What If The Settings Cannot Open After Resetting The Win10 System?

When we use a computer, we sometimes reset the computer to solve some problems. However, some Win10 system users find that the settings cannot open after the reset. What can we do? Next, I will explain to you the specific solutions for the setting that cannot open after the Win10 system reset.

The Meaning of Win10 Reset This Computer

Windows 10 comes with a reset computer system, which can be restored on the original system. It can selectively retain personal files and data. It cannot retain the previously installed software. It is restored to the way that Win10 just started, which is equivalent to restoring the computer to factory settings. However, the disadvantage is that if the system crashes completely, you cannot use the reset system without entering the desktop.

The functions of the reset system are divided into Keep my files and Remove everything options, which replace the wrong system files for the effect of resetting. How to tell the difference between Keep My Files and Delete Everything?

Keep My Files

“Keep my files”, what files do you keep? That is the personal files stored on the C drive, such as documents and photos on the desktop.When you select this option, the downloaded source files will be retained. However, everyone needs to pay attention: you need to reinstall after resetting!

Suggestion: If your computer has important data and the system is abnormal, you can choose this option.

Remove Everything

Deleting all content means deleting all personal files. When you select this option, please note in advance:If your computer does not have any information that needs to be retained, or you want to have a brand new operating system, then you can choose this option!

What is the Difference Between the Two Sub-options Included?

To put it simply, the former will reset the system disk. If you have partitioned the system disk, the allocated space will also be affected. This requires attention!

The latter will reset all drive letters, not just the system drive.

Why Reset the Computer?

  • After we upgrade Win10 system through different channels, there are still some remnants of the old system inside the system. These remnants not only take up space but also affect the running speed of the computer. In addition to reinstalling the system, we can also organize it through a system reset.
  • There are too many miscellaneous softwares installed on the computer, and the uninstallation is not clean completely so that the computer often crashes.

How Win10 Resets the Computer?

The Win10 pure version system computer is the same as the mobile phone. If it is used for a long time, it also needs to be reset, otherwise it will run slowly, and it will freeze in severe cases. Resetting the computer is not reinstalling the system, but the process of resetting this computer is equivalent to computer system restoration. So how does Win10 reset the computer?


  • Click on the start menu, and then select Settings
  • Click update and safety in the Settings interface
  • Select Recovery from the menu
  • On the right, there is an instruction to reset the computer. If you are sure to reset then click the Start button.
  • There are two options for resetting. As mentioned above, choose the type of resetting according to your own situation, then you will enter the resetting program and follow the prompts to complete the reset.

Note: It is recommended to make a Win10 installation medium before resetting the Win10 computer to prevent abnormal situations

What if the Settings Cannot Open After Resetting the Win10 System?

After restarting, the system will enter the graphical installation interface. At this time, you should pay close attention to the lower-left corner of the interface.

  • Once the device is being installed, press the key combination Shift and F10 immediately. Then there will be unexpected things, a command prompt window appears in front of us. This is the key to cracking the password
  • Set the system to boot from CD and insert the system installation CD.
  • When the first selection interface appears, press the key Enter. When the second selection interface appears, press the R key to start repairing the installation.
  • The installer will then check the disk and start copying files.
  • After the file is copied, the system will automatically restart
  • Some information in the system will become inaccessible.
  • This mainly refers to the files encrypted with EFS, and the certificate has not been exported before, these files will not be accessible after the password is changed.
  • If there is no such file, you don’t need to care about it, just click Continue, enter the new password, and click OK.
  • Then close the local users, groups, and the command prompt window, and continue to complete the repair.
  • Type C in the command prompt window and press Enter (excluding double-quotes) to open the local user and group management tool.
  • Click the user on the left and then right-click the administrator account on the right to select the password.
  • At this time, a warning window will pop up.
  • The effect is that after changing the password, some information in the system will become inaccessible
  • If it is not automatic, click the drop-down box to select automatically.
  • You can also view the status of being served.
  • The service status may be running, but the start menu of Win10 still cannot open. That is because the service is not fully running. Click the OK button to complete the startup typesetting.
  • Enter the computer management window, click item Services, and Application Services. At this time, many service names appearing on the right side, as shown in the figure below.
  • Find the User Manager service, right-click, and select Restart to complete the restart and operation of the User Manager.


What I have introduced to you above is the detailed solution for the failure to open the settings after the win10 system reset. If you encounter the same situation, you may wish to take the above steps to solve it.

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