I believe there are still many people who like to travel. This thing has always had its charm to attract many people. You can have a new understanding of the world, and you can have new friends during travelling. You can throw away your worries and relax completely. Of course you can also travel with your lover or friends. This will definitely be a precious memory, and your relationship will go further.

The author believes that preparation before a trip can affect the quality or your feeling. So, this article will share with you some good things need to be prepared.

1. Travel Bottles

This kind of travel bottle is very necessary to buy, because it can save a large part of your backpack or luggage space. And it won’t make your luggage too heavy. Because they are very small. You can pack some shampoo, shower gel, and makeup remover that girls must use every day. Dear girls, remenber to keep elegant and beautiful every day when you travelling.

Although these travel bottles seem small, they have different types to meet your different needs.

The first type of bottle is very suitable for filling shower gel or shampoo.

The second type is very suitable for foaming facial cleansers.

The third type can be used to pack your toner or clothes cleaner.

2. Pill Box /Small Box

This small box can hold the medicine you need for a few days out. You don’t have to worry about it being lost. It will not become humid. You can even put it in your pocket and take medicine on time.

Of course you can buy such kind of small plastic box to hold your jewelry, such as your earrings or necklaces. The most important thing is that these kinds of boxed are generally very cheap, but it is very uesful.

3. Storage Bag

Will you put your dirty clothes and clean clothes together? Or even put your socks and underwear together. The author certainly thinks this is unacceptable. Therefore, it is recommended that you must prepare this kind of practical and lightweight storage bag to pack all your clothes. You can even choose to buy a vacuum compression bag, It can save more space and make your luggage tidier.

4. Mini Mouthwash

Mouthwash can help us remove bad breath, keep our breath fresh at any time, and relieve toothache. Imagine that when you want to ask a stranger for directions after lunch, your bad mouth smell will keep strangers away from you.

5. Stain Removal Pen

Do you have troubles that your clothes are stained with oil during travel and cannot be cleaned in time? The appearance of the stain removing pen does not seem to be any different from the pen we usually use. The stain removal pen is very small, but the stain removal effect is very perfect. For those who are obsessed with cleanliness, this is too necessary to carry with them.

6. Steam Eye Mask or Sleeping Eye Mask

Steam eye masks are disposable items. When you return to the hotel tiredly. You need to open a steam eye mask. This kind of eye mask would heats up and makes your eyes feel very comfortable. It will also improve your sleep quality. You can use a normal eye mask when you want to sleep daytime, or in a room with poor light protection.

7. Sleeping Earplugs

I think eye masks and earplugs are the best sleeping match. I think eye masks and earplugs are the best sleeping match. Noise can really affect a person’s mood very much. So you must choose a comfortable earplug.

8. Foot Patch

After a day of trekking through the mountains and water, how are your feet? Don’t give up your beautiful trip because your feet hurt. And many of the foot patches on the market now have a little soothing effect. Just stick a foot patch before going to bed at night. You can run wildly again tomorrow.

Hope these good things sharing can help you. Take your luggage and go to travel.

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