Windows is currently the most widely used desktop operating system, so windows software can also be said to be horrendous. Although many of software are not well-known, they are very powerful. The following recommends 5 windows softwares that greatly improve efficiency.

1. Mathpix Snip

As a science student or a scientific researcher who often uses mathematics, you should have a headache for mathematical formulas. Whether you use LaTeX or math type, you can avoid troubles. Either frequent mouse clicks or good memory are required. As a mathematics Professional graduates, remembering that they were faced with the full text of mathematical formulas when writing papers in school, which was annoying. After encountering this Snip, I found that I could not help but sigh “There is such a great software as long as we have formulas. Just a shortcut key ctrl+alt+m to select the formula you want to enter like a screenshot, it can be quickly converted into LaTeX code format.

Copy it to Markdown for verification and comparison.

2. Wox

This is a quick start tool similar to Listary. The difference is that Wox supports more plug-ins and can achieve more and richer functions.

  • Program plug-in

Alt+Spacebar to activate Wox, and then enter the program you want to start

  • URL plug-in

When we want to browse a certain website, we often need to open the browser -> enter the URL in the address bar. Wox’s browser plug-in greatly simplifies this process. You only need to activate Wox and enter the corresponding URL.

3. Tianruo OCR

When we find the information we need on certain websites, we may encounter such distress, that is, it is impossible to copy, or need to log in to the account, or because the content of the website is scanned version, Tianruo OCR software has a powerful OCR recognition function , can solve the copy problem, in addition, you can directly use the google translation interface to translate the recognized text.

4. TinyPng

This is a very famous online tool, an efficient tool for image compression.

We know that when we transmit images, the image quality will be lost in the compression process, but there are some scenes that have to be discarded.

TinyPng compresses images efficiently under the premise of ensuring image quality. You can look at the example below. A 631kb image is compressed to 177kb with a compression rate of 72%.

5. Kite

This is an AI automatic completion tool for programming.

Taking Python as an example, many people have to use some IDEs, such as pycharm, eclipse, etc., in order to improve development efficiency during the development process. Although these tools are very powerful, the cold start is too slow and system resources occupy too much.

What about editors such as sublime and vs code? The completion speed is very slow, not even comparable to the speed of typing the code manually. Although a variety of tools are recommended on the Internet, after trials, I feel that the efficiency has not been improved.

Until I came across this amazing tool, kite, it made me feel that it was too powerful.

Even Guido van Rossum, the father of Python, said I really love the line-of-code completions in the new kite, which shows how powerful this tool is.

With this tool, there is no need to tediously configure various plug-ins and settings in sublime and vscode.

  • Code completion

Let’s take a look at its completion speed directly, it is very fast.

Most of the current automatic code completion tools implement completion through context matching and scanning third-party libraries. In this way, you enter a word and it scans. As you can imagine, the speed will naturally be slow. But kite is different. It uses artificial intelligence to complete it. When you enter a word, it can predict what you will enter next, and sort it by relevance, like a Google search.

It not only supports the completion of Python built-in functions, but also the completion of third-party toolkits. In addition, it also supports the completion of some modules, such as if…main…, which can greatly save coding time and improve coding efficiency. According to statistics, Kite’s artificial intelligence can help reduce the number of keystrokes by 47%.

  • Document query

When we use a third-party library, such as NumPy, TensorFlow, SciPy, etc., how do we use many of these functions? It is not clear which parameters need to be passed in. Of course, you can search on the Internet, but I think that there are many learning materials on the Internet, and the best way is to read the documents, which is more authoritative and rigorous.

But the question is where to look at the documentation? Moreover, finding documents is also time-consuming.

Kite can not only complete the problem automatically; it can also solve the problem of document query.

Open kite, enter the module you want to search, you can find the document you want to see. And it’s very concise.

  • How to use
  • Incoming parameters
  • return value

Summarize the use of this module in the simplest and clearest sentences.

  1. Support platform

kite is a completely free tool; it currently supports the following two platforms:

  • windows
  • linux
  • Support tools

kite supports the following IDE\editors:

  • pycharm
  • Atom
  • vscode
  • sublime
  • vim

Therefore, you have a variety of options that you can configure according to your preferences. Even if you are satisfied with the completion speed of the editing tools you are currently using, I think you might as well use kite, as a document query tool, which can greatly improve the efficiency of reading documents.

It is officially defined as a Python auto-completion tool, but when I use vscode to develop JavaScript, I found that kite can also achieve completion, and the effect is also good. As for other languages ​​such as C++ and Java, I have not tried it. I am not sure yet. Those who are interested can try it.

I believe that after you use the above office software, your work efficiency will be greatly improved. The advantages of these software in office are very obvious, so please download and use them as soon as possible!

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