What If Black Screen Of The Phone Appears ? Here Are Solutions For You

At present, black screen of phone will appear occasionally, whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone. Generally speaking, the reasons why the phone cannot be turned on are complicated, but it is nothing more than these two situations: hardware and software.

It is mostly a hardware problem if caused by external forces, such as falling, pressing, watering, overheating; it must be a software or system problem, if you download some software, delete some system files, or fail to boot after flashing. Therefore, if the black screen appears in terms of mobile phone, how should we solve it? I have listed the situations where black screen appears and methods of iPhone and Android phone to solve this problem, respectively.

Black Screen of Android Phone

1. The phone responds when it is turned on

These are all signs of abnormal boot for such situation: there are vibrations and sounds when the phone is turned on, but the screen is dark; the phone is stuck on the LOGO interface and cannot enter the operation interface after the phone is turned on; or the phone can enter the normal interface and click anything, without reactions.

Solution One: Check the phone battery.

It proves that the battery is still working if the phone responds when turned on. Apart from battery aging and water damage, battery problems can be ruled out.

Where the battery is aging, you can try with a battery of the same model. If it can be turned on normally, then replace it with a new battery; where it is turned on before the water is dry, it will cause a short circuit to battery so that the phone can only operate for a while. It is only one or two days for a phone having water damage to become dry, after which you can try to turn it on with a new battery.

If the battery is dead or enters a deep sleep state (not used for a long time), charge it for half an hour and then turn it on again. If not, press and hold the power button for more than 11 seconds and try it again.

Solution Two: Check the phone screen.

Where the screen in terms of phones, especially those unsteadily soldered, fails to respond due to external force damages, the black screen is easily to appear.

At this time, you can tap the phone and take a few more shots. If the screen of the phone flashes from time to time, it means that the phone is just a certain circuit problem. You just need to disassemble the phone and find the disconnected solder joints and re-solder them. When turned on, with normal vibration and sound but the screen does not respond, this situation must be considered first.

Solution Three: check if you can enter recovery

Both of the above two solutions are hardware problems, but the phone cannot be turned on normally may be caused by software or system problems.

If the phone is just stuck on the LOGO screen or cannot be operated after booting into the interface, press and hold both the power button and the volume down button to check whether the phone can enter recovery. If it is able to do this and the cursor is to be moved through volume button, you can consider flashing to solve this problem. If it cannot be moved through the volume button after entering recovery, you have to take the final solution, namely, brushing the official upgrade package, which is equivalent to an official mandatory upgrade, and the phone can be operated as long as it responds.

2. No response when pressing the power button


  1. Check the battery and power button by the same way as the above solution one.
  2. Check whether you can enter recovery or official upgrade mode, the method is as above solution three.
  3. Send it to a repair center.

Black Screen of iPhone

1. There are sounds when black screen of the phone appears

All situations such as the phone is dead, the phone screen is broken, the hardware of the phone is broken, or the software is malfunctioning can be the reason for the black screen appears.

Solution One

1. Press both power button and home button for 15 seconds, then let your fingers go and press power button again for 3 seconds.

2. If the above method still does not work, you can use DFU to restore it by use of iTunes and the downloaded firmware.

Solution Two

1. Turn off your iPhone.

2. Press both power button and home button.

3. Release the power button when the white Apple logo appears, and continue to hold the home button.

4. Open iTunes and press the shift key on the keyboard when it  reminds you to enter recovery mode, then click “recovery” to select corresponding firmware.

Solution Three

1. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable, and then you will hear a sound indicating that the computer has been successfully connected.

2. Turn off your iPhone

3. Press both power button and home button for 10 seconds, then release the power button immediately and continue to hold the home button.

4. At this time, iTunes will automatically start and remind you to enter the recovery mode (iPhone will always keep the black screen state).

5. Then you can click “recovery” to select corresponding firmware.

Solution Four

If the above methods are still not working, you can check if the battery is out of power.

2. These is no response when the phone is turned on

Solution One

  1. Force the phone to restart.
  2. When there is no response, we can try to press both power button and home button for more than 10 seconds.
  3. Or press home button alone for 6-8 seconds to exit any program that can get stuck

If an Apple logo appears on the phone screen, it means that the restart is successful.

Solution Two

  1. Of course, sometimes it may be because the phone is out of power, causing it to automatically shut down. No matter how we operate, the phone cannot be turned on.
  2. When encountering this situation, please connect iPhone to the power charger first.

To sum up, black screen of your phone sometimes will appear due to various reasons. Therefore, when encountering this problem, you can refer to the solutions above.

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