These 3 Computer Games, Let Your Low Configuration Computer Also Can Play

Do you like to play some fascinating computer games in your life, but because the computer configuration is too low, you can only often give up your hobbies. As a computer game enthusiast, today the author will recommend some computer games do not need the high computer configuration requirements, and very attractive games, quickly write down, and download these games, for the future leisure time to bring more fun.

Prison Architect

In this game, what you need to do is take good care of every prisoner’s living, food and other necessary requirements of life; let the prisoners become not to fight and maintain good public order.

This means that you need to meet many of the prisoners’ demands, such as big houses, comfortable bath, good ventilation, some delicious food, mental needs, etc. if you do not do that well, the inmates will riot and run away.

In addition, there are many special settings in the game, such as the settings of gangs and traitors, which also make the game more realistic. Paying attention to these people can make your prison safer. By taking care of these prisoners, players will get the development funds provided by the government in the game, so that they can hire more employees to continue to expand the prison, so as to achieve a virtuous circle and make your prison bigger and bigger. What’s more interesting is that you can decide whether to consider the feelings of the prisoners in each prison according to your preferences.

This will also make your prison very safe and secure government funding for development.

There is also a very amusing mode in the game. In this game mode, you can play the prisoner, try to escape from prison, and experience the feeling of being the protagonist of the American movie named Prison Break. ——This game mode should be very attractive to Prison Break fans.

This game has almost no configuration requirements in today’s computers, with a capacity of only 300MB, a dual core CPU of more than 2.4GHz, a video card of NVIDIA 8600 / radon equivalent or above, and supports Windows XP and Mac OS computer systems.

Mount & Blade

In fact, Mount & Blade 2 has been released, but generation 2 is still in its infancy, the makers are still constantly modifying it, and the computer configuration requirements of generation 2 are very high. So today, the author introduces the warband version of Mount & Blade, which is also known as one of the miracles in the history of computer games. This game has been sold in 2008, and still has a very high popularity today.

This game is close to the real battlefield. Although the combat scale in the game is no more than hundreds, but in the battlefield of Mount & Blade, each character has its own action logic and collision model. Players can command the cavalry, infantry, and crossbow players to move forward, form an array, and defend.

Because of these operations that the game appears very real. For example, the infantry who disrupt the formation will be very vulnerable, because the high speed of the cavalry brings the initiative of the battlefield, and the cavalry can easily kill the infantry in the chaos.

Moreover, Because the cavalry is riding on a horse, when the cavalry attacks the infantry, it is the head, which belongs to the vital part. And infantry attack cavalry, it is the leg, is not the key part. So even if the cavalry is riding on the horse in one place and attacking each other with infantry, it is also dominant.

Except that, In this game, different weapons do different damage. Chopping is very destructive to light armor targets, but if you go to battle with your sword, you will find yourself in an awkward situation when facing people in plate armor. But blunt attack is different. When the opponent is light armor, the advantage may not be obvious, but when the opponent is wearing heavy armor, it can cause very large damage. Puncture is between the two, the injury is more balanced.

Mount & Blade is a very good game. The author thinks that there is no game that can provide war experience beyond it. Therefore, you are worth trying. Since the game has been on sale in 2008, the author believes that any computer can operate it, so author will not list the configuration requirements of this game.


The use of conveyor belt is very important in this game. Players can judge by the number of resources on the conveyor belt. Before the development of logistics robots, players can easily find out which link in the production process has problems and optimize them in time. The complex logistics system can let players constantly explore and have fun from it. With the expansion of the scale of the factory, the constantly optimized material delivery mode also makes the game content constantly change, which will not make players feel bored.

Players also need to decide how to develop their own factories, such as how to use several simple basic resources: stone, iron, coal, copper, oil and uranium, to develop their own factories. From the original manual processing to automatic production and robot laying, the collection and production of each kind of material are closely linked. Finally, through the player’s factory, beat the enemy and launch rockets to enter the next round.

The minimum configuration requirements of this game are dual core 3GHz +, 4GB memory, and the game capacity is only 1GB.

In conclusion, all of these 3 computer games do not need too high computer configuration, and very playable, you can download them and start your playing travel.

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