Recently, a new game is on steam’s home page — <Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout>, which only need a few keys to control. Maybe you will not try it. However, there is such a game on steam that seems to be a popular game. — 1 day online, more than 120000 people play it.

Today, the author will introduce some useful playing ways to help you to beat other players, if you are interested this in fascinating game.

First of all, you can briefly understand the basic operation of the game:

WASD keys control the movement; the space key controls the character to take off; shift grasps, you can grasp the edge in the air, press W again when grasping the edge, you can climb over the obstacle.

CTRL keys control flyer, can make your character flat and air, and let your character jump over the distant obstacles; 1234 number keys: different greeting expressions, you can wave and hug with your teammates after finishing the high difficulty level, and share happiness. This operation is one of the characteristics of this game.

<Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout> operations are very simple, all of these are all operations in this game.

Then, there are some useful playing skills in some difficult places to pass.


Seesaw in the game is a very important graphics, walking in the first echelon players can easily maintain the lead position; and the backward role will always lag, because the seesaw has a variety of extremely inclined terrain. Generally speaking, the first 15 players will have no difficulty, and the players behind will struggle, so you must try to stay ahead in the game. It is worth mentioning that there is a strange revival point in the seesaw terrain: two platforms on the left and right, and a seesaw in front of it. If you find yourself at one end of a board after the resurrection, it is recommended to turn your character directly to the other end.


You can do these actions in this kind of terrain: climb on the stage at the two yellow platforms, and then pass the slow windmill. If you do not operate properly, it is easy to be squeezed out. It is recommended to go to the side, jump + shift and press w to climb up, then you can pass this level easily

Pass the Door

At this level, you need to break about 10 walls. There are 3-7 doors on each wall. Only 1-2 doors can be opened. The doors that can be knocked open are random and not fixed. Therefore, this level is related to your luck. Every time you punch the door, remember to have a threshold, you can jump. The difficulty is that if you are not the first player to go through the door, you are likely to be pushed over by other players, and you will not be able to pass this level smoothly.

Avoid Lava

The author thinks that this is the highest elimination rate in the steeplechase type. The key point is that there will be rising lava in the rear. If you encounter it, you will die. The fault tolerance rate will be very low. At the same time, many players will easily make mistakes together, and then they will all fall into the lava after crowding each other.

In fact, the highest elimination rate is the first two obstacle areas, pass these two areas, you can easily cross the border. In the first obstacle area, you can jump on the yellow triangle to take a shortcut; in the second obstacle area, you should pay attention to the speed of the two columns protruding out. If you don’t grasp the opportunity, you will never have a chance to go to the second platform when you jump on the first platform. At the same time, once the second obstacle area falls, it is easy to be pushed behind by other players, so it is important to pay attention to the jump time.

Snatch the Golden Eggs

In the middle of the opening, there are a number of ordinary eggs and three golden eggs. Each egg has 1 point and the golden egg has 5 points. The score will be counted only when the eggs are carried back to their own nest. After the countdown, the team with the least score will be eliminated.

There are few eggs in the public area after the first 30 seconds of this level, so you can guard the golden eggs in your own nest, or go to other players to grab eggs. It should be noted that the survival goal is to let your team not the least scores team, so generally there is no need to grab the first scores team. Players who snatch the golden eggs with the same number as you can easily cross the border.

Another point is, to grab an egg, you don’t have to take it back to your nest. You can shift + space + CTRL and throw the egg out directly, which can keep your score more efficiently.

Passion Football

There are always two balls on the field, one is kicked in and the other is refreshed. If you can make good use of jump + fly, you can easily pass this level. Therefore, this level requires a lot of practice, no special skills. In fact, defense is more important than attack. In this stage, you need to defend well with your teammates.

All in all, <Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout> is totally worthy of the praise of 9K + from the players on steam. You can bring your friends to play this game together, and you won’t feel bored when playing alone, either. The author thinks that this is a very fascinating game. Let’s try it together.

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