The short video industry are booming in recent years. Especially one type of short videos-Vlog. I dare to say that you must have watched vlog online. There are a lot of vlogger online, they are mainly recording their life by a camera, even by a phone. But there are many phones which is not shookproof, that means many phones’ camera are not shookproof, that’s to say, if you take videos or photoes while walking or running, the videos or the photo would be blurry and can not be seen clearly. So most of vloggers would choose a related professional device to shoot vlog.

Today, I would like to introduce a vlog device-Sony ZV-1 for novices to start their Vlog travel.

1.    Design

Sony ZY-1 positioning vlog shooting, the overall design references MR, is a 1-inch sensor integrated machines, the shell uses magnesium alloy material , and has a smooth frosted feel, which are very suitable for the shooting needs of target users.

From the overall point of view, the front side of the machine is also added with a rubber handle, which improves the grip feeling of the body and prevents the camera from falling off. The size of the camera is 4.5cm x 15cm and the weight is about 294g, which is the weight of a mobile phone, but it is smaller than the mobile phone.

Sony ZV-1 is equipped with a fixed telescopic zoom lens. The lens itself does not support zoom operation. However, there is a special zoom lever on the top of the camera, with the zoom range of 24 to 70mm. The aperture reaches F1.8 to 2.8, which is good for shooting in dark light, and which is enough for vlog shooting.

At the top, the camera has five independent buttons. The shutter and video recording buttons are relatively large, which can be used for shooting smoothly during self shooting. Because the shutter key is combined with the zoom buttom, the switch key is designed seperately beside it.

In addition, C1 depth of field button can realize fast focus switching and save shooting time. MOOE is the shooting mode selection button, which is safer than the traditional dial switch. The hot shoe cover of mechine is located on the left side of the set-top, mainly to avoid the “huge” microphone set in the central position. In general, the control part of the machine is optimized for vlog users, which is more suitable for their users than ordinary Sony RX serie.

There are multi-purpose MI hot shoe cover on the top, which can be connected with many auxiliary shooting devices, such as microphone, flash, etc.

Its built-in 3 microphone is huge, which is not available on Sony RM serie in the past. This design ensures that it can record human voice clearly in noisy outdoor shooting. In other words, the need for external microphones has been greatly reduced. Sony for this new product with a detachable special wind shield, can effectively filter the bottom noise.

Due to the microphone design on the set, it can accurately identify the positive voice even in the noisy outdoor environment (a self-contained wind shield can be installed in the actual shooting to redece the environmental noise)

Sony ZV-1 abandons some buttons on the traditional Sony fuselage, retains and integrates some shooting function buttons, which is convenient for vlog users to operate.

At the back of the fuselage, it retains the main function keys of Sony MR serie, and adds C2 “product display” button, which can focus on the product quickly, and is not easy to get out of focus. Even if the product leave the screen and comes back, which also can focus automatically, which is more suitable for live broadcast and other users.

There is a standard 3.5 mm microphone jack on the side of the fuselage, which can be connected with external microphone. There are also muilt-purpose interface and HDMI inteface. The flipped cover has certain dust-proof and water-proof ability.

Sony ZV-1 battery compartment and card slot adopt integrated design. The battery size is very small, and the battery life is relatively weak. Generally speaking, it is better to carry multiple batteries when shooting videos outside. However, the machine can charged with external power supply, which alleviates the problem of battery endurance to a certain extent.

Sony ZV-1 adopts LCD flip screen, which is folded well at ordinary times. It can not only protect the LCD screen, but also enable vlog users to quickly enter the shooting state. It is a very friendly design. In the outdoor, you can use its flip screen to easily complete the self portrait.

There is a special front recording lamp on front of the fuselage, which is convenient for the user to check and judge whether the recording has started. When self shooting and recording video, the flipped screen can easily check your expression and picture, avoiding the defects of previous product observation.

Because Sony ZY-1 targets vlog users, the machine is also equipped with GP-VPT2BT handle. Although it needs to be purchased separately, it can provide better operation performance when shooing video after installing it. The handle has independent photo and video capture button, depth of field adjustment button and locking lever, which can be used for basic operation in the shooting process to expand the usability of the camera. When shooting ouside, the handle can realize fast focusing and save shooting time.

There are another three buttons beside here, you have to see it on the top of it. Sony ZV-1 is a good device to shoot vlog, because it is easy to operate for novices to shoot vlog, and it is stable even you are walking or running while you taking videos, that’s to say, it is shookproof.

1.    Quick Buttons

Several independent buttons of the machines make it convenient to shoot quickly. Let’s take a look at first.

The first one is the focusing performance. ZV-1 improves the autofocus performance based on the previous generation MR, integrates C2 “product display” function, and can quickly and smoothly transition between face and product, which is very suitable for live users to shoot product introduction videos. C1 fast background virtualization switch, press the button, you can easily select the professional background virtualization effect, or make the scene and background clear. Even you take pictures in the evening, after the camera finished searching in weak light, it can focus accurately on the foreground.

The second one is the anti shake function. ZV-1 can be set with standard enhanced anti shake function, which can provide good stability in moving video shooting and reduce picture jitter. In addition, it can also achieve good stability effect with Bluetooth handle, and obtain high-quality video picture.

The third one is that it supports s-log image profile. ZV-1 supports the shooting and recording of s-log 2, s-log 3 and other configuration files. It can keep the details of highlights better during shooting, and provide more tolerance and flexibility for later color matching, so that users can finally get better image quality. However, for ordinary vlog users, it should not be used.

The fourth one is the multiple creative styles and white balance options. ZV-1 has a variety of creative styles and white balance presets to choose from.

Generally speaking, the advantages of ZV-1 is that it is a good quality product, and it can shoot 4K 30P and HDR video. Also, it has large aperture and built-in ND, finally, it is portable. The only disadvantage about it may be the poor battery life. So if you are a new-come vlogger, and you want to buy a camera device as your daily shooting machine, Sony ZV-1 might be a good choice to you.

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