understand some life trivia facts can help us live better. Except that, there are many life trivia facts in your daily life, you can try to find more knowledge to improve your life health.

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