Health can create material and spiritual wealth, but most of the time all wealth cannot be exchanged for health. It takes a huge price to be healthy, and developing good healthy habits as soon as possible will make our lives happier. I hope you can develop the following healthy habits.

Eating Habits

You have to eat breakfast. This is a very simple thing, but due to work reasons, I found that most people around me can’t do it. If you don’t eat breakfast, the body will use the glycogen and protein stored in the body. If this happens for a long time, it will cause dry skin, wrinkles and anemia, and accelerate the body’s aging. After a night’s sleep, the body’s nutrients are exhausted, and the blood sugar concentration is low, at this time if you don’t eat breakfast, you can’t replenish the blood sugar concentration in time. It will prone to symptoms such as dizziness, palpitation, limb weakness, and lack of energy, and it is more likely to cause hypoglycemia.

Another important thing is that we should learn how to cook, sometimes I make nutritious porridge and simple salad. Many people may think that it is troublesome to cook, but to be honest, cooking by yourself is really hygienic than outside, because all the steps are done by yourself. You know what is good for your body, but outside restaurants will not take care of these.

Sleeping Habits

Take a nap, 20-30 minutes. This is a habit I have cultivated since I was a child. I believe everyone knows the benefits of taking a nap. It is good for protecting the heart and brain blood vessels. However, it should be noted that whether it is summer or winter, the nap time should be controlled within 30 minutes, just take a nap.

Moreover, we must pay attention to the problem of getting up. I noticed that there are too many people around me, family, friends, or roommates, they wake up as soon as the alarm clock rings in the morning then sit up abruptly and start putting on clothes, although I know that if they stay in bed and dress slowly, they will be late for school or work. But my friends, don’t do this, we would rather set the alarm clock for 5 minutes earlier. Because you know, When we are sleeping, various physiological functions maintain “low speed operation”. When we wake up in the morning, breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, muscle tension, etc. quickly return to “normal speed operation”, which leads to faster heartbeat, blood vessels contractions and increased blood pressure. Therefore, getting out of bed immediately after waking up will burden the heart, and even induce cardiovascular disease, and it is easy to make us feel flustered and dizzy.

Sun Protection Is Important

Although some people like dark and healthy skin, ultraviolet rays will not only tan people, but also damage dermal cells and cause skin aging, which is also an important cause of wrinkles. Moreover, the penetration of long-wave ultraviolet rays is very strong, even on rainy days, so the awareness of sun protection should always be accompanied. We should try our best to avoid the strongest UV rays to reduce direct exposure to the skin. Applying sunscreen is a good sun protection method. In our daily life, choose SPF15 or PA++ sunscreen, and apply it early and thick enough so that it has the protective function. If you do not pay attention to the negative effects of sun protection on the skin, it will take a long time to show up, but once it shows up, it will be difficult to recover.

Regular Hydration

Do you know the percentage of moisture in the skin? The answer is 50%-72%. Seeing this number, I believe you will understand how important the hydration is, but this value will continue to decrease with age, and the moisture content in the skin will decrease corresponding with other nutrients, then we will move towards Aging, so lack of water is also an important factor to cause aging. Although there is a small amount of water for hydration, just like the body needs to drink water every day, the skin also needs to drink water, which is essential for our body, especially in the dry season or dry environment.

Generally speaking, healthy adults need about 2500 ml of water per day to maintain normal body metabolism. However, in addition to drinking water, the body and diet will produce water by themselves. Therefore, in a mild climate, a normal young person needs to add 1500-1700 ml of water a day, which is about 8 glasses of water. The role of drinking water is only to replenish water, not to replenish nutrition, so as long as the amount of water supplemented every day is enough, you can drink whatever you like.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Due to the particularity of work, many people need to stare at the electronic screen for a long time. The main damage to the eyes is neither myopia nor blue light oxidation damage, but eye fatigue and Dry eyes, and Dry eyes are often caused by eye fatigue. According to WHO data, many people suffer from dry eye, especially women after menopause are more likely to suffer from dry eye. Here is a method suitable for all office workers who need to stare at the computer for a long time. For every 20 minutes we stare at the electronic screen, we need to spend 20 seconds to look at a place 20 feet away, so that our eyes will be fully rested. In addition, we should blink more. We will blink 15 times a minute under normal circumstances, but when we stare at our mobile phones and computers, because we are too focused, we only blink 5-7 times a minute. To keep your eyes moist and comfortable, blink as much as you can consciously.

The above are a few healthy habits that I have summarized. In fact, good and healthy habits are far more than these, and more importantly, we should develop a correct life attitude that is responsible for our health.

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