Powerbeats Pro is a headset launched by beats. Its wearing is wireless, the connection type is also wireless, and the gross weight of the product is 380g. I like this powerbeats pro wireless product.

1. Put it on and you will find that this is a new product

The main body of Powerbeats Pro looks like a trimmed version of the previous Powerbeats. The appearance is still an in-ear design with earhooks, and the “b” logo is low-key but still eye-catching.

Although it does not seem to have changed much, the body of this pair of headphones has actually been improved a lot. First, it is smaller and lighter. The official figures are 13% reduction in volume and 17% reduction in weight.

The weight loss of the earphones is not obvious on the hands, but the changes can be clearly felt after the ears. In addition, both the earhook and the cavity have been redesigned. And all these seemingly insignificant changes are actually to improve wearing comfort.

Regarding the feeling of wearing Powerbeats Pro, everyone’s feelings are different, so the evaluation is various, but the overall trend is still positive. In addition, I also combined their evaluations with the opinions I got after wearing them for a long time, and summarized: First of all, in sports headphones, the wearing feeling of Powerbeats Pro is really excellent.

The shape and material of the earhook have been improved. You will not feel uncomfortable wearing it for a short time (half an hour to an hour), but after a long time, you will begin to feel the pressure of the earhook on your ears. So this headset can last two hours at most.

Because of the design of the air guide hole, there will be no problem of unbalanced ear pressure common in in-ear headphones.

Glasses users are actually quite friendly, as long as they are not particularly thick temples, ear hooks and temples can coexist harmoniously.

  • Improve athletic performance

In the training of runners, aerobic running accounts for a very large proportion. Whether you are an elite player or a junior player who just started running, there will always be a lot of aerobic running as a basis for each stage of training, and this kind of comfortable running and music is simply a perfect match, so it is highly recommended when your training plan is an easy run or long distance jogging (LSD), please wear your Powerbeats Pro and go out together, this training will become easier.

So besides listening to songs, what else can you do? Our recommendations are:

  • “NRC and NTC voice guidance”

One of the biggest problems with the voice guidance of NRC and NTC amateur runners is that the conditions are limited and it is difficult to get professional guidance voice guidance. To some extent, it is a better solution. You can have a try in a certain running training. Open a certain voice guidance training class in NRC, and listen to the coach’s guidance on headphones. Follow the training plan to complete this run. This time will be more rewarding than listening to the song.

  • Usage scenario

Due to the excellent sound insulation effect of Powerbeats Pro, it is recommended that runners use headphones in closed or semi-enclosed places.

For example, the school playground or the park near home and a gym or treadmill studio are highly recommended places where you can enjoy using it.

  • Adaptation equipment

In response to the needs of different runners, we used iPhone 6s, iPhone X, Garmin 945 and Apple Watch S4 as connected devices for testing. Of course, the degree of support of Apple’s own products is not to be said. Powerboats pro wireless is very good in connection speed and stability.

  • Precautions

In the process of using, there are several points to note:

In order to avoid irreversible hearing damage, please control the use volume within 75%, and at the same time, control the use time not to exceed 1 hour each time. Do not cause hearing damage or even hearing loss due to long-term listening. Therefore, I did not respond to powerbeats pro wireless on the playback ability of the player, because we are humans, not machines.

2. Reasons to buy Powerbeats:

  • Solved the biggest pain point of the airpods pro series for me: I can’t wear airpods in my ears! When Powerbeats Pro vs Airpods, I found there is no way for me to use them normally. So my airpods were given to my wife after I bought them. But the way of wearing Powerbeats pro completely solves this problem. After wearing it, it is very stable and there is no need to worry about falling. In addition, after I wear ordinary metal thin-leg glasses, wearing Powerbeats pro has no effect at all. So when Powerbeats Pro vs Airpods, powerbeats pro won.
  • Familiar operation and “Hey, Siri”.
  • Long-lasting battery life, you don’t need to worry too much about the battery when you go out. I don’t usually bring a box. You can put it in a gym bag for your scenario, of course, I don’t think you will continue to exercise for 9 hours at a time.
  • Affordable price, this price is just affordable, so I bought it.

3. Summary

Hope that Powerbeats Pro not only allows you to “let go of performance”, but also become your training partner, witness every step of your hard work, and help you become a better runner. This powerbeats pro wireless product is really very good.

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