As the saying goes: life lies in exercise, regular exercise will bring you the healthiest and youngest body.

The human body is moving as an organic and unified mechanism. The cardiovascular, respiratory, vascular, endocrine, digestive, urinary and sensory organs coordinate and cooperate with each other under the unified command of the nervous system to promote the development of corresponding skills adaptability in various organs of the human body changes and horizontal coordination between the functions of various organs, resulting in a good health promotion effect.

For women, the benefits of fitness are not only in reducing fat and shaping the system, but also can bring many benefits to the body, especially anaerobic exercise can indeed enhance the body’s cardiopulmonary function and blood circulation, and moderate sweating can also help our facial skin metabolize dirt. And such exercise is a good helper for shaping.

Fat Reduction and Shaping

Weight-enhancing training will strengthen our muscles, and muscles are the second part of the body that stores the largest basal metabolic rate, so as long as the content of muscle increases, the basal metabolic rate can more metabolize your calories, which can make you ‘lose weight without moving”.

Prevent Heart Disease

If you start to exercise from now on, you can strengthen physical exercise, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, enhance the function of cardiopulmonary activity, and make the blood vessel oxygen supply rate reach a high level. Basically, you can stay away from heart disease and cardiovascular disease step by step in advance.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Women go through menopause in middle age, so the incidence of osteoporosis is higher than that of men. If women pay attention to fitness training when they are young, they will increase bone density, strengthen bones, and avoid bone disease from an early age, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis and keep women away from the limited troubles in activities after middle age.

Skin Gets Better

Fitness wicks sweat, and sweat is released through sweat gland pores. This helps to remove dust from sweat gland pores, remove greasy, dead skin and bacteria, make pores cleaner and skin smoother.

Fitness Exercise Improves Respiratory System Function

Fitness exercises promote the development of respiratory muscles: the main manifestations are the hypertrophy of the ventilator and the increase of lung capacity.The residual gas in the alveoli after each exhalation is significantly reduced.

 Fitness exercise improves the gas exchange efficiency of the alveoli: Fitness exercise increases the depth and frequency of breathing, increases the breath exchange

pressure difference between the alveolar wall and the capillary blood around the alveoli, and improves the breath exchange efficiency.

The mechanism of fitness exercise to deepen and speed up breathing:

  • Exercise stimulates proprioceptors, and reflexively makes blood deepen and speed up.
  • The increase of metabolites during exercise can stimulate the central and peripheral chemoreceptors, and also induce a further increase in breathing.
  • Exercise causes the body temperature to rise, and the body temperature regulation mechanism increases the breath exchange, thereby regulating body temperature.

Exercise Can Improve Hair Health and Promote Hair Growth

Exercise can promote circulation, and faster blood flow is beneficial to the hair follicles. “Just like with the skin, the blood nourishes the cells and hair follicles during exercise, and delivers the basic nutrients and oxygen necessary for healthy hair growth,” said Dr. Mariwala. This is why people who have lost their hair are recommended for scalp massage. Exercise can also help reduce DHT, a hormone that prevents hair growth, and it can also reduce cortisol levels. Studies have shown that high levels of cortisol can cause crests or hair loss.

Exercise Can Delay the Generation of Wrinkles

Our skin is composed of two kinds of proteins: collagen and elastin, which keep the skin young. As we grow old, many factors including sun exposure, oxidative stress, and natural aging can cause collagen and elastin to degenerate. A study at Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark found that sustained exercise can promote the production of collagen and elastin and increase the thickness of the skin. The thinner the skin, the more prone to wrinkles. Because exercise can promote the production of these proteins, the skin can better retain moisture, get better protection, and is more resistant to wrinkles and prevent skin diseases.

Exercise Can Cheer Up the Spirit and Increase Self-Confidence

A lot of research proves that people who are less depressed and more confident often feel more moving. The Mayo Clinic explained that exercise is a mood aerator, because exercise can release endorphins, reduce our stress, increase our self-confidence, and help improve happiness. Research tells us that only 20 minutes of regular exercise can promote the secretion of endorphins.

Exercise Can Help to Have a “Beauty Sleep”

Many studies have shown that exercise can make you sleep longer and have more

rest. In addition to the obvious reasons for fatigue (work out after exercise), Dr. Sean Tarbert, author of “The Way of Metabolism,” explained that exercise can reduce the cortisol in our body that hinders sleep. Because cortisol is a “fight or flight” type hormone, it will put our body in a highly stressed state, so that we are ready for a fight or escape, but it is not conducive to sleep. But the same cortisol can indeed help us exercise. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that exercise should be scheduled at least 3 hours before going to bed so that it will not affect healthy sleep.

Exercise Can Make Smiles More Sexier

A study by a British university found that human teeth are equivalent to the tail of a peacock,also considered a weapon for attracting heterosexual partners. The Journal of the American Dental Association reported that researchers have found that people who participate in exercise and have good eating habits are 40% less likely to have periodontitis or gum disease. Another study by Jordan University of Science and Technology proved that people who exercise regularly have better oral health than those who don’t. The reason may be that it is easier to deliver necessary nutrients to the teeth and gums after the circulation is enhanced.

Well, fitness does have the effect of making you become more and more beautiful, but we must also pay attention to the following two points during exercise, otherwise it is easy to be self-defeating.

  • It is necessary to avoid excessive exercise with super high intensity

Daily exercise is better but moderate exercise is beneficial, Dr. Mariwala warns that more extreme training is not necessarily better — and in many cases it will promote premature aging. “Look at the body of a professional athlete after retirement, and you will know.” She opposes sports such as ultra-long distance running or heavy lifting. “If the subcutaneous fat is reduced due to excessive exercise and weight loss, the cheeks and under the eyes will be sunken, making people look thinner and older. Too much strength training can also exacerbate symptoms such as varicose veins and rosacea.”

  • Beware of other factors that destroy beauty when exercising

In most outdoor sports, various environmental factors, including the damage to the skin caused by the sun, will promote the appearance of aging. Dr. Mariwala recommends applying sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 and suitable for exercisers and those who are not afraid of sweating. “Wear another hat,” Dr. Mariwala said. “There are also sunglasses with double UV protection.” When swimming, Dr. Mariwala recommends that you wear swimming goggles and a swimming cap, and wash your skin and hair immediately afterwards. To avoid dryness and other symptoms related to chemicals in the pool.

Women’s regular fitness exercise can not only prevent disease invasion, but also keep fit, lose weight , when summer season of showing your muscles arrives, hurry up to join the fitness team to get rid of your love-handles.

A person, especially a female radiant with beauty and full of life, has all favor granted by God. They have minds and souls as well as hearts, they’ve got ambition and talent as well as health. Only those who enjoy fitness exuberance enough to retain self-confidence and pursue pioneering work and keep on workout every day to keep fit and healthy,they are unique in their qualities and their charm and grace will remain, can have a chance of gaining their luminous summits in life.

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