With the game making more and more sophisticated, ordinary computer has been unable to run some more excellent games, so the game console has become a very important part of the game. Today, the author will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Sony PS5, the most popular game console, so that you can decide whether to buy this product.

Firstly, the author will claim some advantages for Sony PS5 to you.

Sony Make the PS5 More “Futuristic”

The appearance of PS5 has changed a lot. It is no exaggeration to say that it may be the most breakthrough generation in the design of Sony PS series mainframe.

Looking back on the four generations of PS1 to PS4, although their outlines are still different, they basically follow the upright and strong modeling, and the default styles are mostly black and gray.

In contrast, the PS5 is not only the first time that Sony has adopted the black and white mix and match color, but also the shell curve has changed significantly. It is no longer the pure graphic design of previous generations. For the change of PS5 design style, Sony officially explained the design concept of this product to users. “We want to make something bolder, more elegant and future oriented,” said Jim Ryan, President of Sony SIE, in an interview with CNET. “We want to match the home style of users and make you realize that it is a product that will not appear until the 2020’s. “

Excellent Heat Dissipation

The Sony PS5 is larger than its predecessor, similar to a miniaturized version of a supercomputer. Although the 7nm production process has made a balance between power consumption and heating, the PS5 is still very powerful, which makes it release a lot of heat. Therefore, the larger volume can make the cooling performance of the game console better, so as to help users get a better game experience.

Actually, Microsoft Xbox series X, which uses the same hardware architecture, will adopt the vertical structure similar to an air purifier, which also considers heat dissipation.

No Optical Drive

The benefits of removing the optical drive are obvious. From the comparison of the two versions of PS5, you can see that the no optical drive version can further reduce the thickness of the host, without protruding a piece, and the appearance will be more balanced. In addition, more important is the cost. Compared with the higher price of the game console with optical drive, the game console without optical drive is generally cheaper by $50, which is very attractive to users with less affluent economies.

The design of the dust collecting hole is very excellent, which provides convenience for users to clean the dust of the game console. In addition, the consumable parts that need maintenance, such as the fan need to be removed, cleaned and oiled, are designed to be disassembled without tearing the warranty sticker. This shows that Sony has taken into account the problems that may arise in the long-term use, and the user does not need to consider the disassemble problem in the subsequent use.

Of course, in addition to the advantages of PS5, there are a few disadvantages to this game console.

GPU Is Not Good Enough

As can be seen from the figure below, the biggest gap between PS5 and XSX is SSD and GPU. On the show of picture, the performance of the two game consoles has different excellent values. For example, PS5 is far ahead in SSD performance. With 5.5gb/s (original) and 8-9gb / S (compressed) IO throughput, the 825gb SSD easily beat XSX, which is almost twice of the latter. However, on GPU, XSX’s 12tfops floating-point performance and 52 computing units are much better than PS5.

In fact, No matter how strong the SSD performance of PS5 is, it will only further shorten the loading time of the game which is originally very short. The loading of a scenario from HDD to SSD may be shortened from 20 seconds to 5 seconds, while the high-performance SSD only changes the number of 5 seconds to 3 seconds. For players, this improvement can be ignored.

But the role of GPU is different, for example, Sony launched PS4 pro in 2016, and Microsoft launched Xbox one X in 2017. The floating-point performance of the former is 4.2tflops, and the GPU is about the level of GTX 970, while the floating-point performance of the latter is 6tflops, and the GPU has the level of GTX 1060.

Especially, in the third-party game, the gap between GPU is undoubtedly revealed. When running Red Dead Redemption 2 developed by Rockstar Games Social Club, PS4 Pro can only output 1920 × 2160 pseudo 4K resolution, while Xbox one X can directly output 3840 × 2160 true 4K resolution. Even if you play on a 65 inch 4K TV, which consoles better is very obvious.

Through the previous generation of products, we can estimate the picture performance of third-party games when they are running on XSX and PS5. One is stable at 4K and 60 frames, and the other is reduced to 4K 30 frames for stable operation, which makes players who have purchased endless complaints about the game screen.

Because of that, for the GPU with less excellent Sony PS5, users should carefully consider whether they can accept the less excellent image quality when using it.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the 10.28tflops of PS5 is based on the frequency of 2.23ghz, which means that the GPU overclocking of PS5 is very serious. If it runs back to the normal frequency, the actual floating-point performance of PS5 may be lower, which is 9.2tflops, which means that the host performance gap between PS5 and XSX is larger.

In conclusion, judging from the information published so far, there are many disadvantages to Sony PS5, so if you are not too rich, the author doesn’t recommend buying PS5 at the initial price or even at a higher price. You can wait for the Sony PS5’s improvement in the following times. Even if there is no optimization, readers who like PS5 can buy the game console at a relatively low price.

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