Sometimes, we encounter a problem, namely, when buying a new mobile phone, we often hesitate whether to tear off the original film on the mobile phone or not. Will it be bad for the mobile phone after tearing it off? What if the original film cannot be bought after tearing off? Which one is better, a tempered film or a hydraulic film? Many new mobile phone users usually think about these questions, so what exactly should they do? Let’s take a look at this article.

It Is Not Recommended to Tear off the Original Film


  • The original film is pasted perfectly

The original film of the mobile phone is pasted with a machine in a dust-free environment, so that it can be affixed very neatly, without any bubbles. This kind of skill is much better than the skill to paste film outside. If you tear off this film, you may not be able to paste one with the exact same effect, even it is an original film.

  • The mobile phone is much more beautiful

At present, many mobile phones have 2.5D screen or even 3D curved screen. This kind of screen film is more troublesome. If the film does not fit the screen very well, white edges are easy to appear, which makes the phone ugly.

  • A third-party film may not be available if you tear the original film off

The third-party films of some phones that are first sold on the market are not yet produced. If the original film is rashly torn off and there are no suitable third-party films are available, then the phone can only be naked, resulting in a risk of scratch or even break.

  • It’s more durable

In general, the original film of a phone is of high-permeability and softness, which looks relatively cheap and touches not the same good as a tempered film.

Nevertheless, this kind of film is relatively well-used. I have a mobile phone that has been used for a year and still has the original film attached. Although its surface is already densely scratched, it is difficult to see unless you look at it carefully, and it does not affect the display effect.

  • It is easier to recognize fingerprints

Nowadays, many mobile phones are with screen fingerprint recognition function. The original film with high-permeability is thinner than the tempered film, so it will not affect the unlocking accuracy of the screen fingerprint.

However, some tempered films are thicker, and there will be a refraction of light after they are pasted to the screen, which will affect the accuracy of screen fingerprint recognition.

If the Original Film Is Torn off, Which Film Is Better for Use?

Tempered film


The tempered glass mobile phone film is the tempered film. As the name suggests, its material is tempered glass.

  1. The main advantages of tempered film are high hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance.
  2. Moreover, it has a strong ability to protect the mobile phone screen. When the mobile phone accidentally falls, it can keep the mobile phone screen from broken.
  3. Another big advantage of tempered film lies in its low cost, and low price which is easier to be accepted by consumers.


The tempered film is generally thicker, which easily reduces the touch performance of the mobile phone.

  1. This shortcoming is particularly obvious on mobile phones that support screen fingerprints, which may make screen fingerprints insensitive or even invalid.
  2. Besides, it is also brittle and may be prone to cracks or even chipping because it is made of glass material with high hardness.
  3. Another unacceptable feature of tempered film is that many mobile phones now have 2.5D curved screens, but it cannot completely cover the entire screen. After pasted to the phone, there will be serious warping and white edges, which is almost unbearable for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Hydraulic Film


The material of the hydraulic film is TPU silica gel, which is soft in texture and has ductility and shrinkage.

  1. It can easily solve the serious problems of white edges and warped edges appear on the tempered film.
  2. Secondly, the hydraulic film is also quite outstanding in the performance of the screen anti-scratch.
  3. Since the material of the hydraulic film is TPU silicone, it is relatively light and thin without affecting the touch performance of the screen.


Due to its soft texture, the protective effect of the hydraulic film is not as good as that of the tempered film. Secondly, the hydraulic film itself is prone to scratches.

  1. Compared to tempered film, it is much more difficult to paste.
  2. It is also worth mentioning that the price of hydraulic film is generally higher which is not that suitable for the people.


As a result, if you have the habit of pasting films to mobile phones, do not easily tear off the original film. After a period of time for the original film to show obvious scratches, or a good third-party film is on the market, you can paste a new film. If you do this, you can choose a tempered film or a hydraulic film depending on your own preferences.

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