Now online shopping has become the mainstream of people’s shopping methods, and people can buy a variety of goods on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. At the same time, technology does not stop one place, there are a lot of changes in VR & AR shopping in the cloud era.

Since the advent of VR, it is very popular in daily life. VR technology can give people an immersive experience, making people quite amazing in the VR panoramic world. With the continuous development of VR, the naked-eye VR panorama has matured. First of all, we have to understand the usability of the panorama, we can enter the panoramic world through the network to enter the merchants and enterprises to watch the product immersively. While appreciating, sellers can also add music commentary in the panoramic view, making people immersed in appreciation and understanding without being boring, and businesses can also more intuitively show the advantages and characteristics of the products to users.

When you shopping in the traditional ways, such as amazon, these platforms always use some static flat pictures and dynamic videos to show their products, a huge disadvantage of these methods is the lack of interactivity and the inability to make viewers feel involved. Therefore, the effect of such display and publicity is naturally inferior to the 360-degree panoramic virtual reality representation with a sense of immersion and participation.

Of course, there are a lot of physical stores to show products to customers in modern society, people can know about products that they interest in. After they choose the products which they want, then they can buy it online. However, this method will increase the economic burden of the seller, because the seller needs to pay more rent and labor costs for the physical store. It means sellers only choose to increase products price, and customers need to pay more money for the same products.

Except that, if sellers choose to sell their products through VR & AR technology, Sellers can post VR videos of the products to social software, so that you can watch the products you are interested in immersively on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere, which is more convenient and faster than experiencing them in physical stores one by one.

In addition, some special kinds of products will be sold better if the seller chooses to sell it through VR & AR shopping in the cloud era. For example, Kitchen appliances, because kitchen appliances are one of the most experienced categories.

In the sale of kitchen appliances, the use of virtual reality VR technology appears to be more meaningful. It can vividly present all kinds of ordinary kitchen appliances in front of everyone’s eyes: the working principle and manufacturing process of product manufacturing, and the advantages of product features. For example, the immersive effects of hood products that quickly eliminate oily fume, the cooking experience of high-fire stoves, and the interaction with the product. It also includes the simple and stylish design of different types of kitchen appliances and the appliances of different shapes adapted to kitchens of different sizes.

In fact, not only the kitchen appliances, but also in real estate, the application of VR technology also allows readers to purchase houses more conveniently and decorate the rooms as they please. When the buyer wears a VR helmet, it is like standing in a real model room. Customer can use the control handle “enter” each room freely: bedroom, kitchen, living room, hygiene, feel the changes in space, light, day and night, etc., and can also be replaced for home decoration, you can design and adjust the decoration style and furniture configuration as you like to enjoy the warmth of the future family.

If you want to buy a new car or want to change some facilities in your car, you can use VR & AR to know your car, too. In the AR market of Apple’s AR Kit and Google’s AR core, there are already many developers who enhance AR technology to apply AR technology to the automotive retail field. For example, not long ago, related personnel have used its tools in the preview version of AR Kit to make a 3D rendering model of a Mercedes-Benz car, which is equipped with interactive interior space and the function of viewing the model from different angles. Recently, Mitsubishi Electric also launched the concept car EMIRAI4, which also uses AR technology to help car owners drive and operate the vehicle more safely, while also allowing car owners to understand the vehicle’s internal information and visual experience more intuitively. Through these developments of VR & AR technology, you do not need to send your car to repair shop to know what you need to change in car facilities anymore. It will save your money and time.

In conclusion, VR & AR shopping is a rising force that cannot be ignored in the market, and new retail is also upgrading to higher technologies such as AR. Some people think that the rapid development of technology is not suitable for all traditional industries, but in fact, the application of VR & AR technology in shopping can bring consumers a new consumption experience. The author believes that no matter how technology changes, it is an unchanging law to create better consumption scenarios for consumers and improve consumer shopping experience. Therefore, VR & AR technology will have a huge impact on shopping in the cloud era. In the future, perhaps the use of VR & AR shopping in the cloud era will like Amazon today, including all the products you need in your life, not just some special kinds of products.

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