Sony Xperia 1 II have launched in Hong Kong firstly on 22, May. And it launched a pre-booking in the United States on June. And it’s publishing price is $1199. Compared to previous rumors that Sony Xperia 1 II would be on sale on April, Sony company spend much time on shelves preparing and its price is a little high, making it the most expensive Sony phone ever. How dose it sell so expensively? And is it worth buying?

1. Truly Top Industrail Design and Integration

Compared with the previous generation, Sony Xperia 1 II has significantly improve its integration. It is more shorter, narrower, and thinner. It integrates 4000 Ma batteries, headphone holes and four cameras in a volume of 89213 cubic mm, while the previous generation integrated 3300 Ma cell, three millimeter volume, three cameras and no headphone holes on 98597 cubic millimeter volume.

Previously, the most integrated mobile phone with headphone jack was Sasung Galaxy S10+, which was 7.8 mm thick and 91090 cubic mm in volume.

In other words, the new generation of Sony phones has regained the top industrail design attributes.

2. Much Anticipated Camera

This time the camera is very powerful. The main camera is 12 million pixels with 24mm focal length. The sensor is imx555. The single pixel size reaches 1.8um and the aperture is f1.7. Just looking at these parameters, you can see that this generation of Xperia will greatly improve in night photography. It is worth noting that the main camera returns to 24mm focal length, which is the biggest feature of Sony’s main camera.

3 times long focus to complete the previous disadvantages, the highest 30 times zoom is basically stable. The wide-angle lens has also been greatly upgraded. Although the viewing angle is smaller than before, the single pixel size is much larger, so the image quality has been significantly improved.

Zeiss is not just a design. Black technology is on the lens. In addition to human eye control, a new animal eye control algorithm is added. The photographing part was specially optimized by the camera department, and the video part was also intervened by the imaging team. It seems that the optimization of camera algorithm is better.

Xperia 1 II is also designed with an independent camera shutter key and a two-stage shutter button, which enables the mobile phone to focus automatically by half pressing it to the bottom. At the same time, it can also long press the button to start the camera in standby mode, which is a function that Sony Xperia flagship has always maintained in the past.

3. Fingerprint Identification

In addition, what makes the fans of Sony happy is that the power key integrates the fingerprint identification design or face recognition design has been widely uesd in many mobile phones. There are still many people who are used to the physical fingerprint identification function, eapecially the design integrated into the power button, which can be activated at the touch of a touch. In addition, if you want to close the screen directly, you can also find the power button without moving your fingers.

If you have experienced the button that the Xperia phone doesn’t have the fingerprint identification, then this design return of Xperia 1 II should make you feel very right.

4. Frame

This time, Xperia 1 II’s frame design is more square. From the previous Xperia XZ to the round appearance, Xperia 1 returns to the square design, and the Xperia 1 II returns the border to the square design again. It can be said that the Sony mobile phone will be round and round for a long time will be square again.

The SIM card slot is designed with two out of three combo card slots. As for the parts of the SIM card, I still have a little secret to tell you, but I will tell you when I introduce the system. However, if you want to insert two SIM cards, only 4G+4G dual cards will be available.

5. Xperia 1 II System Interface Introduction

Sony 1 II is already the Android 10 operating system by default, but the main operating interface is similar to that of Xperia phones in the past. For users who are used to previous generations of Xperia mobile phones, the system interface of Xperia 1 II should not be too unfamiliar to you, but let me introduce some important system interface.

In Android 10, the control settings for virtual bar of screen sliding are also provided, which can be adjusted in “system operation mechanism”. Inaddition, in tha past, Sony mobile phones always need to switch on and off again when they plug in and out of the SIM card. This time, it has finally disappeared on Xperia 1 II. This also means that when you change SIM cards on Xperia 1 II in the future, you don’t have to return off the whole system, or switch on the phone again, plug in it again and restart it again.

6. Master Mode

In master mode, it is compatible with BT.2020 and 10bit HDR. In this mode, adaptive startup can be selected. At present, only Sony’s own Movie Master and Netflix are suitable for self starting. Or if you like the color in master mode, you can turn it on all the time. But this will cause another problem, that is , only you can see the color of the photos you took after using the mobile phone PS. Other mobile phone display competely different images, which has the feeling that the picture made on MBP were put into the Win computer.

7. 360 Reality Audio

What I want to say is that you have to use Sony’s Bluetooth headset with hires, which is hard to use Sony player and dedicated tracks to listen. But I found that TIDAL also supports and has a dedicated music liabrary. The official website of TIDAL said that it supports all earphones, but you can costomize it by using Sony’s headphones and Sony headphones connected app. That is to say, the 360 doesn’t need this mobile phone to experience.

8. Conclusion

The birth of Xperia 1 II can be said to restore the confidence of Sony mobile phone for the long silent Sony consumers. Although the launch of the previous generation Xperia 1 has attrated a lot of attention from Sony in the past, the appearance of Sony Xperia 1 II will surely shake your heart even more.

In terms of appearance, founder’s appearance is the symbol of Sony mobile phone in the past. Meanwhile, in terms of hardware integration, the collocation of s869 flagship processor, 4K HDR screen from Bravia technology, and the Cinealta’s professional color matching technology, the return of 3.5mm earphone hole that attaches importance to music, and the first addition of Zeiss lens coating and structure, all of these plug the products of Sony’s various department into this 181g mobile phone.

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