In recent years, people are more likely to pay attention to anti-sunburn. With the strong sun light, you may not want to open your eyes, and that may cause some traffic accidents.

In recent years, there are more and more people who wear sunglass anywhere and anytime, and it seems that sunglass has become a signal of a fashionable person, but actually, sunglass are used to against sunburn.

So, the sunglass is popular around the world. Maybe you have seen that there are a lot of people who wear sunglass have different color, so what’s the difference between thess colors? Firstly, let’s figure out some commom questions

1. Why Buy Sunglass?

Buying sunglass in addition to for good-looking and anti-glare, the more important role is to protect your eyes from strong sun light. So if you want to buy sunscreen to protect your eyes, I will recommend you buy a pair of sunglass to protect. Because if you do not protect your eyes well, it would cause some dieases. So sunglass has a lot of advantages to protect your eyes, for example, sunglass can prevent your eye skin from aging and little wrinkles, and it also can prevent you from eye lesions, because if you failure to do a good job in eye sunscreen, it would lead to cataract, eye cancer and other eye dieases.

2. Can Your Sunglass Protect Against the Sun Light?

Maybe there are many people who are not willing to spend some time reading some information instruction when they have bought a pair of sunglass.

It is recommended to buy a genuine sunglass in the United States. It has the mark of UV400, which means that 90% to 100% UV can be filtered out (95% for the European standard). It is not recommended to buy sunglass without UV log, which may backfire.

3. Can Your Sunglass Block the Diffuse Light?

There are a lot of people who wear Retro-sunglass like this:

But basically, it is only decorative. If you really want to go out and use sunglass for an protection instead of decoration. The glasses above can not help you. Diffuse light will also flow into your eyes from different direction, causing aging for your eye skin. Pay attention to the fit, check around, do not have too much space with your face.

4. Did You Choose the Right Clolor for Your Sunglass?

As we all know that there are several kind of colors sunglasses, and many girls are more considering “is this suitable for me?’ or “does this color go with my clothes?” when choosing the color of sunglasses. Different colors of sunglasses block different degree of visible light, not UV. So it is also possible that you buy a  big sunglass that don’t block the sun light, and you’re still in a mess.

The recommendation colors are sorted according to the practicality. The black or the grey is better than the green ones, and the green is better than the brown. If you are daily use, the three colors are optional. But do not choose the green one when you are driving, it will be colored. Yellow is more suitable hunting and outdoor activities that need to see things clearly. Most of the blue and purple are used for decoration and do not have sunscreen function.

5. Polarized Glasses or Mirror Glasses?

Polarizer can avoid the glare of irregular light, espeically suitable for driving, fishing and other activities that may encounter reflectors. Compared with other sunglasses, mirror sunglasses can reduce visible light by 10% to 60%, which is suitable for skiing, mountaineering and other outdoor activities with dazzling light.

6. How to Choose the Right Sunglass According to Face Shape?

You can roughly select the shape of sunglasses according to the following method. However, it is still recommended to try them on at the counter, because the size, the shape, the decoration of many people’s faces are not the standard type. For example, if your face is between the round and square, wearing Aviator and Cateye is very ugly, Wayfarer is much better for you to wear.

If you don’t want to go to the counter to have a try, you can also sue the application glasses to simulate and try it on. The effect is pretty good. It will generate a model of your face that can be rotated 180 degrees to use. There are also many brands in the sunglasses library. If you don’t want to buy something particularly expensive, you can try it on at first, and then go to the counter to buy something similar. You can just search for Glasses in app store.

If you are a short-sighted person, in addition to wearing contact lense, you can go to the glass shop to ask optometrist recommended sunglasses to you. Please remember to pay attention to the UV label of sunglasses.

7. 3 Sunglasses Recommendation

Here, I would like to recommed you several sunglasses.

The first one is RayBan. In the sunglasses industry, the brand that is honored and referenced the most focus on sunglasses and optical frames. Sunglasses with frame or polarized light or with colorful coating, no optical lens. So there is no myopia lenses in RayBan. The 3025 and 2140 is the most popular two type, the former is Avator and the latter is Wayfarer. And the 3025 is indeed the most suiable style for the face, basically any face shape can wear it.

The second one is Pilkington. Starting from float glass, it can make almost all glass, car glass, sunglasses, glass curtain wall, etc. The long feature of skin is polarized light. The quality of his polarized glass is better than other products at the same price.

Pilkington’s 30409 can almost match that of RayBan’s 3025. Compared with the green and grey toad mirror of RayBan, the luminous flux of the skin seems to be higher, and 3025 is colder.

The polarizing glass of RapON is also very good, but the comfort of the frame and the fit of the face are quite touching. After all, the leather frame is made of pure titanium, and the texture is perfect. Moreover, the 3025 was not designed for Asians.

The third one is Oakley, the leader of sports glasses brand, the product line width is wide, the depth is long, satisfies each kind of price each kind of demand. When you look at competitions like the U.S. Open in France, many players wear their own mirrors. Within Lux, Oakley’s quality standards are one notch higher than those of luxury brands such as RapON and Bulgari. Oakley is good at professional snow glasses, sunglasses and sports frames. It is also the only sports glasses brand suitable for myopia sunglasses in China. Because of its respect, it has attracted numerous brands to “pay homage” along the way.

Other people as long as according to the principle of selection on the line, the best is to go to the large chain of glasses to buy: there is a clear UV label or instructions, filter 100% UAV and UVB. Don’t buy informal brands. Try it on and pay attention to the fit with the face. It’s worth spending money on sunglasses. The student party should save some money to buy a good one. Don’t buy it on the roadside stalls. Also, in H&M and ZARA, they are basically decorative sunglasses, so choose carefully. It’s much more cost-effective to curb it before light aging than spend hundreds of dollars to make up for later.

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