There are many beautiful and relaxing destinations in the Britain, we can appreciate one of the most marvelous cities-London, or cheer for the soccer match in Liverpool and so on. Except that, we must remember one city which full of romantic sceneries in this great country-Belfast.

1. Film Holy Land

Firstly, people can visit Titanic Belfast. I believe Titanic is a special sign for many people, because many people are moved by the amazing love between Jack and Rose. There is no Jack and Rose, but it can lead visitors into a real Titanic. From this construction, it can help visitors experience the feeling of sink, every moment of Titanic is recorded here, which makes people sigh.

Actually, the director of the movie “Titanic” James Cameron also visited this museum, and praised it at that time: “This building is magnificent and a real Titanic exhibition.” Although Titanic fallen in the sea, people still appreciate this great construction in this museum, and it uses eye-catching reflective aluminum panels to create the feeling of waves and ice which shocks visitors at first glance.

Thanks for the development of the technology, general gateway interfaces, audio, special effects, and “3D caves” have been added to the pavilion, clearly showing the layout of each floor of the Titanic, including the engine compartment to the captain’s bridge, making visitors immersive.

It is worth mentioning that this museum is really a good place for Movie lovers. Most of the interior and exterior scenes in the first season of “Game of Thrones” were shot in the oil painting hall of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, such as Bran’s bedroom and the chamber of the Black Castle, all of these places were all created in this huge film studio. Specially, dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen, the most attractive character in the whole series. Her throne behind her is in the Titanic Museum, visitors can touch this throne if they arrive this museum.

2. Art Palace

People can enjoy the purest art since the Victorian era in the Grand Opera House. This place is one of the best art performance venues in Belfast. From the day when the Grand Theatre was put into use, people flocked to this place to see various operas, plays, musicals, pantomimes, ballets, the latest comedies and musicals in the luxurious opera house. To this day, the place is still crowded, full of tourists coming here. It is a first-class art performance venue in Belfast, Northern Ireland and it located opposite the famous Crown Bar.

This great building was designed by Frank Maccherman, the most famous theater architect at the time, and has been a major part of Belfast city life since it was first opened to the public on December 23, 1895, it becomes one part of Belfast’s culture nowadays.

Except the building exterior Victorian appearance, the interior decoration of the Grand Opera Theater is more luxurious, the theater interior is decorated with red silk and satin, the walls are plated with gold leaf, and there are 1063 audience seats. According to the description of the British Theatre Trust, “The magnificent auditorium of the Belfast Grand Theatre is the best preserved example of Oriental theatre architecture in the UK.” In addition, People can hold weddings here, the historic Grand Opera House will add some historical beauty to the romantic wedding, making the wedding more distinctive.

3. The Myth of the Sealed Giant

After nightfall, look for a bar on the corner of the street and order a cup of Irish coffee that combines the aromas of whiskey and Mandheling. Add a tear to the taste of Northern Ireland. In the dream, Celtic mist was everywhere- This place’s name comes from the distant Celtic mythology.

Visitors can cherish the memory of distant Celtic myths in this place. This place is called “the jewel in the crown of the Antrim coastline”. As volcanic lava overflowed repeatedly to form crystals, the joint action of the water flow along the vertical extension formed a cluster of basalt pillars.

Coupled with the erosion of the waves, the stone pillars are cut off from different heights, forming the unevenness of heights like terraces. In the distance where the sea and the land meet, the sea still sculpts ancient lava products for thousands of years. It has wiped away its sharp edges and corners, but also shaped the direction of the coastline at that moment of ice and fire. Forty thousand regular polygonal basalt columns are distributed on the coastline of the northwest corner of Bushmills. It looks like that nature is really the best architect.

Tourists can reach to destination by three roads respectively, yellow, blue and red, and the difficulty and length of time required increase according to them. The most difficult red line takes about two or three hours. In places with high drops, many people use both hands and feet to climb. The wet stone surface makes it even more difficult, but everyone still enjoys it.

After the journey, do not forget to take part of the Giant’s Causeway home. In the visitor center, there are many “Worry Stones” polished into hexagons from volcanic rocks and some refrigerator stickers. They are smooth and delicate, which is very memorable. Moreover, people can write a wooden postcard and deliver it directly from the postbox at the exit, leaving the postmark of the Giant’s Causeway, which is a good souvenir, too.

4. Declining salmon migration

Driving from downtown Belfast to the North Antrim coast, you will see a large expanse of green plants in the countryside along the way. Wood and stone fences cut off pastoral areas, and white sheep scattered on the ground, all of these sheep enjoy their delicious food and beautiful time.

You can see countless beautiful scenery along the gravel paths where can meander along the coastline. There are related introductions along the road: the cable bridge connecting the landing site and the island was built by fishermen three hundred years ago to catch salmon on the island. The caves formed by the erosion of the sea on the islands provide a natural barrier for fishermen to escape the storm. There are also two coin-operated telescopes on the observation deck, one high and one low. When the sky is clear, people can directly see Scotland at the other end of the sea level.

The more you go forward, the wider your sight becomes. Looking back from the turning point, visitors can see the perfect arc between the white cliffs and scattered islands. The towering cliffs were washed out by the sea with the power of it. In the open wilderness, even the strong wind seemed quiet, and only faintly heard the sharp calls of seagulls hovering for food on the nearby sea.

It took about twenty minutes to reach the cable bridge. The cable bridge is in volley, and under the bridge is a deep cliff nearly a hundred feet high and turbulent blue water. The lava of the ancient volcano solidified and cooled at the exit, and the breccia and basalt were stacked, and under the erosion of the ocean, scattered islands and huge caves were formed. The bridge deck is narrow and only allows one person to pass, and the maximum carrying capacity can only accommodate eight people. When crossing the bridge, the bridge body was swayed by the sea breeze, just like swinging high in the sky, but it is still quite fun for those who are not afraid of heights. It is not allowed to stay too long when crossing the bridge, otherwise people will hear the sharp whistle of the bridge guard.

After crossing the bridge, you have to walk a steep slope. When you head to the bottom of the cliff, you can see the fishing boats parked on the edge of the cliff, the fishing nets hung on wooden poles to dry, and the axles used to lift the fishing boats. A long time ago, salmon catchers sailed from here again and again, and then returned full of loads. It is a pity that Carrizo held its last fishing in the summer of 2002. The catch of 300 fish was the last harvest of humans in this land where salmon once migrated.

The surrounding islands are still fertile ground for seagulls to live and work in peace. These seagulls landed on the cliffs, or docked alone on the reef waiting for an opportunity, or they spread their wings and flew over the heavy waves. In the fishing season of July and August of the previous year, people and the sea, birds and fish all showed the original and surging vitality unique to Northern Ireland, and composing a Celtic ocean song.

5. Medieval journey

Dunluce Castle was built in the 13th century. It is located on a cliff and is connected to the interior by a suspension bridge. It was originally built by the MacQuillan family around 1500 and was later occupied by the MacDonnell family. Finally, under the leadership of the famous warrior chief boy MacDonnell, their family crest was hung on the castle. The legend of Dunluce Castle is that many families who have lived in the castle have abandoned this majestic castle one after another because of the legendary elves living in the castle.

Although the elegance of the year is no longer visible, the legend of the castle is still circulating. According to legend, the castle in “The Chronicles of Narnia” was designed based on Dunluce Castle. At this place, time seems to go back to the Middle Ages, and visitors can enjoy a swim in the Middle Ages.

6. A place to purify the soul

St Anne’s Cathedral, also known as Belfast Cathedral, is located at the focal point of the parish and is the residence of the Irish Church. Located in Donegal Street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Interestingly, although serving two different dioceses at the same time (Conner and Don field and Dromore field), they are not located in these two dioceses. St. Anne’s Church is the state church of Ireland.

This Cathedral was built at the end of the 19th century, after several twists and turns, it was finally completed in the late 20th century. The church’s scale, architecture, stone carvings, and stained glass are all outstanding in Northern Ireland, and it is the most famous and popular church in Belfast. The exquisite stone carvings and painting skills inside the church are quite rare in the British Isles. It is said that many stained glass windows and other building materials from the damaged old churches were transplanted into the current churches. In the outside of the church building, there is a stone stele that has been trapped here since 1899, and the text on it tells the long history of the church.

Strolling to the west side of the church is a quiet memorial garden to mourn the people who died in the First World War in Northern Ireland, People always feel the cruelty of war and the preciousness of peace here.

Of course, This magnificent cathedral has become a must-see for visiting Belfast. No matter its history, size, architectural style, mosaic craftsmanship, stone carvings, etc., it is unique and amazing.

7. World-renowned universities

Queen’s University of Belfast is a world-class research university and a top public research university in Europe. The Queen’s University of Belfast has a long history of teaching and research, with remarkable academic achievements. It is one of the oldest universities in the UK and Ireland.

The iconic building of Queen’s University Belfast is the Lanyon Building, which was built in 1849. It generally adopts the Gothic style of the British royal family. Part of the interior decoration still retains the ancient solemnity more than 100 years ago. In addition, the campus has more than 300 very beautiful buildings. The marble floors, statues, and towers are historic. The greenery plants and red bricks complement each other, make people unconsciously slow down and appreciate it. Visitors can feel the charm of education and culture in this campus.

There is no deny that this was once one of the most restless cities in the world, and sectarian conflicts have been plagued by Northern Ireland. Since the late 1960s, there has been many conflicts between the local Catholics and the Protestant people. However, with 30 years of comfort, Now, Belfast is the city with the lowest crime rate in the UK—-as we all know, the UK is the safest city in Europe. Belfast has developed into a modern and bustling city, and its charming smile no longer contains any tears. Belfast is now a vigorous international metropolis welcoming tourists from all over the world, tourists no longer have to miss this beautiful city because of safety accidents.

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