Recently, Siwtch is too hot to buy it, why? Because there is a game populared recently, which is called Animal Crossing. I sure that you have heard about it.

On 29, Spetember 2019, Nintendo officially launched the new Switch Lite, and its publishing selling price is $ 199.99. As early as Nintendo DS era, “Nintendo DS Lite” appeared, focusing on the miniaturization and lightweight. “Lite” stands for “light” and “bright”. Switch Lite reuse this suffix and follows these two meanings.

1. Joy-Con Handheld mode Difference

Switch Lite adopts integrated body. The Joy-Con handles on the left and right sides cannot be removed like the original Switch. The TV mode cannot be used because it is dedicated to the palm. It can play all Nitendo switch games, but it is limited by the game that need to use the Joy-Con function (HD vibration, motion sensing IR camera, Joy-Con built-in motion sensor), so the players have to install an external Joy-Con. There is no difference in performance between Switch and Switch Lite. Switch Lite also supports Pro Handle and Sprite Ball Plus.

2. Switch Lite with Configuration of Lit, but Good Texture of Plus

As soon as Switch Lite was released last year, I knew that this was what almost people  wanted, because it almost solved all the complains about Switch in the beginning. First of all, Switch Lite is 10.9 cm and 3.01 cm smaller than Switch in volume. Although it does have few differences between them, but as long as you start to play on Switch Lite, and you will clearly feel the difference between them.

3. The Difference Between Switch and Switch Lite

There are two key points that cause these difference:

The first one is the weight. The weight of Switch is 398g, while the weight of Switch Lite is 275g. the weight difference can be described as “great”. There are many reasons for the weight of Switch. Because Joy-Con is a separate design, the mental structure of the connecting part is a key factor. Even this is the core factor that I think Switch is not suitable for being a handlheld. Because the weight not only determines the time of the game, but also largely determines the posture of the game. The reduced 123g will give you a sense of relief, especially when you are used to the weight of Switch Lite. When you use Switch again, you will feel like holding a brick.

The second one is the touch feeling. After the width and the weight of Switch Lite are reduced, the handle of Switch Lite has been improved to a higher level. However, due to the skin-like material, Switch Lite is more tactile. Although the Switch itself has more texture in appearance, the feel is far less than this skin-friendly material. Especially in summer, the Switch will have a very obvious greasy feeling because of sweating. In addition, the green and yellow color of Switch Lite is also full of personality and vitality.

As mentioned above, even if you don’t enter the game, you can get definite feedback once you start. If you accumulate a certain amount of playing time, you will find the second surprise:

The keystroke experience has improved a lot. The most obvious is the change in key range. I have the feeling of “hard’ button on Switch, while the key range of all buttons in Switch Lite is longer, which makes it feel soft. Because the Switch buttons are replaced by a membrane keyboard, and the surface of the key has a frosted texture, which saves effort. L/R, ZL/ZR and the other buttons have a longer distance, so it can be imagined that it will be better for some FPS games. And even if it’s not FPS, the RPG like the “Astral Treveler” feels more comfortable.

Of course, the most worth mentioning is the return of the Cross Button. Because the cross key on the left of the Switch need to be split, it is made into four separate button, which are very comfortable to press. However, because Switch Lite does not need to be split, it directly returns to the cross button. The cross key is consistent with the touch of the buttons mentioned above. The feeling is so good that even if there is no operation, you can’t help pressing the cross button several times. It’s a pity that if the position of the cross key is slightly offset, it will feel better.

Generally speaking, it is completely different after you use Switch Lite and Switch. The reduction of weight, the replacement of materials, and the return of cross buttons all make Switch Lite feel even better. It has become a game device that you will love to carry with you.

4. The Switch Lite Cons

Of course, the above pros of Switch Lite is the precise of all this that I use the Switch itself directly as a handheld mechine. But if you calm down, the disadvantages of Switch Lite is also obvious.

First of all, you can not take Joy-Con apart. Since the body sense of Switch is competed by Joy-Con, Switch Lite naturally has no sense of body. The lack of these two functions directly rejected a certain number of game types, such as Switch 12, Mario Party and Labo, which were naturally designed for Joy-Con and could not be played. But frankly, it had little effect on someone like me, because these games were not on my purchase list from the beginning. The only game I bought that needed to be split was Just Dance, which I never used again after playing on it with embarrassment for the first time.

The second one is the reduction of screen size. If the difference between the two hardware is obvious, it will be reflected the data, and it will be reduced directly from 6.2 inch to 5.5 inch. But if you’re actually play on it, you won’t even realize it. After the Switch Lite appeared, someone even didn’t notice that the game screen was getting smaller after playing on it.

In fact, the 720p screen was controversial when the Switch was just launched, but it turns out that as long as the game is interesting enough, no one will pay attention to the resolution of the screen. On the contrary, there is no full fit, which affects the view of the game. Unfortunately, Switch Lite is still not fully fitted.

The third one is about the HD vibration, in essence, is a adaptation problem. If Switch Lite is your first series game mechine, you will not feel it obviously. But if you are used to the HD vibration of the Switch, then you really need to spend some time getting used to not having HD vibration.

The fourth cons is that the texture of the sound has a certain reduction. Although it is not mentioned by the official, the external effect of Switch is better than that of Switch Lite , probably due to the orientation of microphone. When I play on it, I always turn up the volume unconsciously. However, since the microphone direction has changed, no dust accumulation is a “reason for this change”

The charging mode of the switch has not changed. It is a USB-C ports, so the accessories purchased by the Switch before can also be used. For example, you bought the Amker mobile phone power supply authorized by Nintendo in the United States at that time. 13400mAn capacity, can be used for more than 10  hours. Inaddition, the 22.5w PD fast charging, Switch Lite can also quickly charge the iPhone while using.

The above are the pros and cons of nintendo switch lite. After looking through this review, you can buy it according to your needs.

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