In all of Apple’s products, the Apple Watch is also a young product. Now the latest Apple Watch is Series 5. Its first-generation products were only released in 2015, when the iPhone 6S became popular. But in just a few years, Apple has completed the transformation of the Apple Watch from a luxury product to today’s “practical wearable smart device.”

It used to be more of a geek product for digital enthusiasts, but now it is a consumer electronics for everyone. However, it is not an essential electronic for everyone, so there’s no particularly detailed Apple Watch buying guide on the web.

In this article, I’ll clearly introduce what Apple Watch can do today, so you can make decisions about whether you need to buy it.

What can you do with the Apple Watch? The answer to this question is that Apple has made important changes in these generations of products. At the beginning, Apple wanted the Apple Watch to be a technology product with a distinctly stylish feel. There’s even a dedicated Apple Watch store. Fashion generally means luxury, so the Apple Watch can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But it turns out that such a market is still relatively niche. In recent generations of Apple Watch has focused on health and fitness, adding a lot of useful features to the Apple Watch. Coupled with its increasingly mature hardware design, the Apple Watch has made the transition from an ornament to a real item. Overall, there are three things apple Watches can do.

Get Fit and Stay Healthy

The people I’ve met who use the Apple Watch most often are definitely sports enthusiasts. That’s why the Apple Watch makes this generation like it so much.

The Apple Watch has a lot of sensors on its hardware, so you can get your exercise data efficiently in motion. And on the software, in addition to the own system software, there are many third-party software can let you have a more intuitive understanding of your own motion state.

Let’s start by explaining why the Apple Watch is used for motion monitoring. Because a lot of people think these things can be done on mobile phones. But in fact, as long as you have a certain amount of sports experience, you will know that mobile phones in the process of sports is a very big burden, especially in the summer, carrying mobile phones is very troublesome.

Because the watch is worn on the wrist, it can greatly reduce the burden. This is why so many motion detection products are watches or bracelets.

The Apple Watch monitors almost all mainstream sports. Automatic detection is also added to the Apple Watch Series 4. And thanks to the Apple Watch’s extremely waterproof properties, you can monitor your movements while swimming. It’s not just your energy consumption or speed, it can also detect your swimming posture.

Of course, the most common sport is running. The current Apple Watch’s battery life has improved substantially to ensure you run the entire marathon. When I chat with some of the veteran runners, many people like the Apple Watch’s ability to give timely feedback on how well they’re running, including speed, heart rate, and more, to better adjust their movement.

Mainstream indoor sports, such as yoga, can also work with Apple Watch to find out how many calories you burn. And thanks to the Apple Watch’s better sensors, it also has deeper features. For example, when we do some exercises or a specific posture training, some third-party software can even work with apple Watch to monitor whether your movements are standard. This allows some online fitness apps to better help you get fit and avoid the wrong movements to reduce your athletic performance.

Overall, if you’re a sports fitness enthusiast, an Apple Watch will give you a better understanding of your body’s athletic condition and help you train more scientifically.

On the other hand, the feature of staying health needs to be said. After all, not everyone is a fitness guru. Because the Apple Watch is a wearable device, you can detect your body metrics while you’re wearing it.

There’s a heart rate notification feature on the Apple Watch. You can set a normal heart rate value and notify you in a timely manner when something goes wrong with your heart rate value. Don’t look down on this feature, the heart rate can reflect your physical condition to a large extent, and thanks to the timely notification of the Apple Watch, many lives have been saved.

In the Apple Watch Series 4, a fall detection feature is added. It’s a great feature for some older people. Due to the decline in physical function, accidents often occur. And this fall often puts life in danger.

Apple Watch has introduced a fall detection that asks if you fall and needs help if you accidentally fall. Most importantly, if you don’t respond to an Apple Watch query after a fall for a while, Apple Watch will automatically send SOS information to your emergency contact. This prevents users with excessive falls from missing out on the best time to treat them.

Interestingly, the Apple Watch’s fall monitoring algorithm is so precise that if you pretend to fall, you can barely trigger it.

The most interesting thing is the exercise feature on the Apple Watch. There are three main items: exercise time, calories and standing time. Tell you clearly about today’s mission goals through a progress ring.

Exercise time and calorie count are easy to understand, and you can set your own goals. It is worth mentioning the standing time. It requires you to stand for one minute per hour. Mainly because we now sit in the office for several hours, accumulated a lot of chronic diseases, such as cervical vertebral disease.

If you achieve all three goals, you’ll have a cool ring-lock-up feature. Of course, these features are just an aid, and even if you don’t have a closed loop, there’s nothing to lose. But the ring’s incentive system does make us aware of our physical condition. And you can invite your friends to participate in the event, so you can see your friend’s movements in time, and even start a contest.

Of course, sports and music are inseparable. If you buy a Wi-Fi version of the Apple Watch, you can store your music. If it’s a cellular version, you can listen to music and podcasts directly online. The Apple Watch works with AirPods to deliver a better music experience during sports.

 Get Rid of the Dependence on the Phone.

The importance of mobile phones to the lives of each of us need not be emphasized. It is because of this that we have become very dependent on mobile phones. On iOS devices, there is a feature that shows screen usage time. We can clearly know the degree of our dependence on mobile phones.

For example, I use my cell phone for more than 6 hours a day and pick it up more than 120 times a day. I pick up my phone every 5 minutes and receive notifications up to 150 times. That’s when I spend a lot of time using iPad. You can check out your usage time right now.

The important thing is that I’ve wasted a lot of time. For example, when I receive a notification, I turn on my phone to watch the notification and then drop in the gossip on social media. As for the all Apple Watch’s benefits, that’s what like most.

On the one hand, the Apple Watch can use a cellular network. More and more carriers are supporting virtual Sim cards. When the Apple Watch is separated from your iPhone, you can also make phone calls and receive text messages. As a result, the Apple Watch can also be used in some extremely inconvenient situations. For example, now you can go to the pool without your phone, because with the Apple Watch cellular version you won’t miss the call in the pool.

VAnd this allows you to have an extra emergency option when your phone is out of power. At the same time, with more and more software’ increasing, you’ll have a great experience on the Apple Watch.

That means the Apple Watch, like an iPad, is an extension of the iPhone. But the watch will have more use scenes in the future scene age.

Reminders is a good scenario. For example, my memory is so poor that it’s easy to forget what else I haven’t done. I usually write a list of agents in my cell phone memos. Therefore, I often have to turn on my phone to see what I haven’t done. The result is that after seeing what to do, I cannot help to browsing social media…

The new generation of Apple Watch has a larger dial, so more information can be displayed. In addition to some basic functions, such as time, weather, and calendar, it can accommodate your daily schedule.

Finally, there is the notification management function. Because we face all kinds of notifications every day, some of which are important and some unnecessary. But because we’re afraid to miss any important notifications, we’re afraid to miss every vibration or ringtone. The Apple Watch can help you get notifications more customized.

On the one hand, you can get notice in time and look at it with your hands up. This is convenient when it is not convenient to view your phone, such as in a meeting. On the other hand, if it is some unimportant information, it avoids taking out the phone.

But let’s be clear, if you’re a person who often receives a lot of information, you need to manage your notifications scientifically. Otherwise, the watch’s continuous vibration will be much more annoying than your phone’s, but you can also turn on The Do Not Disturb mode like your phone.

In summary, the Apple Watch is better than the mobile experience in multiple scenarios. It can reduce the time waste dearly from frequent use of your phone and give you the chance to “watch social media for another ten minutes.” Of course, the Apple Watch is just an aid. Whether you can use your phone reasonable and effective, ultimately depends on your ability of self-control.

 Fashion Items

The decorative effects of watches are certainly an inevitable topic. Although the Apple Watch is now reducing the concept of fashion luxury, it still has a very strong sense of fashion. Especially hermes styles, from dials to straps are very stylish.

A lot of people will say that electronic watches have no way to compete with mechanical watches in beauty. This is a more insightful topic. After all, everyone’s preferences are different. But that doesn’t change the Apple Watch as a very popular watch on the market today.

On the watch face, the Apple Watch offers a wide selection. There will be different styles and themes. For example, I prefer the chronograph, the overall design is very simple. Black and white match is also more classic, so if it’s a daily wear I’ll choose this one. But when I go on business, I choose the “graphic” with more information.

Of course, the best representation of Apple Watch fashion is surely the Apple Watch’s watchband.

The Apple Watch’s straps are not only available in a variety of colors, but also in a variety of materials. And every year the Apple Watch comes with a different color scheme to keep up with your outfits. This year, for example, the Apple Watch introduced papaya colors, grape purples and more. Make your Apple Watch a highlight of your outfits.

What’s more, it also allows you to choose a more appropriate match in different situations to suit your work and living conditions.

The main things Apple Watch can do is almost complete. If the three features mentioned above are your current needs, or if you think the above features can improve your life, buying an Apple Watch is a great choice!

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