As we all know, a good application can greatly improve our quality of life. In recent years, there are many novel applications springs up to meet the different needs of different users.

I know that many of you are using the iPhone, and many friends have become its crazy fans because of the smoothness of the IOS system. So in order for everyone to use the iPhone more happily, today I will share with you a few apps that are necessary for iPhone installation. Maybe some of them you have ever used it.

1.    Alto’s Odyssey

This is a game app. Whether you prefer a home console, or you prefer to PC gamer, we can all get together to play mobile games. Maybe most people have downloaded one or two games on your iPhone from the App store, but have you played the very best IOS has to offer?

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to the Alto’s Adventure, which is an endless runner and a snowboarding video game. The game continues the new journey of the “Alto” adventure story. On the game, you will have many amazing experiences, for example, you will run over vines and bounce on hot air balloon, climb towering rock walls, escape the naughty lemurs, and uncover many mysteries in the desert. 

Compared to the predecessor, the sequel Alto’s Odyssey replaced skiing with sandboarding, but it is still continuing its fresh and beautiful painting style and with very soothing and beautiful music. Although there is no big change in the gameplay, I still feel that every scene here is a brand new adventure and a brand new wallpaper.

In this game, players can manipulate travelers wearing scarves to gallop in the vast desert, over rocks, over broken bridges, rushing out of cliffs to make a 720-degree gorgeous turn, bounce on a hot air balloon like a trampoline, or along a slim bunting rope to slide forward. In this game, no one can stop you from moving forward, except yourself.

The term “Odyssey” is often used to describe “an arduous trek and a long and dangerous journey.” In this long but beautiful journey, I hope we can all feel the peace from the depths of our hearts in this game.

2.    Flipboard

Flipboard is a reader that supports Android and iOS operating systems. It integrates content on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and presents its articles to readers in the form of magazine reading.

Open Flipboard, flip over the cover of this “social magazine”, you will first see nine content modules, of which the first two is preset with imported content from Facebook and Twitter. Other modules can be selected from the list or added by themselves. Click on the module further, and an automatically typeset “magazine page” is presented in front of you. This is not only a collection of the essence of related content, but also includes text, photos, videos, and other forms, and the address links and videos are all direct Open state. This kind of real-time “publishing”, automatic content generation, and personalized social media are completely different from the traditional way of electronically converting newspaper and magazine content.

What makes Flipboard unique is its design. A large number of touch operations make it very charming:

1. when you click on an article, and it will “zoom in” to display more content.   

2. Click on a video and it will play within the article.   

3. Click “Get more web content” in the long text, and you will be redirected to the publishing site of the text.   

4. When you import your Facebook friends, their photos and status information will be displayed on the page with exquisite layout.   

5. According to the content you are reading, you can touch to share, bookmark, express likes or retweet.

If you have the habit of reading magazines, Flipboard would be a good choice for you.

3.    Skype

Skype is an instant messaging application that can provide customers with free high-quality call services all over the world and is one of the most popular Internet calls.

It has the functions required by IM, such as video chat, multi-person voice conference, multi-person chat, file transfer, text chat, etc. It can also make domestic and international calls. It pioneered the introduction of P2P technology into voice communications, reducing management costs, and ensuring voice quality.

In addition to being able to make calls to landlines and mobile phones at an affordable price, Skype users can also send text messages to friends at a low price.

Users can easily use Skype to initiate or answer a video call on their mobile phone. If you want to initiate a video call, firstly, you should find the contact you want to call and then click the “Skype Video Call” button in the contact’s contact details tab to initiate the video call. When the user is making a Skype voice call, by clicking the “switch to video” button in the lower right corner of the screen, the user can easily initiate a video call.

If you don’t want to use Facetime to contact wit your friends, maybe Skype is a good choice.

4.    Duolingo

Duolingo is a free language learning platform that “edutains through fun”, turning the process of learning a foreign language into as fun as playing a game.

Duolingo breaks down the process of foreign language learning into different levels, and users can choose according to their own level. After completing a stage of learning, users can get points rewards. Duolingo’s goal is to allow you to fluently listen to one of the 13 languages it supports, and it can even remind you to review your homework in the first place.

In 2014, Duolingo launched its own language test certification for the school. During the test, invigilators can invigorate the test through the phone camera and microphone, and this startup is also providing a learning platform for the entire class.

If you want to learn a new language, you can try the study app.

5.    Spotify

Spotify is a streaming music service platform launched by Daniel Ek in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006. It is the world’s largest streaming music service provider.

Although there are a lot of music service platforms on the market, Spotify has its own features:

The interface is gorgeous. Some people say that Spotify is a variant of iTunes. It’s not too much. Although it has a similar user interface to iTunes and Songbird, compared to these two software, Spotify performs better under Windows, and the response speed of the software in the low-end PC is also very fast.

Song online. Because the artist database is open to users, users can order music at will. (This is also one of the characteristics of Spotify. Few legally authorized online music sites dare to do this.)

Social music features. Spotify not only can submit music listening records to the user’s account but also has a large number of social music attributes. Including playlist creation and sharing, artist radio, music recommendation, Spotify pop charts, music style radio.

The above 5 are practical apps that I would like to recommend to you.

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