Before talking about this issue, I must first understand the relevant knowledge about face recognition. There are already many application scenarios for face recognition around us. Here are a few typical application scenarios:

1. Such as the all-in-one machine in the service hall of the bank, which can do live body detection.

2. Mobile payment can be paid by swiping face.

3. Recognition of holding ID photo.

4. There is also Apple’s smart album, which can be classified according to characters. And the special effects of the beauty camera and so on.

From a technical perspective, face recognition has different subdivisions:

Face detection has appeared on the camera a long time ago, it can help the focus of portrait photos; Face comparison, such as the classification of photos in smart albums. The identification of attributes includes attributes such as gender, age, and emotion. Microsoft engineers once used cognitive services to make an application for measuring age, which was quickly spread on the Internet.

There is also face search, which matches the picture from the door control or surveillance video with the photos in the database to confirm relevant information.

There is also feature point positioning to find out the feature points on the face such as eyes, ears, nose and mouth. We use a very simple diagram to show the composition of the system including end cloud and data. The terminal is an intelligent terminal, which is responsible for data collection such as images and videos, as well as some preprocessing; the cloud is a cloud server responsible for system tasks such as computing and storage networks; the number is data and models, including raw image data, labeled data for supervised learning, the trained data model and so on.

Incidentally, the deployment methods for different application systems will be different. Data can be placed on the end or on the cloud. The advantage of placing it on the end is that it can be used without a network. The disadvantage is that it takes up storage space in the end. The cloud is just the opposite. For example, Siri’s voice recognition model is placed on the cloud, and the phone is useless when it is in airplane mode.

Here are the technical principles:

In the face recognition problem, x is an image. Of course, the storage method of the image in the computer is the pixel matrix of the image corresponding to the digital matrix, such as 1024×768, etc., and each pixel is a numerical value to represent RGB or black, white and gray, different The digital matrix corresponding to the image of is different, but the value distribution will show certain characteristics, such as human face and facial features, no matter where it appears in the image, the corresponding value will have a certain law.

How to Choose a Good Face Recognition Solution?

Face recognition is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. Use a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and track human faces in the images, and then perform a series of related technologies on the detected faces, usually called face recognition, face recognition. The broad sense of face recognition actually includes a series of related technologies for building a face recognition system, including face image collection, face positioning, face recognition preprocessing, identity confirmation, and identity search, etc.; while the narrow sense of face recognition specifically refers to A technology or system that uses human faces to confirm or find identity. The biological characteristics studied by the biometric recognition technology include face, fingerprint, palm print, iris, retina, voice (voice), body shape, personal habits (such as keyboard strength and frequency, signature), etc., and the corresponding recognition technology Human face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, voice recognition (voice recognition can be used for identity recognition, and can also be used for verbal content recognition, only the former belongs to biometric recognition technology), body shape recognition , Keystroke recognition, signature recognition, etc.

How to Crack Face Recognition?

  1. Inject the application to bypass the live detection: tamper with the program by injecting the application. During the injection process, he first places a breakpoint in the program, triggers the breakpoint by continuously demonstrating the face recognition process, and then analyzes and modifies it The value stored in the program, thereby bypassing the so-called live body detection function, and using a static photo can pass face recognition to achieve the final effect of bypassing the live body detection.

 2. The video attack bypasses the live detection: only need to install a mobile phone software that can make face photos into videos, and then find a positive photo of the other party in the circle of friends, personal space, etc., and enter it into the software to make it When he speaks, the so-called live detection is self-defeating.

 3. Three-dimensional modeling bypasses cloud detection: through the software downloaded on the Internet to make 3D modeling, referring to the facial features in the photo, the corresponding 3D modeling image is made in a short time, face detection software The comparison results show that the similarities between the two models produced in a short time and the original photos are as high as 73.17% and 86.71%, respectively, and can be used to crack general face recognition.

Then game players want to manage children’s playing time, how to hide and seek with face recognition? Please pay attention to the following operating procedures:


     Reading carefully:1 /3 How to remove face recognition? Face recognition can be rejected directly, that is, turn off the prompt without filling in the information (face recognition has two steps, the first step is to let the player fill in the ID and name, and the second step is the face). Players will be directly assigned to the health system of 12 years old and below, which means they can play for one hour at most a day.

2 /3 This is impossible if the player wants to avoid face recognition and avoid being addicted by the \”health system\”, because the mandatory real name and face recognition upgraded now are all connected to the public security. All of is fake, you can only try the following method:

3 /3. Buy an account that has passed face recognition, because the current test situation face recognition does not need to be verified every time you log in. After passing it, you will not jump out again, but there are risks. The official may occasionally conduct random checks to solve this problem. Face recognition has been performed by the player. Because you can fill in the real-name information again before face recognition, even the purchased number can be changed to the real-name information, so when filling in, try to write yourself or your friends to ensure that the \”person\” found by face recognition is not recommended for 60 years old .The above real names are considered to be the focus of investigation.

Okay, now you understand this popular science knowledge, so set it up on your phone!

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