Solution To The Blue Question Mark Appearing On The Computer Disk And Desktop Icon Of Win10 System

When we upgrade the Windows10 system, we sometimes find that there is a disk in the computer that actually shows a blue question mark. When double-clicking to open it, it prompts:”Inedible and so on”, so what is going on? How should we do it?

Or there are times when we find that the desktop icons and folders suddenly have blue question marks, what’s going on? Next, I will introduce to you detailed methods to solve these two problems.

Why Does A Blue Question Mark Appear On the Computer Disk?

Reason One

The main storage device for storing information in a computer is the hard disk, but the hard disk cannot be used directly. The hard disk must be divided. The divided hard disk area is the disk partition. In traditional disk management, a hard disk is divided into two types of partitions: primary partition and extended partition.

The primary partition is a partition where the operating system can be installed and the computer can be started. Such a partition can be formatted directly, and then the system can be installed to store files directly.

In fact, the disk itself is still a disk, which is just logically divided into several disks, not really separated.. At this time, only one disk has a question mark. First of all, you can be sure that there is no problem with the computer disk.

Reason Two

The disk shows a question mark, and the blue question mark indicates that the system has a problem. It is thought that the computer disk was normal before the system update, but after the update, a blue question mark appeared, indicating that the computer was updated with the system version.

How to Remove the Blue Question Mark from the Computer Disk?

  • Launch the disk interface first, find the Microsoft logo in the lower left corner of the computer, click the logo to open the computer program interface, and find Settings to open the Settings Panel
  • After opening the computer Settings Panel, you should find Update and Security in the Settings Panel. Then click on the settings, you can enter the Update and Security settings panel
  • After entering the Update and Security settings panel, click Windows Update to enter the Details Panel, where the settings will be changed from Devices will restart when idle to Choose restart start time settings. At the later time of the day, if Microsoft fixes the blue question mark patch, the computer will be the first time to update and resolve
  • The next day, when you turn on the computer and find that the previous blue question mark is solved, it indicates that the system update was done that night and the blue question mark problem was solved.
  • If Microsoft does not deal with the related issues in time, I suggest you redo the system and test it practically!
  • The reasons and solutions for the blue question mark on the disk under Windows 10 are introduced here. Friends who encounter similar problems may wish to refer to this tutorial, I believe there will be different surprises.

Why Does A Blue Question Mark Appear on the Desktop Icon?

Microsoft users who use SVN software may cause a blue question mark on the desktop icon.

Or some folders that are hidden may encounter such problems.

What Is SVN?

The full name of SVN is Subversion, which is a version control system. It is the most popular open source version control system. As an open source version control system, Subversion manages data that changes over time. These data are placed in a central repository (Repository). This archive is much like an ordinary file server, but it will remember every file change.

In this way, you can restore the file to the old version, or browse the change history of the file.

Subversion is a general-purpose system that can be used to manage any type of files, including program source code. SVN adopts a client/server system. Various versions of the project are stored on the server. The program developer will first obtain a copy of the latest version of the project from the server and copy it to the machine. Then, on this basis, every A developer can carry out independent development work on his own client, and can submit new code to the server at any time.

Of course, you can also obtain the latest code on the server through an update operation, so as to maintain consistency with the version used by other developers. There are two types of SVN clients, one is Web-based WebSVN, and the other is client software represented by Tortoise SVN.

The former requires the support of a Web server, the latter requires users to install the client locally, and both have free open source software for use. SVN also stores version data in two ways: BDB (a transaction-safe table type) and FSFS (a storage system that does not require a database).

Because the BDB method may lock data when the server is interrupted, the FSFS method is safer.

How to Remove the Blue Question Mark from the Desktop Icon?

Method one

  • Open this PC
  • Click Organization Choose Folder and Search
  • Click item Folder
  • Click Advanced Setup
  • Click Shows hidden file folders and drives 
  • Remove the hook 
  • Click OK
  • Switch to the desktop, we can see a translucent folder named .svn. At this time, we just need to delete it and reboot

Method two

  • Create a new text document, open it and enter the following:

or /r . %%a in (.) do @if exist “%%a\.svn” rd /s /q “%%a\.svn”

  • Save as Bat format. Double click the bat formatted file

If some files still have blue question marks after running the bat file, try to perform the following operations to solve:

  • Press the button Ctrl, button Alt and button Delete at the same time
  • Select Task Manager
  • Click the item Progress Select TSVNCache.exe
  • Click End Process
  • Right-click the mouse to choose Refresh


The above are the reasons and solutions for the blue question mark on the disk and desktop icons in Windows 10 system. I will introduce you here today, friends who encounter similar problems, may wish to refer to this tutorial, I believe there will be different surprises.

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